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Sliced Tomanogoe

A new members introduction

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Good Afternoon all,

I am new to (signing up) to the site and judging from the breadth of knowledge and experience I’ve seen on here, relatively new onto the ‘scene’ too.

I have been enthralled by SS ever since my discovery over 6 months ago and have been reading and absorbing views, comments, and opinions and of course the music that SS brings up. I have chosen today to come forward and become a member as I’d like to show respect for the music by contributing (rightly or wrongly) and not reading behind the anonymity of a guest member.

As many have done I would like to openly disclose my experiences, thoughts and views of Soul music which although may go against others views, will give some perspective of why I think the way I do about certain matters for any future discussions I may have, so please bear with me!

I am in my early thirties and have been a fan of soul music ever since I heard (sittin’ on) the dock of the bay while watching Maverick and Goose do their thing. Growing up in a brit-pop age, my enthusiasm for soul music was tamed but always enjoyed hearing my dad’s copies of Jackie Wilson, Ben E King et al.

It wasn’t until I got in to the scooter scene around ten years ago that I realised how extensive the soul sound went, especially when I stumbled across ‘Northern Soul’, things have not been the same since.

I am not ashamed to admit that my first experiences of ‘Northern Soul’ where not all nighters/dayers (that came much later), or even CD boxsets, it was popular music and in some cases, TV adverts… That will enrage some people and even I sigh at the sound of a rarer soul sound being used to peddle the latest ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ product  but I fear it would have taken a longer time for me to discover  the sounds I was hearing if it wasn’t hiding in plain sight on my telly box.

After years of utilising the internet for better things than what I was used to (ahem), such as hearing a song I liked and thinking ‘what’s that song’, ‘where was this sampled from’, ‘what other songs did this guy sing’? I found a common denominator – Northern Soul.

I have read books, listened to friends view and opinions (older friends who have been in the scene for many, many years), seen films (although I’m yet to see one that truly gets me going), listened to radio (for those who have the internet radio app ‘Tunein Radio’ there is a German show called soul all nighter which I really enjoy.) and many other means to eventually be able to gather my own thoughts and opinions on what I like and what I don’t. (Not what I should like and what I shouldn’t!)

The last 6 months have been the best for me regarding learning more and more about the scene; SS has been a god send. Collectively with all your contributions, some conflicting, I have been educated more about Soul music than about anything in my life before. I have felt an interest, build into a passion to a point where I consider anyone who I meet who doesn’t like any type of soul music hasn’t yet heard soul music properly! Fancy thinking you knew what you liked and then being shown something twice as good, and all this is following years of all nighters/dayers…

And on that note I want to thank you all for your inputs and I enjoy being involved in further discussions and learning more about this thing called soul. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Cheers, Dave.

A few things:

What format do I listen to soul music? Any, OVO to Spotify to CD to YouTube to hearing it being whistled from a budgie.

Do I own records? Indeed I do, too may if you ask the wife. Some popular, some not. Some original, some not, do they sound good to me? Yes they do.

Do I collect? I do, in so many words, but only by habit and with no intention other than to hear and own more soul music for ME to enjoy – when my time comes and all I have is 50 bootlegs of my favourite top soul records stacked on my radiogram then I’ll be happy, because they will be worn smooth! (as long as the boot is actually a close quality to the original recording of course!)

Do I DJ? Yes, according to the people who pay me, but no according to those who have certain views.  I got asked by a friend and owner of a posh(ish) bar to ‘play some of that cool soul that you’re into’ – I turned up with my decks and box of original 45’s to a crowd who had no intention of listening to what my collection had to say and was constantly asked for the likes of Beyoncé and chums… I fear my attempt to add some good music to peoples nights out was seen as a gimmick as the cool boys would stamp up and down making the needle jump – after a couple of weeks I thought to myself I’m flogging a dead horse so went down the iPad route and have since managed to raise a small gathering of soul fans who, on the right time and place can really have a ball. This is my personal experience and I have 100% maximum respect for the folks who spend years and £££ searching for that ultimate OV set. Its fantastic to hear and something I inspire to be once I have the mortgage and family all looked after (and the scooter collection of course) – but until then and with having to play regularly, what I do does the job for those that want to pay me - not that’s its about the money.

Rare or popular? Depends, does it sound good? There’s your answer. I love to hear a song that gets the foot tapping and forcing me to get off my arse and make enquiries! But I find warmth to hearing a record for the 1,000th time and still giving it a wry smile!

Favourite record? Edward Hamilton – Baby don’t you weep (for now) not rare, not expensive but I adore it – I’m a cheap date.

The thread that brought me out of my guest member shell - https://www.soul-source.co.uk/soulforum/topic/362436-so-how-many-dj-on-here-with-bootlegs-and-re-issue-vinyl/

One last thing to add, I would say that forums are always contrived and divide opinion, sometimes I feel like it’s a page for collectors, or rare enthusiasts only, or if the OP never went to Wigan then their opinion is invalid, I am probably opening my self up to rubbing people up the wrong way – totally without intention, but I was too young for Wigan, like I was too young for the Hacienda, but it doesn’t stop me enjoying what I enjoy and respecting those that were there to tell me the tales.

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Welcome, nice opening post, always good to know a bit about who you are I reckon. Don't worry about not goin wigan and stuff, folks who patronise about it are usually the ones who went once and scared themselves. I never went but knew a lot who did, the real regulars were/are a cool bunch!

A must is the Record club thread.

Lambrettas and the Tomangoes, Ace!

Best wishes! 

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Hi & welcome sliced tomanogoe.  (i never went to wigan) and also have learnt a great deal from the folks on here!   {Not sure about the Edward Hamilton being not rare and cheap - I would have thought a few hundred for a nice original!}

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Hi Dave and welcome here.

I really enjoyed your introduction. I have also experienced playing dj in venues crowded with people who couldn't care less about your vynils and came to you just for asking to play less loud. There's nothing more depressing IMO and it can make you go home whishing to give up any attempt.... but then you listen to tunes such Edward Hamilton and everything changes....

Marry Christmas,



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