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Guest randy

Mega Xover, 70’S & Modern Soul Set Sale List

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Guest randy

Mega Xover, 70’S & Modern Boul Set Sale List


Timeless Legend – I Was Born To Love You – Dawn-Lite MINT £1000

Always been rare comes in immaculate MINT condition


Tiaras – Where Does All the Time Go / All I Ever Need is You Canadian Barry EX+ swol £1000 

Extremely rare Canadian only doublesider - sublime Xover coupled with upbeat funk edged dancer on flip.



Fredrick Hymes – Time Ain't Gonna Do Me No Favor – Fab Vagas M- £800 SOLD

Monster of a choon! On everybody’s wants list now hard to find.



Delegates of Soul – I’ll Come Running Back – Uplook MINT £850

Sought after dancer in spotless MINT shape most copies are rough or have water damaged labels


Patti Austin – I Didn’t Say a Word – Columbia RED issue MINT £750

Extremely rare RED label styrene copy of this Monster indemand version.


Wendy Lambert – Where Does The Love Come From – Precellent Ex+ £750

Extremely rare uptempo 80’s dancer only an handful of copies ever found currently being played covered up.



Natural Four – I Thought You Where Mine – ABC ISSUE M- £450

Rare black stocker


Arnold Blair – Trying To Next To You – Gimingo ISSUE M- £350

Rare Stock copy with flipside


Betty Moorer - Speed Up – Wand ISSUE MINT £300

Rare Stock copy


Sly Slick & Wicked – Ready For You / Sho Nuff – People M- swol £225

Rare Red Label Stock copy with both sides


Backyard Construction - I Want Your Lovin' – BYC MINT £250

Oh so indemand


Ray Alexander Technique – Lets Talk – Harlem Sound / Lu Jun M- £250

Fabolous Xover dancer with Chris Bartley on lead vocals. Immaculate looks unplayed condition

Lets Talk


The Reactions - Live My Life For Myself – Sanfris M- £400

New York midtempo group Northern Soul rarity old Andy Dyson spin. In stunning condition not too many people have a copy of this in their play box.



Lynn Williams – Don’t Be Surprised – Suncut MINT £350

The superior original version from 1969



Black Velvet – Is It Me You Really Want – BTR WDJ M- £350

Very Rare original WDJ promo of this Ghetto Soul rarity from Del Larks man Sammy Campbell



Betty Lavette – Stormy – TCA MINT £300

Fabulous rare soul version of this iconic Classics IV choon!



John Simeone – Who Do You Love – TNT Issue Ex+ £300

Oh so soulful - Rarer stock copy



Friday, Saturday & Sunday – There Must Be Something – Dig Issue M- £300

Rare hard to find yellow stock copy in stunning nearly new condition.



Moon Williams – All For You – UK DJM DJ M- £300

Rare UK only mid tempo 70s rarity



Channel 3 – Sweetest Thing – Dakar WDJ M- £300

Spotless immaculate WDJ copy looks unplayed

Hitchhikers – Don’t Wanna Live My Life Without You – ABC M- swol £250

Kenny Hamber 70’s group 45 rarity. I’ve had a copy of this little know track for some time now but only just found a spare copy a very hard to find 45.



Bobby King – If You Don’t Want My Love – WB MINT £250

Mint unplayed copy of this Modern soul rarity initially thought to be LP only even on release in 1981.



Sandra Wright – Midnight Affair – Truth M- £250

Fantastic Northern Xover dancer – don’t forget the equally good flipside. Rare terracotta label with whte disk & red Truth logo as per the YouTube clip.




Rideout – Someone Special / Instru – Hot Licks Ex++ £250

Indemand rare Modern Soul boogie from 1980



Storm - Gone – Sunflower Ex+ £250

Very sought after until recently unknown Monster Northern Xover only on the hard to find stock copy.



Diamonettes – Don’t Be Surprised / Rules Are Made to be Broken - DIG M- £200

Fabulous sublime Xover doublesider Now very sought after and hard to find.

