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Its nearly Christmas. Where has this year gone ? Doubt there'll be a new list before the New year but you never know !

So many happy returns to all our loyal customers and hope Santa brings you all you want.

But before then the last ever Capital soul club event at The Dome, Tufnel Park London on 26th Nov. After 5 years they

are calling it a day. I rarely miss this cracking do, so support the guys for a grand finale with Alan H, Mick H & guests.

Look out for a new era of soul promoters in the venue in Jan next year.

Our Almost Grown northern soul special with special guest Shifty is on 3rd Dec at Saks Clifftown rd Southend, Essex. 9.30 till 2pm £4 on the door.

100 club Christmas party is on Dec 23rd 9 till 2pm..This is always a superb party night too. See you there.

Just after Christmas is the great soul event at the Wykin social club - Hinckley, Leics - Dec 28th. I'll be spinning some

tunes there again this year along with Carl Willingham, Derek Allen & more. It's a great alldayer 4pm -12.30. £5 adm.

Cheques payable to MR. MESSER Those marked *** available on a tape for £4 incl. P&P (Overseas £5)

Subs for the list are now £3 for 10 lists. (£4 Overseas) Or send an S.A.E. - or a few.


1 GENE CHANDLER Duke of Earl (Classic early 60's club soul) Columbia EX £25

2 MORRIS CHESTNUT Too darn soulful (Classic northern soul oldie) Grapevine(Demo) M £15

3 FATS DOMINO If you don't know what love is (Great R'n'B dancer) HMV EX £25

4 THE COOKIES Chains(Early 60's girl group gem covered by Beatles) London VG+ £10

5 NEWBY & JOHNSON *** I want to give you my tomorrow (Soulful 70's mover) Mercury (Demo) EX £15

6 BIG JOE TURNER Two loves have I (Superb tune - French P/S copy) Philips EX/M- £40

7 KETTY LESTER Please don't cry anymore (Rare demo -M.O.L.) RCA (demo) M- £40

8 NINA SIMONE Save me (Absolute classic club sound - mod biggie) RCA M £20

9 GENE CHANDLER Nothing can stop me (all time great) Soul city EX £10

10 JERRY BUTLER Giving up on love (Beautiful beat ballad) Stateside M- £15

11 JOHN LEE HOOKER I'm leaving / Dimples (2 mod classics !!!) Stateside EX £10

12 BIG DEE IRWIN You satisfy my needs (Class beat ballad - soulful !!!) Stateside (Demo) EX £100

13 BOBBY DAY Rockin Robin (Rare number rockin' R'n'B gem) Sue EX £25

14 JEAN KNIGHT Mr big stuff (Another one on an advert !) Stax M- £8

15 JOHNNIE TAYLOR Friday night (Good version of Steve Mancha) Stax M £10

SECTION 2 - 60's & Northern soul - US labels

16 ROBERT TAYLOR *** Packing up your love (Solid soulful R'n'B mover) Alteen M- £40

17 BARBARA MASON Ain't got nobody (Great Philly soul dancer) Arctic M £20

18 ETTA JAMES Seven day fool (Still sounds superb) Argo EX £40

19 CALVIN WILLIAMS Lonely you'll be (Stomping Detroit dancer) Atco EX £35

20 THE PARLIAMENTS A new day begins (Atmospheric mid tempo) Atco EX £20

21 JIMMY HUGHES It ain't what you got (Great R'n'B spin) Atlantic M- £25

22 THE AMBASSADORS *** I'm so proud of my baby (Great group soul northern) Atlantic (Demo) M- £30

23 THE SOUL TWINS *** She's the one (Driving rhythm on this Detroit prod) Backbeat M- £30

24 LEE LAMONT I'll take love (Stafford mid tempo favourite) Backbeat M- £20

25 THE FULLER BROS *** Don't knock me (Gritty Memphis style mover) Bell (Demo) M- £25

26 THE MILLIONAIRES Breakdown (Male group version of Gerri Granger) Big Bunny M- £20

27 SERENA JOHNSON All work and no play (Class 70's crossover) Big 2 M £50

28 DON AND JUAN What I really meant to say (Great beat ballad) Big top EX £30

29 UNITED IMAGE Hit man (Funky 70's soul dancer) Branding iron EX £15

