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Priced to Move Quick - WILL NOT SPLIT
7 x LP’s - PRICE inc UK “Recorded/Signed For” = £34

Item image
Keith Thomas-"Kaleidoscope"- 1986 LP in Shrink on US Dayspring – MINT
incs orig issue of  BB Winans “It’s Only Natural”
Opened “Still In Shrink”
Item image
Dicky Williams-"Red Negligee, White Whiskey And Blue Lights"-1986 LP – MINT
Opened “Still In Shrink”
Item image
Charles Brimmer - "Expression Of Soul" - 1975 LP on US Chelsea – Nr MINT
Opened Still In Shrink
Phyllis St. James -
Phyllis St. James - "One World" - 1987 LP in Shrink on US T-P Record – MINT
Big Richard Searling LP from the Late 80’s incs "Street People" & "Captain Of My Soul"
Opened “Still In Shrink”
  Item image
Charles Jackson-"Passionate Breezes"-1978 LP on US Capitol - Nr MINT
Opened Still In Shrink
Item image
Impact-"It's A Groove Night"-1988 LP in Shrink on US Full Scale Records - EX+
incs the Wonderful “I’m A Winner” - Produced by Al Johnson and Impact
Opened “Still In Shrink”
Franko (Johnson)–
Frank-o Johnson ‎– "Pick Up The Pieces" - 1988 LP on US Traction - MINT
Opened “Still In Shrink”
Edited by Lamont

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