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can you recall this niter?


Hi, was talkin to a couple of lads at the co-op niter on sat. I mentioned a niter in Sheffield that I went to in the early to mid eighties. The niter was promoted by Steve Croft. As far as I can remember it was held in an old mill? I know it was a Rasta club normally redstripe on sale all nite and heated by 2 bar electric fire lol.  A lot of the Rasta lads came in and had an all nite card session in a back room.

 If I remember right, the building was called Blues Old Warehouse. The lads I spoke to were from That area and couldn't remember it at all Anyone remember? all the best Kimbo Northants.

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Hi Kim...yep I remember this load of us travelled up from Wales...mostly oldies played if I remember rightly ...really odd dingy place....I can recall those fires too.



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Think you mean the Jamaican club on Spittle Hill Sheffield, only remember there being one. Knock on the door, a flap opens, they can see if your the police or not and in you go

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Cheers Edwin & Gilly. Will report back to those guys. I only remember going the once as well. atb Kimbo.

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Yep definitely Spittle Hill in Pitsmoor.  Red stripe in the fridge and a machete over the door.

You would have been forgiven for thinking you had gone to the wrong place and stumbled on a blues night.

Not one of Crofties best choices for a nighter :g:

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