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Articles: The Richard Caiton Story

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The Richard Caiton Story - "I never did music for money; it's always been for love".

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I saw him at the Ponderosa Stomp in 2013 (not 2015 as stated in the article), he sounded excellent.

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Hi Guys

If you have already purchased your tickets - Thank you for your support!!!
Just 10 days to go before Richard Caiton will be performing live on stage at the Wilton!!
If you haven't got tickets yet, and you are planning to attend, please don't leave it to the last minute. We would be very upset to have to turn our regular fans away because the event is sold out.
Tickets for the Richard Caiton concert are available by PayPal -
We still have lots of tickets to sell so we intend to leave the website PayPal ticket purchase arrangement available untill Saturday 19th - the concert date. If you buy tickets using this method at the last minute, we will confirm by email and your tickets will waiting for you at the entrance desk. We have sold around 230 tickets at the moment, a reasonable crowd for Richard, but this is not nearly enough to pay for the cost of putting on the event, so come on guys get yourselves down to the Wilton. At this stage we think that you should be able to pay on the door but who knows. You can also contact us on 01924 894555. 
So get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.
It's going to be a fantastic concert and Richard can't wait to get over to the UK to perform for his fans, with our full backing band PUSH. Richard is going to sing 14 songs across two 30 minute sets
commencing at 11:30 - 12:00pm & 12:30 - 1:00am.
Please note there will be no admission after 11:00pm 
This may be your only chance ever to see Richard performing with a full band (PUSH) - the first time in the UK which may never be repeated again - not to be missed!!!!

Hope to see you all at the Wilton. Richard deserves a full house, we have danced and enjoyed his songs for many years; now is the time to give him some payback and be in front of that stage at the Wilton.

Just to add to this fantastic night, the next issue of Soul Up North, featuring Richard Caiton, will be available and Richard will be pleased to sign copies. A cd  featuring all the songs Richard will perform on the night will also be available for Richard to sign. We will also have a few copies of Richard’s long deleted Grapevine 2003 cd release - “Refections”, for sale on the night.
We have some birthday celebrations also on the night: Andy Peake's 60th and his and Bernie's 10th wedding anniversary, Fraser Dunn's 65th and Colin Law.
We have posted an article on the Soul Source site which details Richard's musical biography, his song writing ability and record discography, including quite a bit about his early life in New Orleans.
Hope to see you soon.

David & Val



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just added to the current front page  featured article slot

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What a great article.  A nice reminder to enjoy Richard's music which I'm doing as I type.  The positivity and soul in Richard's songs endures.  He more than emulated his heroes mentioned and is distinctive in his own right.  'Where is the love' is on now and creates an impression of Curtis at Philadelphia International, which sounds Richard's ideal along with Motown.  Thank you Richard and those who enabled him to perform in UK to an appreciative audience.

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