Rare First issue release


Happy – All I Need is Love – BELL WDJ M- £200

This is Billy Guy Coaster’s lead singer with a little known rare Xover gem.



Darrell  Banks – I’m the One Who Loves You – VOLT M- £200

Spotless immaculate copy looks unplayed


Eboney Essence – Let Me In – Goodie Train M- £225

Catchy dancer great Sam Dee’s tune



Lou Ragland – Since You Said You’d Be Mine – UK Warner Bros WDJ MINT £200

Spotless UK WDJ promo with the added bonus of top choon “I Didn’t Mean To Leave You” on the flip.




Grover Mitchell – What Hurts / Stereo – Vanguard WDJ M- £200

Indemand Modern soul written and produced by Len Barry, rarer spotless US WDJ copy – recently on JM’s auction



Gloria Scott - That's What You Say / What Am I Gonna Do - French Casablanca WDJ Promo Insert M- £200

French only promo PS 45 release with Barry White Promo sleeve insert. At one time thought to be LP only track.



Carla Whitney – I’ve Been Hurt So Many Times – Canadian Attic M- £200

Awesome Canadian only Xover with good uptempo funky dancer on flip. Hard to find in this nearly new condition.




Richie Havens – I Can’t Make It Anymore – Verve Forcast DJ MINT £200

Very indemand this is the original version released before Spyder Turner rare on a 45 thought to be LP for many years. MINT unplayed

I Cant Make It!


Daddy Maxfield – I’ve Always Been In Love With You – UA WDJ MINT £200

Indemand big production Xover Rare Room spin from 1976 previously auctioned on JM’s site. MINT unplayed condition in original UA sleeve.



Cam Cameron – They Say – Capri Yellow swol Ex+ £200

Rarer Yellow label copy of this truly sublime Chicago Xover .



Barbara Mason – Hello Baby – Arctic 126 Ex+ £200

Unknown to most collectors due to rarity rare xover cracker only found the flip of the rarely seen stock copy, NOT feature on either of her Arctic LP’s so not that available.



Virgil Henry – You Ain’t Sayin Nothin New – Tamla M- £200

Very Indemand again


O’Jays – One on One / My Favourite Person – PIR M- £150

Extremely rare US issue copy from 1982 with the two good sides no UK 45 issue for “One on One” and thought to be LP only track by many. Flipside is “My Favourite Person” perennial modern day classic.

One On One

My Favourite Peson!!


Sonny & Diane – Love Trap – Epic Ex+ £150

Sonny Fishback & Diane Carter deliver up a awesome 70’s rare room spin. Extremely rare 45 only on the seemly impossible to find orange stock copy.



McKinley Mitchell – Party Across the Hall – Mod-Art M- £150 or Mint Black Beauty £125

Just love this little known rare atmospheric Xover mover on collectable label.



Teddy Pendergrass - You Can't Hide From Yourself - PIR Dutch PS M- £150

Very in demand Dutch 45 only release immaculate copy dealer sticker on labels



Albert Jones – I Do Love You – Tri-City M- £175

Popular Reactivated choon!


Deltas – Hey Girl Just Like You – New Chicago Sound Ex+ £150

Great Chicago Xover tune written by Billy Butler



Marvelle & Blue Mats – Mellow Man - Dynamic Sound Ex+ £150

Indemand rare original fantastic catchy Northern Xover dancer. This is the hard to find original with nice clean labels most copies are badly water damaged.


Johnny Nash – I’m So Glad Your My Baby – MGM YDJ M- £150

Extremely rare US YDJ promo


Major IV – This Little Girl of Mine – Venture M- £150

Fantastic Willie Hutch penned West Cost Northern Xover dancer only on the rarer elusive stock copy.


Kirk Taylor - I'm The One That Needs You – KT Co MINT £150

Rare superior version of Pep Brown


Two Tons of Love - What Good Am I Without You / Spanish – Paramount ISSUE £150

Extremely rare Grey Stock copy


Real Thing – Heavy Together – Unted Artists DJ Ex+ £150

Extremely rare little know Latin destroyer from 1970 sounds similar to Jobell’s “Never Gonna Let You Go” you get the picture.



