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King Mojo Club 1967

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Zoot Money's Big Roll Band were always a good watch ... Zoot (who played the keyboards) would take his pants off half way thru the show & sit there playing in spotted boxer shorts !! Saw them play @ the Mojo and at clubs like the Boulevard in Tadcaster.

A live LP they had out illustrates the type of songs they would do in their live act ...

A clip of them performing at Klooks Kleek ..... I saw them a few days before this at the Boulevard (Friday 30th Dec 1966) ....



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In it's final incarnation (decoration wise), the Mojo went all 'flower-power' .... pics showing this.

At the righthand side of the picture (& lefthand side of the stage) are some barrels. The more adventurous girls would dance on top of these ... 



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What Stringers is up to these days ..... 

... he runs 2 gentlemens clubs in the west end (see flyers) .... BUT ... he sold the Hippodrome (now a casino) many years back. This (in the 60's / 70's) as the Talk of the Town hosted live gigs for the likes of the Temptations, Stevie Wonder & Supremes. After Stringers took it over, he returned the name to the Hippodrome and ran it for a number of years as a disco. He arranged a couple of Mojo Reunions there with the likes of Edwin Starr, Chris Farlowe & Jimmy James performing live .... 


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This thread attracted quite a few posts from different folk on the Yorks soul scene back in the 60's ... so I thought I'd try this question here.

An old soul mate from Hull has made mention recently of a club they used to go to on a regular basis back in the mid 60's, the Zarf in York By all accounts it was housed in the building next to the Punch Bowl pub on Stonegate (see pic below). He's tells me it was on the 1st floor of the building in the forground of the pic & you got entry via a door between the shops there. He says the local & visiting mods would park their scooters outside the Punch Bowl, have a couple of beers in the place and then shoot next door to watch groups like Steampacket. Having checked some stuff out on the web, it seems lots of Leeeds soulies also used to go there (& to the Boulevard which was situated between Tadcaster & York on the side of the mainroad  - where the Premier Inn hotel is now).

ANYWAY, I didn't even know this place existed but it seems it was another good mod / soul club in Yorkshire in the mid 60's and lots of top live acts played there. Anyone know any details on the place; when it opened, closed, which other acts / groups they had on, ETC. 


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Good to see a mention of Sev (from Donny) on here. Used to sit with him in the bar under Donny Top Rank around '66. He always seemed to be just that one step ahead of the rest of us and he turned us on to Ray Fowkes(?) hairdresser in Donny among other things. His best friend was 'Brant'.  Also good to see mention of the coffee bar in Stamp Corner, one cup per hour waiting for the Rank to open!!!

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