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Updated Refosoul Clip Features

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As said its a work in progress - Last couple of days some things have come together forum /refosoul wise, still fair way to go till final but getting there

new features

1. New Uploader - now tell you how the upload is processing

2. New Auto Convertor - Every clip uploaded is now converted automayically to a site/user friendly format - no more too fast

3. Other formats - can upload rm and wma sound clips - ( note must rename ext to mp3 for now) - these will be auto converted to mp3 format (note not fully tested - initial tests worked)

4. *** New Post Any Clip in any Forum post

any of the 8000 clips in the refosoul library can now be easily posted in any forum or event or article post

i. find clip via search or browsing refosoul

ii hit clipboard button on clip page (msie)

iii. paste it in forum post

clip shows as below

On Easy Street - OC Smith -

6514 refosoul

easy 10 sec thing - can now use any clip in refosoul in any forum post, discussion, sales, plays and so on

5 . Remote Player now Default in Forum

now main player - normal controls - play, pause , volume


can drag playbar to ff/rewind to postion

hit I button for clip info page - to vote, read info if any, email to mucker etc etc

as said not final yet, next step be in a couple of weeks or so

hopefully all solid, are a few glitches such as track on repeat play that needs sorting for example

ask if all can

fill in title artist label info when submitting clips

avoid duplication, if well known, it may be up already, using clipboard feature will be quicker and less stress on site

keep test posts to a minimum, if feel necesary then please label then test and post only in test forum

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