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Ravingmadrecords List 53

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Subject: list 53

Date: 11/23/2004, 12:57




C/O Rettendon Services

Main Road A130

Rettendon Common, Nr Chelmsford

CM3 8DZ, Essex, England

Telephone/Fax:- 01245 325442

Mobile:- 07905 782654

(7:30am - 9:00pm (7 Days A Week)



G Abused! possibly bad label damage and some serious scratches

VG Used record, possibly wear on label and scratched vinyl, plays ok

VG+ Possible slight wear on label. Scratched vinyl, plays well

VG++ Clean label, any scratches will be light and not affecting play

M Unplayed condition


WD = white demo, YD = yellow demo, D = demo

WOL = writing on label, SOL = sticker on label,

XOL = cross on label, TOL = tear on label, CL = clean label

DH = drillhole, SM = small, ED = edge, WA = warp,

CH = chip, NAP = not affecting play

UK - All records under the value of £50.00 will be sent by recorded delivery at £1.80 unless otherwise specified.

the value of £50.00 will be sent by SPECIAL DELIVERY at £3.80 unless otherwise specified. Europe and the rest of the

price on request. We cannot be held responsible for postal mishandling. We accept payment by credit card - Access




No Label Artist Title Comment Grade Price

1 ***Big Mack Bob & Fred I'll be on my way BID VG+ £500

2 ***Bombay Flash Mckinley I'll rescue you BID VG++ £800

3 ***Chavis The Matadors Say Yes Baby BID M £500

4 ***Groovesvill Melvin Davis I must love you BID VG+ £200

5 ***Impact Duke Browner Crying over you BID VG+ £100

6 ***Kool Kat Joe Mathew Ain't nothing you can do BID WDVG++ £700

7 ***Wiseworld The Salvadores Stick by me baby BID VG+ £600

8 **WHITTIER Thee Midniters You're gonna make me cry BID VG++ £500

set sale

9 20th Cent Jessie James If you want a love affair VG++ £40

10 20th Century Beverly Wright Wher the Good Times Are M- £20

11 A&M Nino Tempo Sister James M- £20

12 ABC Jackie Lee Darkest day VG++ £100

13 Abc Ray charles Something inside me RECOMMENDED M £30

14 ABC Cooperetts Trouble WD M- £30

15 AGP The Masqueraders I Ain't gonna stop WD M- £25

16 APT Tina Florence Too much for me baby M £50

17 Atco Ben E King I can't Break the News M- £100

18 Atlantic Johnny Newbag Got to get you back WD VG++ £45

19 Audio Forty Johnny Summers Is The Feeling still ThereM-£250

20 Audition Hank Diamond Soul Sauce M- £15

21 Back Beat Carl Calton Sure Miss Loving You M £10

22 Bell Rain Out of my mind WD M £80

23 Big Hit Johnny Mae Mathews Two Sided Thing VG+ £50

24 Big Hit Barbara Jean Why weren't you there VG £100

25 Big Wheel The Falcons Standin on Guard M- £15

26 Blue Rock Timothy Wilson Love is like an Itching WD VG+ £5

27 Britton Possessions You and your lies M- £25

28 Brrunswick The Chi-Lites Living in the footsteps INDEMAND M- £25

29 Brunswick Jackie Wilson I Get the Sweetest Feeling YD VG++ £15

30 Brunswick Billy Butler I'll Bet you WD M- £25

31 Brunswick Lavern Baker I'm the one to do it M £75

32 Brunswick Young Holt Unlimited Soulful Strut YD VG++ £10

33 Buddah Motherlode What does it take M £80

34 Calla Jerry Williams If You Ask Me D VG+ £50

35 Capital Barrett Strong Is it true VG++ £20

36 Capitol The Checkmates Masterd the art of love D VG++ £50

37 Capitol Drew dells Tell him M- £15

38 Capitol Leon Haywood Consider the source BRILLIANT M- £80

39 Carriage trade Ray frazier These eyes M £40

40 CB Gwen Richardson That's My Baby VG++ £50

41 Cee-Jam Art Wheeler That's how much I love u WD VG++ £75

42 Chadwick The Topics Hey Girl VG++ £300

43 Chariot Bob Brady Goin' to a lovin M £20

44 Check Mate David Ruffin Actions speak louder SEEN @ £100 M- £60

45 Checker Little Milton Sometimey M- £5

46 checker Bobby Mcclure I'll be true to you D M- £15

47 Chelsea Bobby Sheen Come on and love me M £40

48 Chess The Kittens Ain't no more room M- £30

49 Chi Sound Gene Chandler Make the living if you M £5

50 Chi -Town Johnny Sayles My loves a monster M £20

51 Columbia Turley Richards I Feel Alright VG++ £50

52 Columbia Intrepids you've had your fling M £10

53 Columbia Bobby Womack Home is where WD M- £25

54 Compass The Adventurers Easy Baby M- £125

55 Coral Patti Austin I've given you all my love YD VG++ £250

