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37 minutes ago, Derek Pearson said:

Sadly it's not that often I play mi records at home these days  -that would help explain that when I DJ out with them I can't remember what half of 'em sound like (laughs).

Nina Simone ‘Take care of business’ (Philips LP only track from 1965) an incredible piece of music

C.L. Black ‘Love don’t feel like love no more’ (45)

Pretenders ‘It’s everything about you’ (Carnival)

Annette Poindexter ‘Wayward Dream’ (Twinight)

Garland Green ‘I’ve quit running the streets’ (RCA LP only track)

Chuck Armstrong ‘A better place’ (Black Rock)

Don Hollinger ‘Cruel World’ (Atco)

The Dynamic Superiours ‘I’m a looser’ (Chapel)

Jimmy Jones ‘Yesterday’s mistakes’ (Twinight)       

Milt Grayson ‘You’re old standby’ (Derby)


Evening Derek

Nice picks Sir.

Chuck Armstrong is so, so good. Might dig a few out later.



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Seems that everybody has stopped playing at home, so here's what i listened to tonight:

Al Matthews- Fool ( just bought this. what a track)

Al Wilson- Show and tell

Spinners- He'll never love you like i do

Lisa Stansfield- Eight three one

Cecil Parker- Really really love you

Bobby Caldwell- Love won't wait 

Bobby Wilson- Here is where the love is

Joe Simon- Step by step

Johnny Bristol- Waiting on love

Richard "popcorn" Wylie- Lost  time (cheaper than a fish & chips and lasts longer)

Little Charles and the sidewinders- Please open up the door

Dells- It's all up to you

Jeanne Burton- Nobody loves me like you do

Ecstasy passion and pain- One beautiful day

Benny Troy- Ecstasy and pain

Otis Clay- Messing with my mind

Blossoms- There's no greater love

Afro dimensions- If you Don't want my love

David Ruffin Rode by the place

Martha Reeves- No one there



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Posted (edited)

I had a chance to play a few Records Today when I got back from work, as per usual with me it's a pretty mixed bag. :thumbsup:  :hatsoff2:

   Billy Stewart - Summertime  Chess 

   The Capitols - Cool Jerk  Karen

    Martha & The Vandellas  - Heatwave  Gordy 

    Four Tops - Do What You Gotta Do  Tamla Motown 

   Bobby Taylor - Don't Be Afraid  Taylor Made Soul LP Gordy 

   Tammi Terrell - All I Do Is Think About You  Motown 7's Box Set 

    The Spinners - What More Could A Boy Ask For  Motown 7's Box Set 

    Ronnie Dyson - Fever  Why Can't I Touch You LP Columbia  

    The Nite - Liters - K - Jee   RCA 

    Al Foster Band  - The Night Of The Wolf  Roulette 

    Mystic Moods - Astral Trip   WB 

    Hosanna - Hipit   Calla 

     Newby & Johnson - Sweet Happiness  Mercury

     The Montclairs  - Hung Up On Your Love  Paula  

      Skull Snaps - My Hang Up Is You  GSF  

     Bobby Womack - So Many Sides Of You  Motown

     Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes  - Where Are All My Friends  Philly 

     The Ohio Players - Love Slipped Thru My Fingers   Greatest Hits LP Trip 

     Bobby Hutton - Come See Whats Left Of Me  Philips

       Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back  Atlantic  

     The Valentinos - Sweeter Than The Day Before  Chess 

     Betty Swann - Make Me Yours  Money 

     Leslie Uggams  - Don't You Even Care  Atlantic

     The Superlatives - I Still Love You  Uptite  

     Eddie Parker  - Love You Baby  Ashford 

     Sapphires - Gonna Be A Big Thing   ABC 

      Mike McDonald - God Knows  Yellow RCA 

     Royal Esquires - Ain't Gonna Run  Prix 

    Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over  Tollie 

     Howard Guyton - I Watched You Slowly Slip Away  Verve 

     Jerry Cook - I Hurt On The Other Side  Capitol 

     Florence Devore - Kiss Me Now  Phil-Dan 

     Devonnes - I'm Gonna Pick Up My Toys  Colossus 

     Ben E King - I Can't Break The News Atco 

     Wilson Pickett - Let Me Be Your Boy  Cub 

     Clydie King - Soft And Gentle Ways  Liberty 

     Gene McDaniels - Walk With A Winner  Imperial 

     Ray Pollard - The Drifter   United Artists  







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Pulled a random record box off of the shelf last night and spun a few.

started with a couple yellow demos:

Leroy and the Drivers - You Picked The Wrong Time / Coral

Gene Chandler - There Goes The Lover / Brunswick

Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin - Show Me The Way To Go / Brunswick

Barbara Acklin - Just Ain't No Love / Brunswick

and a few others, finishing with a pair of funk sides:

Marvin & Johnny - Baby You're The One / Kent

Buddy Ace - True Love, Money Can't Buy / Duke

Cold, Bold & Together - Hey, Hey Devils and Fools / Century Custom

Aaron Bailey - The Point / Kris

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Posted (edited)