Bobby Hutton ‎– You're My Whole Reason / Lonely In Love Philips WDJ M- £150

Fantastic double sider his rarest 45 release spotless WDJ promo

You're My Whole Reason!

Lonely In Love!!


Diamonettes – Don’t Be Surprised / Rules Are Made to be Broken - Alston WDJ M- £150

Fabulous sublime Xover doublesider Now very sought after and hard to find. Immaculate rare WDJ promo.




Vessie Simmons – Better To Bend Than Break – Simco MINT £150

Awesome LA dancer from this great artist MINT unplayed



Neon Richards – He Has A Right To Know – MGM M- £150

Awesome little known mid tempo major label rarity. Stunning black stock copy



Bonnie Bramlett – Good Vibrations – Columbia WDJ M- £150

Sensational soulful mover recently discovered major label rarity from 1973. Average White Band on backing duties a choon that just keeps building. Possibly promo only 45 releaae never seen stock copy..



Gwen McCrae – All This Love That I’m Giving – Cat WDJ 2015 M- £150

Very indemand choon! - Rare WDJ promo



Jones Brothers – Good Old Days / Lucky Lady AVI WDJ M- £150

Indemand 70’s group soul doublesider with uptempo flipside– great copy slight staining on label.




RDM Band – How Can I Get Intouch With You – Virtue MINT £150

Fantastic bubbling under 1970 Philly mid tempo Xover with Little Milton on lead vocals. Very rare MINT unplayed Yellow and Brown stock copy of this fabulous Gamble Huff & Billy Butler composition most copies are WDJ promos.



Allison – Born To Be a Lover – King M- £150

Uptempo funky dancer from 1973 rarely seen for sale only on the stock copy.



Sonny & Diane – Love Trap – Epic Ex+ £150

Sonny Fishback & Diane Carter deliver up a awesome 70’s rare room spin. Extremely rare 45 only on the seemly impossible to find orange stock copy.



Deltas – Hey Girl Just Like You – New Chicago Sound Ex++ £150

Great Chicago Xover written by Billy Butler



Steve Turner – Harbor Place – Boomon WDJ M- £150 Extremely rare promo only 45 of this modern soul jazzy flute instrumental from 1983 thought to be LP only track. The 45 plays a better extended 4.55 mix than the LP take.



Korla With Klass ‎– Stop Before You Start – Music Master M- £150

Rare Modern soul version of Arlene Bell slight storage warp NAP as with all copies. This use to go big money before a few copies turned up.


Virgil Henry – I’ll Be True – Colossus MINT £150

Simply awesome Xover dancer



Royal Esquires  - Our Love Use To Be / Aint Gonna Run – Prix M- £125

Rare original of this brilliant doublesider out of Ohio. Sweet Xover soul plus flip it over for the better known uptempo dancer.




Clovers – Try My Loving – Josie WC DJ M- £125

Rare West Coast Styrene multi-coloured DJ promo



Howard Tate – Keep Cool – Atlantic DJ M- £125

Little know and hard to find Jerry Ragavoy penned dancer loads of potential here.



Dorothy Morrison – I Can’t Go Without You / Part 2 – Brown Door MINT £125

Rare unplayed original of this soulful Xover dancer.



Nolan Porter – If I Only Could Be Sure / Stereo – ABC WDJ M- £125

Immaculate rarer WDJ promo of this evergreen classic.



George F. Smallwood* & Marshmellow Band ‎– You Know I Love You M- £125

Immaculate copy Now affordable


Together – Too Late – Soul- Po-Tion M-£100

Unknow monster of a Modern soul choon out of the US deep south Albany, Georgia. Extremely hard to find 45.



Nuyorican Soul feat India – Runaway / Spanish – Giant Step MINT £100

Indemand old Albrighton Modern Soul spin seen listed for £400 elsewhere. This the shorter punchier original 3.59 Radio Edit mix produced by Louie Vega & Kenny Dope.