30 JOANNE GAYLES Meet me half way (Furious paced soul shaker) Bright star M £20

31 JOHNNY MOORE *** It may be tears of joy (Superb Chicago dancer) Bright star(demo) M- £25

32 THE SPRINGFIELD RIFLE That's all I really need (Rare local label - pic sleeve!) Burdette(demo) EX/M £40

33 JEAN DuSHON *** Feeling good (Execllent jazzy soul dancer) Cadet M- £25

34 BOBBY DUKES Just to be with you (Ultra soulful crossover) Calla EX £30

35 DEE DEE SHARP Standing in the need of love (classic northern oldie) Cameo EX £15

36 BOBBY PARIS I walked away (all time classic oldie) Capitol M- £150

37 THE CHECKMATES Kissin' her and cryin' for you (excellent group soul) Capitol M- £60

38 MICKI LYNN I've got the blues (Haunting mid pacer - fabulous) Capitol M- £30

39 MERRY CLAYTON Nothing left to do but cry (Excellent beat ballad) Capitol VG+ £30

40 THELMA HOUSTON Baby mine (Monster northern oldie - St.M.O.L.) Capitol (demo) M £125

41 PATRICE HOLLOWAY Love and desire / Ecstasy (2 of the best soul songs !!) Capitol (demo) EX £125

42 DEON JACKSON That's what you do to me (Killer Detroit stomper) Carla M- £30

43 DEON JACKSON Ooh baby (Brilliant soulful mid tempo) Carla EX £15

44 JIMMIE ELLIS *** Happy to be (Wicked crossover sound) Century city M- £250

45 OTIS BUSH So much love (Obscure Chicago mid pacer) Cha cha EX £20

46 RON HOLDEN I'll forgive and forget(Great oldie on original demo) Challenge(demo) EX £75

47 GENE CHANDLER After the laughter (Excellent Chicago dancer) Checker EX £12

48 LITTLE MILTON Sometimey (Stomping mod / northern dancer) Checker M- £12

49 STU GARDNER Expressin my love (70's Motown related growler) Chisa (Demo) EX £10

50 JOY-TONES *** This love (Beautiful mid tempo floater)drill hole Coed M- £40

51 TURLEY RICHARDS *** I feel alright (Thumping 60's mover with R'n'B edge) Columbia (demo) M- £150

52 VARETTA DILLARD *** You better come home (Great early 60's mover) CUB M- £60

53 JOEY HEATHERTON When you call me baby (Ultra rare pic sleeve issue) Decca EX/M £200

54 JOHNNY OLENN Gotta keep movin (Rare version of Charles Lamont) Dee gee EX £100

55 THE ENTERTAINERS 4 Getting' back into circulation(Great west coast dancer) Dore M- £40

56 THE WHISPERS *** The dip (Fantastic mid tempo dancer) Dore M- £175

57 VIVIAN COPELAND He knows my key (Lovely crossover tune) D'oro (demo) M £25

58 JAN BRADLEY Tricks of the trade (Super soulful Chicago slowie) Doylen M- £20

59 JESSIE MAE Don't freeze on me (Good femme R'n' cool.gif Dra EX £25

60 THE LAMP SISTERS Woman with the blues (Great girly dancer) Duke M £12

61 BERT HUNTER Cheri O (Horn laden mid tempo) Elf (Demo) M- £12

62 GENTLEMAN JUNE GARDNER *** It's gonna rain (Real cool sounding inst) Emarcy M- £30

63 LORI & LANCE I don't have to worry (Great crossover feel) Federal (Demo) M- £100

64 DANNY WHITE Miss fine miss fine (Great R'n'B dancer) Frisco (demo) VG+ £20

65 BILLY KEEN I finally got wise (Cult R'n'B spin by those who know) Galaxy (demo) M- £150

66 THE DRAPERS *** Your love has gone away (Great early soul group spin) Gee (demo) M £100

67 CREATIONS I've got to find her (Sweet soulful Chicago sound) Globe M £20

68 THE SEQUINS *** I've got to overcome (Catchy girl group mover) Gold star M £15

69 JAMES CARR *** Only fools run away (His hardest release - soulful !!!) Goldwax M £40

70 GERRI DIAMOND Mama you forgot (Catchy girlie mover) HBR EX £20

71 FRED HESS *** Its not the same (Lovely horn led dancer) Hit M- £30

72 VINNY ADAMS While we're still young (insistent plodder) Holton M- £20

73 DONALD HEIGHT Life is free (Funky) Hurdy gurdy EX £15

74 FATS DOMINO It keeps rainin' (Classic Torch oldie) Imperial EX £12

