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Rhythm & Booze 11/20


Tim Lawrence is just about to start his third year of his Rhythm & Booze night at El Myr on Euclid Avenue in Atlanta. For the last two years, Tim has delivered the only consistently running outlet for fans of raw soul and gritty R&B records. This Saturday, the tradition continues with Tim and guest DJ Brian Poust spinning old favorites, new discoveries and generally the best old 45s you're going to hear in the city.

The drinks are cheap, there is no admission price and the 45s spin until they kick us out. For my part, I've got some nice additions which I'll be playing out for the first time, and a reserve of tried & true classics in case nobody likes the new ones :lol:

Rhythm & Booze happens the 3rd Saturday of each month at El Myr in Little 5 Points, Atlanta GA

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