56 Crazy Horse David & the Giants Super Love M- £20

57 Crescendo The Lyrics So Glad VG++ £60

58 Curtom Impressions I'll always be here TOP TUNE M- £8

59 Curtom Freddie Waters Singing a new song M- £25

60 Decca Silk Falling in love isn't easy RECOMMENDED M £60

61 Delphi Prophets Talk don't bother me GREAT M £60

62 Detroit press Marvin Gaye The Teen beat song M- £60

63 Diamond The Linneas My Baby comes Home VG+ £40

64 Diamond Jim E.J. & the Echoes You're gonna hurt M £250

65 Dimension Spandells Say no girl WD M £40

66 Dot Ronnie Love Chills and fever VG++ £15

67 Down to Earth Chimes The Beginning of my Life RECOMMENDEDM £15

68 Drum Billy Hambrick She said goodbye INDEMAND M- £200

69 Duke Miss LaVell Stolen Love VG++ £40

70 Dynamics The Superlatives Don't let true love Die M- £20

71 Dynovoice Mitch Ryder Blessing in Disguise M- £10

72 Entre Tawny Von Don't say it never was SEEN @250 M £60

73 Fame Jimmy hughes Neighbour Neighbour M £10

74 Fania 125th Candy Store Hey girl M £150

75 Federal Bobby Byrd I Found Out M- £50

76 GA The Companions "Be Yourself" VG++ £10

77 Golden Chariot The Jordan Bros Its you girl SOL M £70

78 Gordy Edwin Starr Way Over There M £10

79 Gordy Liz Lands Midnight Johnny VG++ £50

80 Gordy The Temptations Slow Down Heart VG+ £10

81 GSF Blanch Carter Halos are for Angels WD VG++ £15

82 Hawk Charles Farren Changed My whole life M £50

83 Highland Soul Patrol Save your Love WD M- £100

84 Hi-Lite Tommy Frontera (you're my) Leading Lady M £150

85 Hot Wax 100 Proof Somebody's been sleeping M £8

86 Ichiban Clarence Carter Messin with your mind M £40

87 Impact Lollipops Lovin good feeling WD M £100

88 Imperial Clydie King Soft and gentle VG+ £100

89 Instant Eskew Reeder Undivided Love M- £125

90 Jerjimhan Hymes sisters Walking around the town VG++ £30

91 Joe Jones Alvin Robinson You brought my Heart M £15

92 Josie T.J.Williams Baby I need you M £225

93 Jubilee Appreciations Afraid of love WD GREAT M- £35

94 Kapp Patti & Emblems Love you along long time WD M £250

95 Kellmac CODS Looking out for me M £40

96 King Christine Kittrell Call he's name M £40

97 King Shirley Wahls Why Am I Crying M- £75

98 Lando Little Carl Carlton Don't you need a boy VG+ £15

99 Liberty Gene Mcdaniels It's a lonely town M- £50

100 Liberty Rosaland Madison Neighberhood girl D M £125

101 Lion We the people Making my daydreams Real M £100

102 Loma Ben Aiken Meant to be my baby M- £10

103 Loma Apollas Just can't get enough SM WOL WD M- £20

104 Loma The Marvellos Something's Burnin' M- £100

105 Lummtone Upfronts Baby,for your love VG++ £80

106 Mala Vandykes Love for a rainy day ISSUE VG++ £175

107 Merben John Bowie Gonna miss a good thingD J COPYM-£150

108 Mercury Lynn Long Do I baby M- £20

109 Mercury Margie Hendrix One room pardise VG+ £100

110 Mikim Kim Weston Little by little and bit by bit VG++ £10

111 Minit The Groovers I'm a Bashfull Guy M- £50

112 Mirwood Jackie Lee Oh my darling M £15

113 Mod art Chosen few We are the cosen few FUNK VG++ £50

114 Money Bobby Angelle Living Lie VG++ £40

115 M-Pac The Ringleaders Baby what has happened M £300

116 Musicor Platters Hear, speak, see no evil VG++ £10

117 Musicor Tony Drake She's gone M £20

118 Mutt The Sophisticates I Can't stand it M- £40

119 Nola Robert Parker Barefootin M £10

120 Okeh Opals Gonna be sorry M £75

121 Okeh Johnny Watson Hold on I'm comin WD M £30

122 Okeh Major Lance It's The Beat M £20

123 Okeh Billy Butler Right Track VG+ £20

124 Old town Beverly Mc Kay Baby you're so right M £60

125 Ol'e Para-mounts Come go with me WOL M- £50

126 Paramount Robb fortune Crazy feelin M- £15

127 Parkway Bunny Sigler Girl don't make me wait GREAT M- £30

128 PCK Aalon Butler It's Got to be Somethin' GREAT M- £20

129 Peacock Jackie Verdell Come let me love you M £40

130 Pee Vee The Ambassadors Too much of a good thing M £300

131 Penntowne The Modern red caps Kiss a good man M- £20

132 Perception Otis Smith Let her go M £200

133 Philadelphia Jean carn If you wanna go back M £10

134 Philips Janace Walker What you want WD M- £20

135 PlayboyWeapons of peace about to get me downRECOMMENDED M£20

136 Port Carol Fran I'm Gonna Try VG++ £20