75 DARROW FLETCHER What good am I without you (Great uptempo) Jacklyn M- £25

76 BARBARA LYNN Dedicate the blues to me (Great slowie) Jamie M- £8

77 JIMMY HUGHES My loving time (Great mid tempo) Jamie VG+ £10

78 RAY GANT & ARABIAN KNIGHTS Don't leave me baby (Extremely soulful mid pacer) Jay walking EX £12

79 JIMMY CASTOR Fabulous New York (Great horn led dancer) Jet set (demo) EX £30

80 JIMMY 'PREACHER' ELLIE *** I'm gonna do it by myself (Killer R'n'B - tough demo) Jewel (demo) M- £100

81 THE OBJECTIVES *** Love went away (Lovely harmonies on this mid tempo) Jewel (demo) EX £25

82 JOHNNY NASH Big city (Big beat ballad) Joda EX £10

83 THE TRUE TONES He's got the nerve (Good group northern dancer) Josie M- £25

84 THE PEELS Time marches on (Superb Detroit inst)W.O.L. Karate (Demo) M £20

85 SHERWOOD FLEMIMG Peace love and understanding (R'n'B groover in P/S) Kent EX/M £12

86 LITTLE DOOLEY *** If ever I needed you (Super rare nighter sound) Koko M- £300

87 GLORIA PARKER Hello baby - goodbye too (Semi known dancer) L L P EX £15

88 DANNY HUNT Love me too (Obscure 70's soul shaker) La Cade EX £10

89 JEWELL & RUBIES Kidnapper (Early group sound - local label B4 ABC) La Lousianne VG £10

90 THE VANGUARDS Girl go away (Sweet soul slowie - slight storage warp) Lamp M- £10

91 THE VANGUARDS The thought of losing your love (Uptempo dancer) Lamp EX £20

92 JOHNNY MOORE What more can I do (Gritty Chicago soul tune) Larry M- £12

93 BOBBY FREEMAN *** Lies (Great dancer - builds up and up) Loma (Demo) EX £25

94 CLYDE McPHATTER I'll love you till the cows come home (In demand) Mercury EX £40

95 JIMMY NORMAN I'm leaving (Gritty southern mover) Mercury (Demo) EX £20

96 THE DEBONETTES *** Tears (Excellent girl group mover) Merry EX £50

97 NORRIS WILSON *** Where the action is (Old 100 club spin 4 Irish Greg) MGM VG+ £30

98 MARLINA MARS *** I'm gonna hold on to your love (Bouncy girlie Northern) MGM (Demo) M £30

99 JOANNE MORGAN Just how loud (Excellent big production pounder) MGM (Demo) M £30

100 SOULFUL SEVEN I've got a feeling (Good group soul mover) MGM (Demo) EX £20

101 LINDA GRINER Goodbye cruel world (Rare and brilliant dancer) Motown(Demo) M- £300

102 HAROLD BURRAGE I'll take one (Good Chicago dancer) M-pac M- £30

103 HAROLD BURRAGE Fifty fifty (Another cool R'n'B flavoured mover) M-Pac M- £50

104 HAROLD BURRAGE Master key (Nice soulful shuffler) M-Pac M- £30

105 THE ADVENTURERS *** I've caught you cheatin' (Great underplayed northern) Music world EX £150

106 THE JIVE FIVE You'll fall in love (Wonderful group harmonies - dancer) Musicor M £20

107 CARRIE GRANT Take all of my life (Nice beat ballad) New art EX £20

108 PAT JAMES Play that thang (Rare Chicago inst) Nickel M- £20

109 OTIS WILLIAMS *** Gotta get myself together (Great club soul dancer) Okeh EX £30

110 THE LITTLE FOXES So glad your love don't change (Good group mover) Okeh (Demo) G £20

111 OTIS BROWN Will you wait (Good Chicago soul groover) Ole EX £20

112 BOBBY STARR *** Hey Cinderella (Good early harmonica driven dancer) One derful M £50

113 FANTASTIC JOHNNY C New love (Great uptempo dancer) Phil la of soul EX £20

114 RUBY LEE I'm gonna put a watch on you (Great double sider) Poptone M- £25

115 JOHN GARY *** Don't let the music play (Awesome beat ballad) RCA (demo) M- £25

116 ROSE VALENTINE I've gotta know right now (Classic northern oldie) RCA (demo) M- £100

117 YVONNE DANIELS *** I got to get close to you (Great dancer superb tune) Red Lite EX £15

118 WALES WALLACE *** I gotta have you (Obscure horn driven Chicago soul) Renee M- £100