Had a mate round yesterday so he could access my laptop and pick up some tunes he was chasing, trying to buy tunes on his small phone screen is proving impossible, he is a staunch early 60's man so whilst he was tapping away at the keys I was spinning some tunes;

Ed Cooper "Just like the hero" (Nimrod)

Fabulous Caprices "My Love" (Camaro)

Barrino Brothers "Just a mistake" (TCB)

OV Wright "Treasured moments" (Back Beat)

Walter Jackson "It will be the last time" (Columbia)

Ray Hines "Why don't you give me a try" (RNH)

Dynells "Let me prove that I love you" (Blueberry)

Brook Benton "Where does a man go to cry" (RCA)

Kenny Carter "I've got to find her" (RCA)

Masqueraders "How big is big" (Bell)

Chris Bartley "Tomorrow keeps shining on me" (Musicor)

JiveFive "Crying like a baby" (Musicor)

George Jackson " I found what I wanted" (Verve)

LIoyd Williams "In love with you" (Studio 1)

James Bell & The Highlighters "Amazing Love" (RoJam)

Flint Emeralds "Just like a baby" (Gatewood)

Freddie South "Set me free" (King David)

Vibe Creators "I don't wanna be lonely" (Fontano)

Fabulous Playmates "Don't turn your back on me" (Select)

LV Johnson "Find yourself another fool" (Palos)

Frank Lynch "Young Girl" (My)

Isley Brothers "Who's that lady" (United Artists)

George Jackson "I just got to have you" (Public)

Little Walter Hammond "We go together" (Duo Disc)

Lew Watson "Soul Man Blues "Pompeii)

Maurice Williams "Baby Baby" (Deesu)

and finally

Jimmy Jones "Aint nothing wrong in making love the first night" (Conchillo)

Im not alone in thinking the JJ could be the new Charles Johnson in the right hands.

Thanks in advance for looking.



Edited by Gouch

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a few more spins tonight:

Lee Dorsey & Betty Harris - Love Lots of Lovin' / Sansu

The Visitors - I'm In Danger / Dakar

Sheila Ferguson - Don't (Leave Me Lover) / Swan

The Futures - Love Is Here / Gamble

Thomas East - Funky Music Pt II / MGM

The Soul Runners - Chittlin' Salad / MoSoul

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Started of with a couple of double siders (saves bending down)

Carl & Gerald and the Sonics- Lift me- Copyright

The Sonics (feat) Becky Bower- Do it with soul-Copyright

Crown Four- Birth of a playboy- Lee John

Crown Four- Love for my girl- Lee john

Four Invaders- Standing in the doorway- Bray

Four Invaders- Making tracks baby-Bray

Versatiles- Cry like a baby- Staff

Dean And Jean - Lovingly Yours- Rust

John Gary Williams- The whole damned world is going crazy- Stax

Baby Washington- It'll never be over for me- Sue

Pat Thomas- I can't wait until i see my baby's face- Verve

Mystic Moods- Astral trip- Warner Bros.

John Speaker- I can't break the news to myself- Vogue (Ger)

Howard Guyton- I watched you slowly slip away- Verve

Len Wade-The night the angels cried- United Artists

Exsaveyons- I don't love you no more- Smoke

Millionaires- Never for me- Phillips

Sue lynne- Don't pity me- RCA (UK)

Julian covey & the Machine- A little bit hurt- Phillips

Carstairs- It really hurts me girl- Red Coach

time for bed, to dream of record labels spinning on the turntable (no wonder that i wake up dizzy in the morning, honest it's nothing to do with the drink)


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Another quiet weekend. so boxes out again (going to start repeating myself shortly) All ovo unless mentioned

Juanita Williams- Baby boy

Barbara Mercer- Hey !!

Adam's Apples- you are the one i love 

Jackie Wilson- I'm the one to do it

Mel Torme- Comin home baby 

Eastin West- Ring telephone

Bill Pinkney- Don't call me

Benny Gordon- When i see her i'm gonna give her all the love i got

Johnny Nash- Ooh baby you've been good to me

The Temptations- (i know) I'm losing you

Patti Page- You don't need a heart

Betty Lavette- Let me down easy

Dells- It's all up to you

Gene Latter- Too busy thinking about my baby (uk)

Johnny Rivers- Baby i need your lovin' (uk)

Dave Clark Five- Concentration baby (uk)

Flaming Emeralds- Have some everybody 

Little Ceasar and the Empire- Everybody dance now

Shirley Ellis- Soul time (uk)

Sue Lynne- Don't pity me (uk)

Remember that i follow the rule of 20 tracks only, i will be playing for another hour or two.








