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Black mirwood label

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Hi guys I have a copy of secret agents- the olympics on a black mirwood label with silver writing , I believe it a legit issue the matrix numbers match,  is it rarer, or worth more or less than the blue copy?

thanks yonky

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It is worth £10 according to my JM guide Edition 5. The blue one is listed as £15. I know edition 5 is out of date now but it gives you an idea on the price difference. JM lists it as original.

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Aren't the black ones earlier issues ?

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Not "earlier" as in first press necessarily, but the white promo where from the same pressing plant as the black ones in this case while the blue where from another. And we acknowledge that promos where in most cases the first ones being pressed... the black ones are less common than the blue ones for sure. Value ? Same ?

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Cheers thanks for the info

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