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New Discovery?


Probably not but thought I'd mention it anyway.

I guess many of you will now a tremendous beat ballad on Mala by Richard Simmons called 'Brother where are you'? I found another version this weekend, by Oscar Brown Jr on Fontana. Produced by Curtis Mayfield. This is obviously the original version as Brown wrote it, just wondered if it was known at all?

Also a couple of other lesser known or unknown things,

Big daddy Simpson - Give me back my ring - Mpac (crunching uptempo r&b dancer)

Johnn Adams - Who's gonna love you - Ric (r & cool.gif

Buster Brown - Trying to learn how to love you - Gwenn (R & cool.gif both sides of this are good

Rob Robinson - Lonely little girl - Fantasy (beat ballad) don't think this label is anything to do with the well known fantasy label, it's maroon, very early 60's?

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I have the LP with it on and did dig it out when I heard the Richard Simmons version. I haven't listened to it for a few years but isn't it pretty inferior (northern soul-wise) to the Mala one? Or is it worth digging out for another listen? Or are you turning into a bead wearing jazz fiend? Nice!

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Oscar Brown Jr.'s version is quite well known I think, but possibly not on the northern scene.

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I've got the Buster Brown on Gwenn. I had it filed away with a bunch of junk for years and gave it another spin recently and was pleasantly suprised. After that, it went into the soul boxes.

Never heard the Bob Robinson, but yes it IS the same Fantasy label.


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also a jazzy version on cadet by Marlena Shaw is worthwhile picking up I have a spare copy somewhere if anyone's interested


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I also have an odd version of it, by Jck Jones on Kapp. Can't remeber what it sounds like though :thumbsup:

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