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Shades Of Soul - Derek Pearson -nov Show Up Now


Up in radio section of sounds

its the what is coming a regular monthly thing - Shades of Soul radio

bit of a rush job, but seems to stream ok and all that

up in sounds section (currently being worked on but working ok)


Finally had some time to post up my playlist from last weeks show. Sent that nice Mister Hughes an 80 minute CD of the show recently which covers the start onto Eddie Holman. Hopefully it'll be streamed up soon and I'll get him a pint.

at the CIS next week.

Sat 13 Nov 2004 BCB radio 96.7FM Playlist

jack montgomery 'do you believe' scepter;

dickie wonder 'nobody knows' sound of soul;

metroes 'since I found my baby' rca;

originals 'don't stop now' soul LP;

clyde mcphatter 'please give me one more chance' decca LP;

tsu toronadoes 'I still love you' ovide;

joyce hopson 'this time' revue;

jackie moore 'here I am' shout;

sunday 'aint got no problems' chess;

marvin smith 'love ain't nothin' brunswick;

c p love 'never been in love' grapevine CD;

jimmy jones 'make believe everythings' capitol;

garland green 'quit running the streets' rca LP;

pretenders 'I call it love' carnival;

reggie sadler 'I can't account' delite;

ollie & nightingales 'you're leaving me' stax;

wee willie walker 'I don't wanna take a chance' uk kent 25th;

glen miller 'where is the love' uk doctor bird;

ricky lewis 'someone to love tonight' mercury;

voltaire's 'my baby' bacone;

jack montgomery 'don't turn your back' barracuda;

accents 'who you gonna love' one-derful;

eddie holman 'wanted in 3 states' grapevine 45;


fabulous peps 'love of my life' wheelsville;

pace setters 'victim of loneliness' mica;

sheila ferguson 'don't leave me lover' swan;

jesse james 'falling star' lawn;

buck ram platters 'my ship is coming in' buck ram;

clyde mcphatter 'anyone can tell' decca LP;

bobby thurston 'treat me the same way' mainline LP;

ronn matlock 'you got the best of me' cotillion;

tomorrows men 'who's that lady' congress;

jeannie reynolds 'hit and run' casablanca;

betty wright 'my baby aint my baby' alston;

carol anderson 'I'll get off' grapevine CD;

katie love 'it hurts so good' muscle shoals;

herman hitson 'you can't keep a good man down' grapevine 45;

buster benton 'that's the reason' melloway;

turnarounds 'I need your lovin' minit;

manhattans 'I betcha' carnival;

shades of blue 'a way to love you' impact LP;

doris troy 'face up to the truth' capitol.

its all good fun innit...


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