119 LIL AND RENE Crazy bout your love (Getting spins - great early soul) Reprise (Demo) M- £25

120 J J BARNES Our love is in the pocket (classic rarity - great version) Revilot M- £100

121 DARRELL BANKS Somebody (somewhere needs you)Classic -rare demo Revilot (Demo) EX £75

122 GODOY COLBERT Baby I like it (Uptempo Len Jewell prod) Revue M- £50

123 LAURA LEE To win your heart (All time classic on a rare demo) Ric Tic (demo) EX £45

124 WESLEY PAIGE You turn me around (Nice sparse production slowie) Rojac EX £15

125 ANITA HUMES What did I do (Fabulous northern winner) Roulette M- £55

126 THE EPITOME OF SOUND You don't love me (Top 10 oldie - rare demo) Sandbag (demo) EX £125

127 JIMMY CASTOR Magic saxophone (2 great sides mod / northern spins) Smash (demo) EX £20

128 DAVE LOVE Colalined baby (Fast paced northern dancer) Solid soul M £20

129 JIMMY SOUL CLARK Sweet darlin' (All time great Detroit northern) Soul hawk M- £40

130 TOMMIE YOUNG *** That's all a part of loving him (Great crossover mover) Soul power M- £30

131 EDDIE JAMES Her mamma wont leave us alone (Driving rhythm) Startown M £15

132 ERNESTINE ANDERSON *** You're not the guy for me (Awesome mid tempo) Sue M £40

133 JUSTINE WASHINGTON I can't wait until I see my baby (Classic) Sue VG £10

134 TOMMY TATE You taught me how to love (100 mph Soulful disco) Sundance M- £25

135 ISLEY BROS Why when love is gone (Motown / northern fave) Tamla M- £12

136 IKE AND TINA TURNER Dust my broom (Monster oldie - always popular) Tangerine VG+ £20

137 THE RAELETS One room paradise (Great rhythm & soul) Tangerine EX £12

138 SUNNY OZUNA & SUNLINERS Hitch hike (Good version of Marvin Gaye tune) Tear drop EX £10

139 GERALD SIMS Cool breeze(Early Chicago soul gem -local label)T.O.L. Tip top EX £40

140 HARVEY Any way you wanta (Fab floorfilling inst dancer) Tri phi EX £50

141 KAREN SUE *** Something on my mind (Superb blue eyed Dome spin) U.A. (Demo) M £70

142 DANNY WILLIAMS Forget her forget her (Beat ballad) U.A. (Demo) EX £20

143 JEFF LANE *** Come on and hold me (Brilliant mid tempo lbl damage) United Int EX £60

144 BOBBY ALLEN & GEE PEES *** The yaya song (Good group soul - nice dancer) Uppp M- £20

145 SAMMY TURNER Our love will grow and grow (Sam Cooke style W.O.L.) Verve (Demo) M £12

146 JACKIE FOLLETT *** I am what I am (Forgotten how good this sounds) Verve (DJ) M- £45

147 THE MONITORS Number one in your heart (Great Motown dancer) VIP M- £15

148 TAMMY MONTGOMERY Voice of experience (Early girlie sound - T. Terrell ) Wand EX £10

149 THE STRANGERS *** Night winds (Smooth soulful group mid pacer) Warner Bros M- £75

150 BUDDY LAMP I wanna go home (Kick ass Detroit thumper) Wheelsville VG+ £15

151 KANSAS CITY PLAYBOYS Quittin time (Another pounder from Detroit)W.O.L. Wheelsville VG £40

152 RUBY ANDREWS Wonderful nite (Absolutely gorgeous soulful gem) Zodiac EX £80

SECTION 3 - General soul collectors labels

153 SEGMENTS OF TIME Tears keep falling Sussex EX £20

154 BILL WITHERS Harlem (Superb) Sussex M £10

155 THE PRESIDENTS 5 10 15 20 (25 30 years of love) Sussex M- £5

156 BETTE WILLIAMS He took my hand Swamp dogg M £10

157 THE SAPPHIRES Who do you love **or demo £10** Swan M- £8

158 THE SAPPHIRES Gotta be more than friends Swan M- £10

159 THE SAPPHIRES I've got mine you better get yours Swan VG+ £8

160 THE SAPPHIRES Where is Johnny now Swan (Demo) M- £6

161 MICKEY LEE LANE Shaggy dog Swan (Demo) M £5

162 JACKIE LEE So close to heaven Swan (Demo) M £4

163 TEDDY AND TWILIGHTS I'm just your clown (Great early soul sound) Swan VG+ £12

164 THE SHOWMEN The honey house Swan EX £6