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2nd Half from the other night

I call it "The other side" because it's not usually the side that would be played (imo)

Lynne Randell- Ciao baby

Alder Ray- I need you baby

Don Thomas- Train keep moving  (cross-over class)

Barbara Mercer- Can't stop loving you baby

Brown Sugar- I'm going through changes now

Fantastic Johnny "c"- New love

Deon Jackson- All on a sunny day  (how good is this)

Fuller brothers- Moanin', groanin' and cryin' (quite well known i think)

Apollas - Lock me in your heart (Brilliant double sider)

Mary Wells- Me and my baby

Barbara and the unquies- Take me as i am

Sammy sevens- Watch your step

Bobby Hutton- Ooo baby ( pure cross-over)

Falcons- I can't help it (other side a classic) but i prefer this side

Jean Wells- Putting the best on the outside (so hard to pick between)

Mamie Galore- Don't think i could stand it ( now my favourite side)

Halos- Just keep on loving me (always been a favourite both sides but so different)

Spookey- In your heart (a bit of modern)

Precisions- Dream girl (a Scottish favourite)

Sonics (feat Becky Bower)- Do it with soul (quite hard to find cover of the "Poppies" track)

Remember it can pay off listening to the other side.






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On 29/07/2018 at 13:03, Bruv said:

 Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine  Philly Int 


Nice list,

sometimes,when I'm home DJing,I'm also trying to give my best for the room atmosphere 😀



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3 hours ago, RC166 said:

Nice list,

sometimes,when I'm home DJing,I'm also trying to give my best for the room atmosphere 😀



Thank You RC, and thanks for posting the clip up, what a magnificent track that is from Lou Rawls outstanding Philly Soul.... :yes:  :hatsoff2:

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Tonight i'v got the R&B's (all U.S)


Richard Berry- Have love will travel- Flip

Buddy Ace- Hold on- Duke

Bobby bland- Ain't nothing you can do-Duke

Junior Parker- Sweeter as the days go by- Duke

Solomon Burke- It's been a change- Atlantic

Mel Torme- Comin' home baby- Atlantic

Donnie Elbert- This feeling of losing you- Al Platinum 

Etta James- Payback- Argo

Barbara Mason- Keep him- Arctic

Jackie Wilson- Am i the man- Brunswick

Four invaders- Making tracks baby-Bray

Chances- One more chance- Bea & Baby

Jean Du Shon- Out in the cold again- Cadet

Little Milton- Who's cheating who- Checker

Knight Bros.- That'll get it- Chess

Sugar Pie Desanto- I don't wanna fuss- Checker

Mitty Callier- Don't you forget it- Chess

Jan Bradley- Baby what can i do- Chess

Bettye Lavette- Let me down easy- Calla

Dobie Gray- Look at me- Cordak



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my wife and daughter are out for the evening, so figured let's play some records.

I was a bit all over the place....


Aretha Franklin - Soulville / Columbia

minter with possibly largest drill hole ever recently purchased on the cheap


Chuck Jackson Orchestra - Just A Little Bit of Your Soul / Wand

Sorry Mr. Jackson that I chose the instrumental side


Continental 4 - How Can I Pretend / Jay-Walking

my goodness, what a tune


Fantastic Johnny C - New Love / Phil-La of Soul

The O'Jays - I'm So Glad I Found You / Bell

Barbara Mason - Bobby, Is My Baby / Arctic

Bunny Sigler - Girl Don't Make Me Wait / Parkway

Wade Flemons - That Other Pace / VJ

Warren Lee - Star Revue / Deesu

Ohio Players - Pain / Top Hit



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On 30/07/2018 at 17:16, RC166 said:

Nice list,

sometimes,when I'm home DJing,I'm also trying to give my best for the room atmosphere 😀



Fab - love seeing this kind of thing, thanks

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  Had chance to play a few sounds today as I got home early from work, went for an all female session out of the box!  :thumbsup:  :hatsoff2: 

             Betty Turner - Be Careful Girl  Liberty 

             Clydie King - He Always Comes Back To Me  Imperial 

             Carol & Gerri  - On You Heartaches Looks Good   MGM 

             Marie Knight - That's No Way To Treat A Girl  Musicor 

             Gloria Lynne - You Don't Have To Be A Tower Of Strength  Everest 

            Barbara Mills  - Queen Of Fools   Hickory 

             Nancy Wilson - The End Of Our Love  Capitol 

             Dee Dee Sharp  - What Kind Of Lady  Gamble 

            Barbara Lynne - You're Losing Me  Atlantic  

             Shirley & The Shirelles  - Look What You've Done To My Heart  Bell  

             Doris Troy - I'll Do Anything  Calla 

             Kelly Garrett - Love's The Only Answer  Smash 

             The Steinways  - My Heart's Not In It Anymore  Oliver 

             Sissie Houston - Bring Him Back  Congress 

             Devonnes - I'm Gonna Pick Up My Toys  Colossus 

             Peggy March  - If You Loved Me  RCA Victor

             Florence Devore - Kiss Me Now  Phil - Dan 

             Leslie Uggams  - Don't You Even Care   Atlantic 

             Dottie Cambridge - Cry Your Eyes Out  MGM 

              Lorraine Rudolph - Keep Coming Back For More Jet Stream 

             Evelyn Thomas - Weak Spot  20th Century 

              Eloise Laws - Love Factory Music Merchant 

              Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly With His Song  Atlantic

             Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer  Atlantic 

              Timi Yuro - It'll Never Be Over For Me   Something Bad On My Mind LP Liberty





Edited by Bruv

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