137 Porwin The clovers One more time M- £10

138 RCA Peggy March Fool fool fool WD M- £20

139 RCA Nancy Wilcox Coming on Strong ISSUE M £40

140 RCA H B Barnum It hurts to much to cry Pic Sleeve M- £125

141 RCA Lorraine Chandler I Can't Change WD M- £100

142 RCA The Bobbettes Having Fun WD M- £50

143 RCA Rufus lumley Annabella M £10

144 Revolt Darrell Banks Somebody Needs You WD VG+ £15

145 Revue Darrow Fletcher Sitting there that night VG+ £10

146 Revue Darrow Fletcher The way of a man VERY CLEAN VG++ £10

147 Revue Goody Colbert Baby I like it M £75

148 Ric Tic Freddie Gorman In a bad way M £8

149 Ro Jam The Highlighters "Amazing Love" VG++ £300

150 Rojac Big Maybelle Quittin' Time WD VG++ £20

151 Romulus The Rockmasters Raining Teardrops VG++ £200

152 Ronn Barbara West Congratulations baby M £50

153 Roulette The Casualeers Dance,Dance,Dance M- £150

154 Royal tone Gene Anderson Baby I dig you M- £75

155 RSO Leroy Hutson Right or Wrong WD M £15

156 SaintMo Sounds four A Memory best forgotten M £20

157 Satch Specials Everybody say yea M £75

158 Scepter The Shirelles Too Much of a good thing M- £25

159 Scorce Harold Melvin Prayin' M £15

160 Select Pat Jarvis Guess who Im fooling M £35

161 Share The Ad Libs Worse than being alone WD VG+ £5

162 Sidra Barbera Mercer Call On Me M- £25

163 Silver blue Bingo We can't get enough RECOMMENDED M- £50

164 SIMS Kelly Brothers Crying days are over VG+ £10

165 Sir Ben Mary thompson Whirlpool M- £30

166 Smash Satisfactions Take it or leave it M- £100

167 So jamm Jessie Fisher Honey VG++ £500

168 Soul Clock The Fuller Brothers Moaning,groaning M- £40

169 Space Cyndy love You never knew RECOMMENDED M £40

170 Sport Records The AppreciationsShe never really loved me WD M-£15

171 SS7 Jackey Beavers Lover come back M- £50

172 SSS Inter Vinnie Zen & Rogues Bricks broken bottles WD M- £25

173 St Lawrence Butch Baker The Fat man VG £10

174 Stax William Bell Man in the street VG+ £5

175 Sue Baby Washington Leave me Alone M- £50

176 Sunburst Marlene & Debanettes Bad Love VG++ £40

177 Sunburst Montclairs Wait for me M £25

178 Sylves Porgy & The Monarchs That's my Girl VG++ £25

179 T R C Visitors Never the less BRILL M £25

180 Tamla Marvelettes Keep off no trespassing FORTNUM SPIN VG++ £10

181 Tamla Motown Kim Weston Helpless WHITE CANADA M- £20

182 Thelma Emanuel Laskey Run for My Life WD M- £200

183 Tiger Bessie Banks Go Now M- £20

184 torrid Eldorados You make my heart sing M- £15

185 Trc George Wydell From out of nowhere M- £75

186 Tri-spin Larry Reynolds Please don't leave me M- £40

187 Tru-glo-town Don Gardner Baby likes to boogaloo WD M- £30

188 Truth Rance Allen I know a man M £15

189 Uni Garland Greeen Angle Baby RECOMMENDED VG+ £10

190 USA High Society I can't believe SO GOOD M £40

191 Val E G Taylor You made me mad M- £25

192 Vee Jay The Dontells In your heart VG++ £20

193 Vee jay Aki Aleong Giving up on love WD M £30

194 Verve The Superiors What would I do DH M- £25

195 Verve Billy Prince Say it again D M £20

196 Verve Young blood Smith You can Split D M- £125

197 Verve Righteous Brothers Rat Race M- £10

198 Verve King Davis Baby you satisfy me YD VG++ £10

199 Vibrant Soul Upsetters Ive been going through VG++ £20

200 Vibration Shirley (And Company) Shame,Shame,Shame WD M- £10

201 Victoria The Trips Give it back RECOMMENDED M £50

202 Volt Jimmy dotson Wanna be good M- £40

203 Wand The Masqueraders Do you love me baby M £250

204 Wheelsville Jimmy Gilford Wanna be your baby M- £75

205 Zodiac Creations A Dream GREAT M- £40

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maybe of interest


No Label Artist Title Comment Grade Price

1 ***Big Mack Bob & Fred I'll be on my way BID VG+ £711

2 ***Bombay Flash Mckinley I'll rescue you BID VG++ £1300

3 ***Chavis The Matadors Say Yes Baby BID M £500

4 ***Groovesvill Melvin Davis I must love you BID VG+ £225

5 ***Impact Duke Browner Crying over you BID VG+ £175

6 ***Kool Kat Joe Mathew Ain't nothing you can do BID WDVG++ £1000

7 ***Wiseworld The Salvadores Stick by me baby BID VG+ £1000

8 **WHITTIER Thee Midniters You're gonna make me cry BID VG++ £500

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