165 AL COLLIER Who will take your place Swaray EX £12

166 JOAN MOODY We must be doing something right (minor lbl damage) Sylvia EX £15

167 STERLING MAGEE Keep on Sylvia EX £20

168 JOE THOMAS & BILL ELLIOT Speak your piece Symbol M £8

169 INEZ FOXX He's the one you love **or demo £10** Symbol EX £8

170 INEZ FOXX Hurt by love Symbol EX £6

171 INEZ FOXX Ask me Symbol M- £6

172 THE SHOCKETTES Hold back the tears Symbol EX £25

173 THE HOCKADAYS Hold on baby Symbol M- £60

174 THE TRILONS I'm the one Tag M- £10

175 SYL JOHNSON Straight love no chaser Tag Ltd M £12

176 BOBBY MILANO Out of this world Talmu EX £25

177 RONNIE DAVIE What does it matter to me now Talmu EX £25

178 THE RAELETS Bad water Tangerine M £6

179 JIMMY ROBINS Lonely street (Deep) Tangerine M £12

180 ANDY BUTLER Coming apart at the seams Tangerine M £6

181 THE PACKERS Soul time pt 1 & 2 Tangerine M £6

SECTION 4 - Club sounds / R'n'B / Latin / Jazz / Funk etc.

182 RICARDO RAY Nitty gritty (Wicked Latin version of Shirley Ellis) Allegre M £10

183 BROTHER JACK MCDUFF Can't get satisfied (Mod club jazz fave) Atlantic M £10

184 ESTHER PHILLIPS Mo jo hannah (Superb R'n'B dancer) Atlantic M- £40

185 SONNY COX The wailer (Excellent slice of jazz) Cadet EX £15

186 ETTA JAMES & SUGAR PIE DESANTO In the basement (Club classic) Cadet M- £8

187 CECIL GARRETT Bearcat (Great club soul spin) Calla M- £20

188 ELIJAH AND THE EBONIES Hot grits (Funky club sound) Capsoul EX £12

189 BOBBY RUSH Sock boo ga loo (Club soul mover) Checker M- £10

190 JOE BATAAN Subway Joe (My all time favourite Latin dancer) Fania EX £30

191 RODGER COLLINS She's looking good (mod club classic) Galaxy M- £10

192 DARROW FLETCHER Pain gets a little deeper (Another massive mod sound) Groovy EX £15

193 KIM MELVIN Doin the popcorn (Funky dancer - big 80's mod spin) Hi (Demo) M- £15

194 JIMMY McCRACKLIN *** That's the way it goes (Superb bit of R'n' cool.gif St.O.L. Imperial M- £20

195 ROY LEE JOHNSON Boogaloo 3 (Wicked inst with a funky beat) Josie (Demo) M £20

196 LITTLE WILLIE JOHN Leave my kitten alone (Great R'n'B -Orig of Yardbirds) King M- £20

197 COASTERS Love potion number 9 (Monster mod club spin) King M £15

198 THE SANDPIPERS Young generation (Big mod spin in the 80's) Kismet M- £25

199 GEORGE "STARDUST" GREEN Holdin' on (Rockin sax driven R'n' cool.gif Mac An VG+ £20

200 BENNY SPELLMAN Fortune teller (All time club classic) Minit EX £15

201 BIG DADDY SIMPSON *** Give me back my ring (Growling R'n'B dancer) M-Pac M £30

202 WILLIE WHITE Everybody dance (Good R'n'B mover) Odessa VG £20

203 DR FEELGOOD Right string but the wrong yo yo (60's beat group standard) Okeh EX £20

204 LITTLE CAESAR Everybody dance now (Great mod club classic) Parkway EX £12

205 THE VILLAGE CALLERS Hector Part 2 (Brilliant hammond tune) Rampart M £20

206 BOOTS BROWN Trollin' (Top Paul Hallam mod spin) RCA M £8

207 THE NILSMEN Le winston (Amazing Hammond Inst) RJR EX/M- £40

208 JAMES BROWN James Browns boogaloo (Superb mod club inst) Smash M £15

209 RUSSEL BYRD Hitch hike (Classic mod oldie - hard to find now) Symbol VG+ £20

210 T V SLIM Gravy around your steak (Rare R'n'B dancer) Timbre M- £50

211 RAY BARRETTO Midnight boogaloo (Superb mid paced piano inst) U.A. (Demo) ,M £20

212 MIGHTY JOE YOUNG Ain't nobody home (Cookin' R'n'B dancer) USA M- £5

213 TRUMAN THOMAS 25 Miles (superb heavy hammond inst version) Veep (Demo) EX £25

214 DOROTHY WILLIAMS Watchdog (Brilliant mod club tune) Volt EX £35

215 JOE HAYWOOD I would if I could (Great R'n'B - rare local label) White cliffs M- £20

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