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News: Al Kent - Disco Love Vol 4 - More More More Disco & Soul Uncovered

Sadly a few of the artists on here have not been contacted about copy right. The sleeve notes say something about, 'have made great attempts to contact artists' etc, really, in just three clicks on the interweb you can find several of the artists above they have put out tracks for and didn't bother to track down. It's not just about putting out nice mixes of tracks. Ace/Kent, Numero and others seem able to do it, so why can;'t these guys. In fact the other aforementioned don't put tracks out unless they have tied all the legal side up first

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  1. Disco Disco Disco - Uptempo 7ts Soulful Disco 45s
    Record Sales by woolie mark on Mon 15 Mar 2010
    • 1 / 503
    • woolie mark on 15 Mar 2010
    • 1 / 189
    • mike on 06 Apr 2011
    • 1 / 834
    • mike on 06 Apr 2011
    • 4 / 428
    • MrC on 19 Feb 2013
  2. Sil Austin - Disco Lady / Disco Music (jerri 7" 1976)
    Record Wants by 1978 on Wed 10 Oct 2007
    • 1 / 893
    • 1978 on 10 Oct 2007

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