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Guess who’s coming to dinner!


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So…you can invite four people to dinner. Past or present. But they have to be (have been) ‘part of the scene’ as artists, musicians, DJ’s, label or studio owners, arrangers, songwriters, etc, etc.

At my table;

  1. Joanne Bratton Jackson – apart from the fab stories she can tell, to ask who was Linda Bunten?

  2. Ian Levine – ooh I can hear the gasps from some quarters, but what a guest!

  3. Norman Harris – a ‘philly musician man’

  4. Quin Ivy – for the stories from Alabama (Shoals)

Who are you inviting to dinner?

P.S. if you ask me tomorrow, the day after, the day after that…a different quartet each time. But i guess that's the same for us all

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