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Crossover, Deep, Funk & Modern Soul

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Crossover & Modern Soul


Love, Peace & Happiness   Ain’t Nothing But A Love Thang    Abab   Mint   £75.00   SOLD


Little Sherman & The Mod Swingers   The Price Of Love   ABC   W/D   Mint   £30.00     SOLD


Skip Mahoaney & The Casuals   Running Away From Love   Abet   W/D   Mint   £20.00


Lorraine Johnson   Can I Hold You Too It   Atlantic   Demo   Mint   £25.00     SOLD


Rick Sheppard   I’m Gonna Change   Bang   W/D   Mint   £75.00


Bobby Boyd   Whatcha ‘Gonna Do About It   Bang   W/D   £30.00


Joe Anderson   You And I    Buddah   Demo   Mint   £30.00


Swiss Movement   Try Something   Casablanca   Mint -   £15.00


Noah   Got To Get Away   Candy Stix   Mint   £7.00


Bobby Wilson    Here Is Where The Love Is    Chain   W/D   Mint-   £10.00


Edee Leatherwood   Make It Last   Chi- Heat   Mint   £100.00


(First Label before ICA)


Maxine Brown   I Can’t Get Along Without You    Commonwealth United   Mint-   £7.00


The Young Devines   Deep In Your Heart   Cotillion   Mint   £60.00


Patti & The Lovelites   Love Bandit/I’m The One That You Need   Cotillion   £25


Leon Haywood   It’s Got To Be Mellow    Decca    Mint   £20.00


21st Century   Got No Reason/Every Little Heartache   Dot   W/D   Mint   £50.00


Magnificents   You Turn Me On/On My Way Up   D.T.   Mint   £50.00


Annette Snell   It’s All Over Now   Epic   W/D   Mint-   £30.00


Sly, Slick & Wicked   All I Want Is You   Epic   W/D  Mint   £50.00


Lou Rawls   Stop Me From Starting This Feeling   Epic   W/D   Mint   £25.00


Rena Scott   La-Te-Da  (This Girl’s In Love)   Epic   W/D   Mint   £15.00


Bobby Jonz   I Thought You Were Loving Me   Expansion    Mint-   £30.00


Roscoe Robinson   Don’t Pretend (Just Be Yourself)   Fame   Mint   £40.00


Hoodoo Rhythm Devils   Gotta Lot Of Love In My Soul   Fantasy   Demo   Mint   £30.00


Johnny Baker   Practice What You Preach/Fog City (And You Baby)   Fog City   Mint    £7.00


Barbara Carr   Messing With My Mind   Gino’s   Mint   £7.00


Universal Love   It’s You Girl   Glades   Mint-   £150.00


Honey Cone   If I Can Fly   Hot Wax   Demo   Mint   £20.00


Silent Majority   Something New About You   Hot Wax   Demo   Mint-   £40.00     SOLD


Jon Pierre Gee   So Good To Me   Kandi   Mint   £20.00


(Complete With A Picture Sleeve)


The Classic  Sullivans   Paint Yourself In A Corner/I Don’t Want To Lose You   Kwanza  Mint-   £7.00


Almeta Lattimore     These Memories    Mainstream   W/D   Mint-   £200.00     SOLD


The Holidays   Lazy Day/Ego Tripping   Marathon   Mint   £15.00


Jerry Butler   You Walked Into My Life   Mercury   Mint   £7.00


The Insiders   Tunnel Of Love/Nighty Night   Mercury   Mint-   £100.00


Audio   Do You Really Want Me   Mote   Mint    £20.00


Don Gardner   Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy   Mr G   Mint   £35.00


Wilton Crump   Think It Through/Give Your Love To Me   Olive Branch   Mint   £40.00


David Morris   Snap Crackle Pop    Plush   Mint-   £30.00


Viola Edwards   Love Me Baby/Gotta Get Over   Renfro   Mint-   £100.00     SOLD


Rare Gems Odyssey   It Don’t Take Much/Touchdown   Renfro   Mint   £40.00


Garland Green   Don’t Let Love Walk Out On Us   RCA   Mint   £60.00


(Sticker On Label)


James Gaylan   You Come First At Last   RCA   Mint -   £30.00


The Originals   I’m Someone Who Cares   Soul   W/D   Mint   £15.00


The Fantastic Four    On The Brighter Side Of A Blue World/I’m Gonna Carry On   Soul   Mint-   £15.00


