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the following accounts have been closed

mick cooper - after sending this member a pm asking him if he could change the title of four half empty albums, he deleted all his albums and informed site he will no longer be using this account, it has now been closed

soulgirl - asked that account be closed - it was,

paddy grady - while slagging site and a moderator off in public he claimed he has left soul source, this wasnt true as still had an account and was using it, account has now been closed

stefmaj - asked for a intro 5 times, didnt get one, the account is closed

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Recently had to have words with a couple of members about the way they were using soul source features

Apoligies for length but as over the last few days have read some right crap on this matter elsewhere do feel its time to push out just what occured

One member was using the members photo in a odd way - his last 4 albums were all titled the same "visit www.XXXXXXXX.com if want more" plus each album contained something like just 4 photos

The album titles is to give members a idea of what the album is about, using it to plug websites isn't very user friendly, in fact as they display on the front page its a bit of a liberty take and as sometimes other members see some one doing something like this and so think its ok to do it as well, I felt it needed to be resolved

So sent a pm asking if he could change the titles of his albums

Got a reply back telling me that had solved it, and no longer will be using site

Turns out that he had deleted all his albums,

Seemed a bit over the top reaction to what I consdered a reasonable request, but as was to find out later I shouldn't have been suprised

Days later had a new member posting event posts which had been posted on a forum run by your man above and included "visit xxx for more",

As was now also getting reviews from same site deliberatly posted in the wrong section, felt a word was needed, as was disrupting site

When added to this the gallery spam and the fact this member had still to post an intro after being asked 3 or 4 times, the post was never going to be a friendly one, I posted "getting close to over the top spam and could you tone the number of links down"

Well after posting request, two other members jumped in shouting the odds, my replies got a bit heated but considered the matter closed.

There is normally no problem with members posting links in forum posts, or using site features such as signatures, profiles etc to spread the word

However did think that all members would have the common sense and awareness to understand that over the top repeated links and repeated requests to visit other forums may just be seen as bit out of order on a forum itself

No big thing thought, as said sent a pm and a posted a word to two members with reasonable requests

End of story? was this end, however....

Some sh*t stirrers decided to blow this out of all proportion and use it to generate bad feeling and thus publicity for their own soul forums and websites, last few days have read so called soul fans who in past have used soul source many times to spread word of their events and websites, publically slag and attack the members, moderators and this site.

It be so easy to rip right into this bunch, however going by the way they have tried to keep this going on and on, am still biting my tongue for now

facts what happened are above, make out of them what you will

as far as site is concerned this matter is closed

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