Shirley & Shirelles ‎– Never Give You Up – Bell Stock M- £100

Their rare one awesome Northern Xover dance uotempo version of Jerry Butler choon!. Rare silver stock copy looks unplayed in BELL sleeve some bubbling on label



Checkmates Ltd – Got To See U Soon – Rustic WDJ M- £100

Great little known Latin tinged Xover dancer that’s difficult to find. Spotless WDJ promo with the shorter punchier mix than the slower LP version.



Detroit Spinners – I’ve Gotta Make It On My Own – German Atlantic WDJ MINT £100

Stunning WDJ promo of this hard to find Philly 70’s dancer NO US 45 release.



Betty Wright – Open the Door to Your Heart – RCA PS Ex++ £100

Italian only 45 release shorter superior mix to the LP



Gene Diamond – I’m Only a Man – Tag Ltd M- £100 or Ex £75

Wonderful little known rare West Coast midtempo Xover more danceable version of Willie Tee track.



Gene Chandler – Without You Here – Curtom MINT £100

MINT copy in Buddah sleeve


Hudson People – Trip To Your Mind – UK Ensign M- £100

Rare 7” Immaculate copy in Ensign sleeve


Tams – Wire Help – Captitol DJ MINT £100

Hard to find uptempo dancer


James Kelly Duhon – In School – Jude M- £100

1974 Rare local first press form Ascots singer


Mel & Tim – Forever & a Day – Stax MINT £100

Awesome in demand Phillip Mitchell penned upfront Xover only on the flip of the rare stock copy.



Jaggerz – I’ll Never Forget You – Karma Sutra DJ MINT £100

Fantastic early 70’s Xover version of the O’Jay’s/Metros classic this is actually rare on a 45 and not featured on their Karma Sutra LP. MINT unplayed in original Kama sleeve.



Gene Taylor – You Got Your Nose Wide Open – MINIT DJ Ex+ £100

Fabulous little known Bobby Womack penned midtempo Xover dancer plus great slower on flip nice black label DJ promo




Gino Washington – Oh Not Me – Atac M- £100

Little known sublime Xover hidden away on the flip. Hard to find in this nearly new condition



Nina Simone – Touching and Caring – German Bellaphon PS MINT £100

Simply awesome no US or UK 45 release of this top tune!. MINT unplayed copy



Osamu Kitajima – Say You Will – Arista DJ M- swol £100

Montclairs Phil Perry on lead vocals GREAT!!



11th Commandment – Dance With Me – RJ WDJ M- £100 or stock M- £75

Rare spotless WDJ promo of this 1981 uptempo Detroit Modern Soul boogie dancer written & produced by Lorraine Chandler



Barbara Lewis - Stars – Sundai Test Press M- £100

Previously unreleased on a 45 Genuine Sundai white label UK style small hole test press sound quality is great plays very loud only a handful made.



Tams – What Did He Do For You – MGM South WDJ M- £100 or Stock £150

Unknown 1973 sublime magical choon from these legends with the unmistakable voice of Joe Pope. Written by their long time song writing collaborator Ray Whitley. Immaculate WDJ promo not on any LP or compilation that I’m aware of.



The Nights – When You Drop Your Guard – Little Star M- £100

This is their rare one fantastic 70’s dancer HB Barnum production.



Tomorrows Promise – Your Everything Good – Mercury DJ M- £100

Bubbling under rare uptempo 70’s dancer.



Walter Jackson – Let Me Come Back – Brunswick MINT £100

Popular Jeff Perry penned 70’s spin only on the hard black stock copy.



Kenny Hamber – Never Found a Girl – PES MINT £85

The version to have


PM me to order I'll confirm all enquires this evening - Cheers PAUL

UK Postage £3 Signed For or £7.50 Special Delivery - Worldwide Tracked & Signed Shipping available on £250 value or less 

PayPal as family & friends please

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