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Market Harborough Rare Soul Night


just a quick advert to plug this event

market harborough trades and labour club 8pm -1pm late bar,great atmosphere, top class soul......

situated just as you come out of the high street on the right, take the next right after the club to the entrance at the back massive car parks.

Dj's on the night, residents Glyn W and myself alongside promoter Wayne Sharman

with guest DJ's tony parker and dave welding

any info ring wayne on 07952454008


with Mick H and the usual susspects

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:) Had a good night at Market Harborough last night, the attendance was down on the last one but never the less some quality sounds to be heard. Good DJ spots by all starting the night with me young mate baz airing Jimmy Hart 'Tea House In China Town' good to hear then Glyn stepped in and span Danny Woods, Bill Bush, Montclairs. Next up Dave Welding great to hear Pat Lewis 'No One To Love' what a tune! Ending the night with the host Wayne playing quality tunes to the end.

Thanks for a good night keep up the good work. :)

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