J.J. Johnson   Don’t Go Away   Tec   Mint-   £30.00


The Notations   I’m Still Here/I Can’t Stop   Twinight   Mint   £25.00


The Notations   A New Day   Twinight    Mint   £40.00


Johnny Williams   Maggie/Breaking Point    Twinight    Mint   £40.00


Darrow Fletcher    Changing By The Minute/When Love Calls   Uni   Mint    £30.00


Ron Patterson    Story Book   Venice   Mint    £200.00


James Jones   Whatever It Is You Got It/A Little Love Goes A Long Way   Virgo   Mint-   £75.00


Ike Lovely   Fools Hall Of Fame/Little Miss Sweet Thing   Wand   Mint-   £30.00


Frankie Newsome   We’re On Our Way  Warner Bros  Mint-   £20.00


Jesse James   If You Want A Love Affair   20th Century Demo   mint   £60.00




Willie & The Mighty Magnificents    Funky (8) Corners (Part 1 & 2)   All Platinum   Mint   £40.00


Linnie Walker   People Let Me Know/Darn Well   Amtonac   Mint   £30.00


(Detroit Sister Funk)


The Commodores   Keep On Dancing/Rise Up   Atlantic   Demo   Mint   £50.00


Anthony Butler & The Invaders   Katty’s Thing   Big Deal   Mint-   £20.00   SOLD


Old (M) Pressions   Right On/Let Me Know   Brooks Brothers   Mint   £25.00


Caprell’s   Every Day People/Which One Will It Be   C.R.S   Mint   £20.00


Toby King   Love One Another/Operator   Deesu   Mint   £40.00


( Nice mid tempo flip)


Willie Tee   Sweet Thing/Man That I Am   Gatur   Mint-   £50.00     SOLD


(Again with a nice mid tempo flip)


Billy Sha-Rae   Do It   Hour Glass   Mint   £25.00


Four Tees   Funky Duck/One More Chance   Kent   Mint    £30.00


(Crossover flipside)


Willi J. & Co   Boogie With Your Baby    Ki Ki   Mint -   £75


Jay Rhythm    Soul Emotions/Wouldn’t It Be A Pleasure    Leo   Mint   £30.00


(Detroit Funk and Mid tempo Soul)


Mad Dog & The Pups    Hep Squeeze    Magic City   Mint-   £20.00


Mad Dog & The Pups   Come To My Love Shop   Magi City   £20.00


Holidays   Ego Tripping/Lazy Day   Marathon   Mint   £15.00


Levy Davis   My Brother’s Keeper   Mohkou (Parts 1 & 2)   Mint   £125.00


The Fabulous Counts   Jan Jan   Moira   W/D   Mint-   £20.00


Big T & The Peace Makers   Tighten Up Tighter/Tears (I Shed For You)   Nasco   Mint-   £50.00


(Deep Soul Flipside)


The Brothers & Sisters   Don’t Let ‘Em Tell You   (Part 1 & 2)   Mint-   £25.00


James Fountain   Burning Up For Your Love/My Hair Is Nappy   Peachtree   W/D   Mint   £75.00     SOLD


Fantastic Johnny C   Is There Anything  Better Than Making Love ?   Phil-L.A Of Soul   Mint   £25


(Test Press)


Art Neville   Bo Diddley   (Part 1 & 2)   Sansu    W/D   Mint   £25.00


Prime Mates   Hot Tamales   (Part 1 & 2)   Sansu   Mint   £30.00


Billy Sha-Rae   Let’s Do It Again/I Want Some Satisfaction   Triple B   Min-   £20.00


Jackie Lee   The Chicken   Uni   Mint   £10.00


Jeanette White   No Sunshine/Music    Vibrations    Mint   £30.00


(First label before A&M)


Reggie Milner   Soul Machine/Hello Stranger   Volt   W/D   Mint   £40.00


Deep Soul.


Oliver Joy   You Know That I Love You/Don’t You Let Nobody Tell You   Big Deal   Mint   £75.00


Clarence Carter   Don’t Make My Baby Cry/Thread The Needle   Fame   Mint-   £10


Willie West   I Need Your Love (Baby)/You Told Me   Frisco    Mint-  £20


Bobby Lacour   Commandments Of Love   Hep’ Me   Mint    £25


(Cover version of the Little Richard Classic)


1+1   Been So Long   M.O.C.   Mint   £20


Zilla Mayes   I Still Love You/All I Want Is You   Tou-Sea   W/D   Mint   £50.00


Reservations either by PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk


Postage: 1st/Recorded = £2.50. Special Delivery =£8.00. Overseas at cost.




Edited by Louise

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On ‎20‎/‎05‎/‎2016 at 20:08, dwr said:

Pm sent

Hi Gogz PM replied too.


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