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I Never Never Knew Bad Weather Inc 100

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Wasn't asking for your life story or how many dusty old 45s you have in stock ...  just whether this was a relisting of the previous copy of Bad Weather ... ?

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i've been involved with vinyl records since the 60s... never left the "hobby", plus i was a sound tech for decades, working live shows, buying vinyl as i traveled across the USA as a roadie, then the CD era came along and most Americans went digital and threw their vinyl in the dumpsters. i'm the guy who kept everything i could find


i've been selling records since before the internets, so i tend to have stuff nobody else has. sometimes i'll have three or four. sometimes i'll have fifty.


vinyl rules. i'm one of those old grey hair guys who never stopped being that kid, in the 60s, when it comes to records.

i got shit loads.

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you're not a very nice person. i'll keep track of who you are for when i break out the other very rare items.


this is a forum. people talk. if you don't like that, it is your problem, asshole.


i'm easy to find. if you ever travel to the USA please look me up so i can tell you to your face.

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