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John Manship auctions


Just wondering, anyone know, or own up to being any of the following bidders on J Manship auctions:




(and there are a few others)

They seem to bid up to a decent figure on quite a few records..... then no more bids.... maybe they don't want to pay any more.... ?

Have they ever bought anything? Sincerely hope so!

Happy for you to PM to satisfy my curiosity.


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you just posted this in the ebay sales listing forum, which aint really the right place

may work better in 'box'  and so have just moved


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Well I can't speak for the others, but I bid what I think the record is worth plus a little extra to account for the 'Manship Madness' that overtakes some people and then forget about it. A couple of weeks later I get an email giving me the result. The strange thing is I often feel relieved if I lose!


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You're not the only one :)


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