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[SOLD] Centaura - Aka Carbon Copies Just Don't Love You

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Centaura - Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawd - Spiral Album - Near Mint £300 NOW SOLD

"Just Don't Love You" is the same recording as the 'Carbon Copies' with Jewel Bass on lead vocal.

Possibly the original release, was the 'Git Down' 45 from 1980 ? Also includes "I Need Love" which is only on this album, take a listen to attached mp3's

Guaranteed Stamped Original 




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Guest Johnny One Trout

I need love is pretty much the same as Christian Broedsjoe's old Natural Sounds acetate great record IMVFHO :thumbup::yes:

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Guest Johnny One Trout

Just played them back to back and they are the same.........

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Well spotted John, just played it on Youtube and it is the same as the acetate.  I never see Christian around anymore so can't ask him about it, the last time i saw him was at The Raynscourt about 10 years ago.

All the best for 2017 to you and Alison


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Guest Johnny One Trout

Probably the last time i saw him as well, then again Oslo isn't exactly next door now is it. All the best back atcha Alan just wish i'd have had the readies for this one been a fave in our house for quite some time :thumbsup:

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