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2648 W Grand Boulevard

Earl Of Doncaster Last Friday Night

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Another good night at the Earl on Friday night. Attendance was good and some excellent tracks played. Even managed a trip into the Modern Room for a change. Never had a bad night there yet.

Quality & varied soul music also reasonable priced beer in a hotel, what a great combination, where are they getting all that cheap Carlsberg from, is someone hijacking the lorries on the M18 :P not that I'm objecting of course.

:thumbsup: :dance:

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Must agree with Grand Boulevard a cracking night again, going from strength to strength & busiest I`ve seen in a long time. :D Excellent tunes with a smattering of oldies, A Pincher twin (which 1 ?) did an excellent spot, as did Mr Wright., thumbs up. :thumbsup:

Great rooms, good company & reasonably price beer, just can`t ask for much more. :yes:

Wandered into modern room at end of night and listen to Terry play some lovely crossover, carry on regardless you have our support, :D

Edited by spot

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Yep, another great nite at the Earl. Over the last six months or so this venue has really kicked into another gear. Many thanks to Terry and John for another belter thumbsup.gif .

It was my brother Dave (Pinches) who DJ 'd on this occasion,( i thought he needed a bit of a release after his recent marital probs) and a very good job he did anorl (i'm not needed anymore sad.gif sniff). Here are some of the goodies he spun in no particular order.

Albert Jones - Fifteen Cent Love - Kapp.

Bileo - You Can Win - MTU/Watts City.

Ike Strong - You're Love Keeps Me Dancing - Mable.

ZZ and Co - Gettin' Ready For The Getdown - Columbus.

Benny Troy - I Wanna Give You Tomorow - De Lite.

Jesse Fisher - You're Not Loving A Beginner - Way Out.

Sandra Phillips - I Wish I Had Known - Okeh.

Bonnie Herman - Hush Don't Cry - Columbia.

Soul Communicaters - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee.

Drifters - Pour Your Little Heart Out - Epic.

Servisemen - Sweet Magic - Chartmaker.

Epitome Of Soune - You Don't Love Me - Sandbag.

among several others. Again many thanx to all who attended and roll on the next one.

Best regards, BRI.

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Would just like to echo comments on the 3 previous posts from Dave,Pete(Spot) and Bri.

The Earl is now IMO one of the best soul nights in Yorkshire for across the board quality soul music playing a good mix of 60's , 70's ,oldies and newies,rare,crossover, R&B and modern.

Along with Ponds Forge and Frobisher they play something for all tastes and continue to attract the top DJ's and allow them to play what they want which makes sense although does not always please everyone.

Bri , you missed Masqueraders - Ain't Gonna Stop from Daves playlist - top tune.

Looking forward to hearing your spot at The Wilton on Friday.

We have supported all 3 venues for a few years now and will continue to do so as long as music policy stays same which i'm sure it will.

Thanks to all involved

See you soon

Paul & Sue

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