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Guest johnny hart

Zac. ,You certainly need help!  To get the best price for your treasured collection you need to catalogue it and display it in 21st century format;  proper gradings ,issues,. You appear to have some nice stuff; UK, HMV ,moving.Away, Dust my Broom&Imps but hand written ,with tippex, No Way Jose are you gonna get the best prices. Take some time out ,if you need help approach some of the dealers on here in Sales section,or the bigger guys ,RNS.com ,Steve Plumb, Sean Chapman or Numerous Uno ; the adorable JM , raresoulman.LOL Johnny.

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  1. Sold ,sold ,sold ,sold ,sold
    Record Sales by NEV on Tue 20 Oct 2009
    • 1 / 839
    • NEV on 20 Oct 2009
  2. [sold] Sold Sold Sold
    Record Sales by Paul Bear on Wed 07 Sep 2016
    • 1 / 1049
    • Paul Bear on 07 Sep 2016
  3. [sold] [sold] Collection For Sale.
    Record Sales by Topo1964 on Fri 03 Mar 2017
    • 1 / 1185
    • Topo1964 on 03 Mar 2017
  4. Mel Williams West Coast Scarcity.. Sold Sold Sold
    Record Sales by FickleFingers on Sun 04 Apr 2010
    • 1 / 567
    • FickleFingers on 04 Apr 2010
  5. Kings Go Forth Sold Sold Sold
    Record Sales by CSTA on Thu 11 Feb 2010
    • 4 / 728
    • CSTA on 12 Feb 2010
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