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Last Night At Solid Hit Soul


Went to Solid Hit Soul, the new club at Vivo's, Watling Street, London, and had an excellent night. Especially as I almost couldn't be bothered to go out.

All the DJs played good sets, nice mix of the better known and the rare (or at least to my ears).

The guest was Dave Rimmer, the first time I had seen him in action. I really enjoyed his set, and hope to see him in action again.

So thanks to everyone concerned. We need a successful club after the news of the closures of the CSC and TOS.

If the DJs could post their playlists it would be much appreciated.

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Yes quite agreed, well done to Dave G, Gene, Martin & Co, its a lovely venue and great dance floor. Karen Bedford

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Posted (edited)

Here's my playlist from Saturday at Solid Hit Soul (11pm - 12 midnight):

EDDIE FOSTER: I Never Know (In)

THE MODS: Dry My Eyes (Fona)

DOROTHY BERRY: Don't Give Me Love (Big 3)

THE LOST SOUL: A Secret Of Mine (Raven)

THE INTENSIONS: I Love You (Blue Light)

DAVID & RUBEN: (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me (Rampart)

THE INVITATIONS: Watch Out Little Girl (MGM)

JOHNNY NASH: Good Goodness (MGM)

THE DEL COUNTS: With Another Guy (Soma)


CLIFF NOBLES: My Love Is Getting Stronger (Atlantic)

THE VOLUMES: I Just Can't Help Myself (American Arts)

SHAWN ROBINSON: My Dear Heart (Minit)

ERROL DIXON: The Hoop (UK Direct)

DENISE LaSALLE: A Love Reputation (Tarpon)

THE PRECISIONS: Such Misery (Drew)

BOBBY TAYLOR: Oh, I've Been Blessed (VIP)

LUTHER INGRAM: If It's All The Same To You Babe (HIB)

LOUISE LEWIS: Wee Oo, I'll Let It Be You Babe (Skyway)

DuSHONS: You Better Think It Over (Golden Gate)

THE SHAMETTS: Don't Waste Your Time (Gold Dust)

THE EXITS: You Got To Have Money (Gemini)

SONNY CRAVER: I'm No Fool (Teri De)

CAROL & GERRI: How Can I Ever Find The Way (MGM)


Edited by Gene-R

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