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Your Fave Motown Track.

Guest johnny hart

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I have a few for different reasons.

The very first time I went to Coventry Locarno (later Tiffany's) as a 12-year old on a Saturday morning session, I went up the glass tower, along the corridor past the Wimpy bar, and into the main ballroom - as I got into this massive room, I was hit with the opening bars of the Supremes' Stoned Love, and then it went into the full beating rhythm which not only went in through my ears, but because of the volume of the venue went in through my whole body. I was hooked on Soul from then on.

Currently the one that always gets be on the floor, no matter how tired I may be, is Edwin Starr's Time. Anyone nearby better keep out of my way!

For something a bit different, it is the 1989 Good Girls version of Love is like an Itching in my Heart. When I've included it in my set, it's always had a good reaction, I think because it seems new, fresh, and yet familiar as everyone knows the words, and the sampling of Lynn Collins' Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again gives it another twist.

For love ballads Smokey is king.

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When you swing back the doors at any venue and the atmosphere hits you, this is the  Motown track which should be on the decks

'There's something about you baby - The Four Tops

This track is at home at any event - Northern or Motown


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On ‎24‎/‎02‎/‎2016 at 19:00, westender said:

It is impossible to narrow it down to just one track.

But I'm going to.....

The Temptations My Girl is a record that is flawless in every aspect. It is a masterpiece.

Tomorrow, well it might be something else!



Have to agree here - "My Girl" by the Temptations is one of the many records Motown put out that is sheer perfection in every way - lyrics, production and vocals - it has it all.

Love the video clips on YouTube of this with the dance moves are icing on the cake also.

Thanks Ray



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Impossible to pin down, but I'd agree with earlier mentions of the Temps Forever in my heart as a niter tune.

Shake me wake me already mentioned, Levi is superb! Can't seem to get you out of my mind another from the Four Tops.

Only heard it for the first time last year and it blew my socks off to hear something new of such quality and I've been listening to it at least weekly since....Kim Weston Fancy Meeting You Here...just brilliant!!

Oh, and can't not mention Suspicion in the realms of Motown greats😉

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Too many Classic's to mention them all!

From "Baby Hit And Run" The Contours to "That's A Funny Way" - The Velvelettes, Four Tops, Temptations etc.

But something has caught my interest of late in the crossover vein!

"HEY LOVE"  - STEVIE WONDER - TAMLA.  It was recorded in the mid 60's, but sounds much later! Quality item!


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Guest Shufflin

Well, according to iTunes my most played Motown track is The Velvelettes - Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer)

But I would say my current fave is Willie Hutch - Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold (Tamla LP 11247)


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On 22/10/2017 at 00:26, Gotsoul said:

How did I miss this post...anyhow for me the great Temps classic-Girl[Why You Wanna Make Me Blue]from[1964].

The few seconds intro still gives me goosebumps, the Temps greatest record? Impossible to chose 1 Motown tune, theres so many of them that's brilliant.

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too hard to just pick one,so here's 3

Martha Reeves- No one there

Gladys knight & the pips- Between her goodbye and my hello

Monitors- Since i lost you girl

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