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Halloween All-nighter , Club Solar , Siena , Italy 31st October

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When I was asked by Roccia of The Leaning Tower Soul Club if I would like to go to Italy to play a few tunes at an all - nighter , and partake in good food and fine wine , I had to think hard about it , which I did ..... for two seconds . Italy in October ...... Sorry , Doncaster , I have to go ! .

The all - nighter in question was held at The Club Sonar , situated at Gracciano ( Colle Di Val d'Elsa ) , near Siena , and Organised by The Green Onions SC and The Heart Of Italy Soul Club , whose promotion and handling of the whole event was highly creditable .

The Club Sonar is a great venue for an all - nighter ; and upon entering , reminded me of the style some UK clubs had in the 60s and early 70s - black walls with fluoresant paintings , creative lighting , spartan decor and large dancefloor .

The people attending the all - nighter ( 250 + ) ranged in age from 16 to 40 , ( with the exception of this South Yorkshireman in his late fifties ) , many dressed so stylishly it was criminal .... were there with two things on their minds - to have a good time and dance the night away . This they did , as the dancefloor did not empty from start to finish .

My collegues behind the decks were the Pavarotti of Italian Northern Soul , Roccia , and the irrepressible Meni from Pisa's Leaning Tower Soul Club and the mighty Barbara Grassi from Genova's Black Trefoil Soul Club .

It was a sincere pleasure to DJ alongside of Roccia , Meni and Barbara , as the passion and enthusiasm shown by these people for our music is second to none ; this passion and enthusiasm certainly rubbed off on me during the night , as it made me make sure , that in the spots I did , that I " play a blinder " in order to not let the side down .

The music played during the night lived up to the term " across the board " ; following are just a selection of the sounds played by the four of us :

Jimmy Frasier " Of Hopes And Dreams And Tombstones " ; Montana " I Love Music " ;

Jerry Jackson " It's Rough Out There " ; Silky Hargreaves " Keep Loving Me " ; Johnny Williams " Your Love Controls My Mind " ; Big Daddy Rogers " I'm A Big Man " ; Pic & Bill " Gonna Give It To You " ; Prince Gabe & The Millionaires " Ohio Bound " ; Shane Martin

" I Need You " ; Natural Four " I Thought You Were Mine " ; Baby Washington " Leave Me Alone " ; Raelettes " All I Need Is His Love " ; Jimmie Reed Jr " I Ain't Going Nowhere " ; Tony Troutman " What's The Use " ; Lonette McKee " Do Unto Me " ; Majestics " ( I Love Her So Much ) It Hurts Me " ; James Phelps " I'll Do The Best I Can " ; El Anthony " We've Been In Love Too Long " .

If you happen to be in Italy and are looking to add to the experience , make sure you attend an event staged by The Leaning Tower Soul Club or The Black Trefoil Soul Club . You will not be dissapointed .

Before my visit , I knew the Italian scene was a good one : Wrong - I now know it is a great one . :yes:

Malc Burton

Edited by Malc Burton

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Guest Roccia


that's what I call to sings the praise... :D

If you're spreading the voice in this way, we'll better have a look around for bigger venues...

Thanks a lot mate, u r always welcome over here...


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