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tsu tomatoes

Monumental Soul 25th November - Arthur Fenn

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A reminder for those who are unable to catch Arthur etc at Va Va Vooms NYE bash. He's also guesting at:

Monumental Soul

@ The Britannia

20 Monument Street

London EC3R 8AJ Doors: 8.30pm to 2am The Britannia is by The Monument - just a 30 second stroll down the hill from Monument Tube station (District & Circle Lines, and foot tunnel to Northern & Central Lines), walking distance to Fenchurch Street, Cannon Street, London Bridge (just over the river) and Liverpool Street Rail stations. If you're coming by car, Monument Street is just off King William St/London Bridge and Lower Thames Street. There is plenty of free street parking close to the venue.

**PARKING UPDATE - the road immediately outside the Britannia, around the base of The Monument, has now been made into a pedestrian zone. Access into Monument Street via Lower Thames Street has also been blocked. To access parking in Monument Street you must now enter via Eastcheap then down Pudding Lane or Botolph Lane. See http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&hl=e...010729&om=1. Parking in the area is free on Saturday nights on single yellow lines or in meter bays. Don't park on double yellow lines or red lines or your car might not be there when you go back!**

Tickets are also on sale for the MonuMENTAL New Year's Eve Extravaganza (& Niki's Birthday) swith a host of guest DJs including Gary Dennis, Andy Mann, Mark Houghton & John Pearson. See any of us at the venue on 25th or contact Niki on 07960 953008, Gareth on 01708 724349 or Mole on 07792 400032. Sorry, but we won't be able to reserve tickets without payment. It will be first come first served for this one.

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Dearest groovy MENTAL Soul people, The silly season is about to get underway and this Saturday 25th November it will be just one month to go until Christmas (eeek!). If that thought fills you with dread come down to MonuMENTAL SOUL and remind yourself that life is still good. We have waited a long time for this and finally we get to welcome one of the UK's foremost Modern Soul DJs to the MonuMENTAL wheels of steel. Yes, we are joined at long last by the formidable Mr. Arthur Fenn. Now I hope that Arthur won't need any introduction, but if you haven't yet had the pleasure you REALLY need to get down to MENTAL on Saturday and check him out. We are talking the absolute pinnacle in rare soul and crossover. I make no exaggeration - prepare to have your mind blown!

Don't forget to bring an extra 15 quid with you on Saturday and pick up your ticket for the MonuMENTAL New Year's Eve Party. A full 7 hours of MENTALness with special guests Gary "One More Broken Heart" Dennis, Mark "Dancing On A Daydream" Houghton, Andy "Let Me Back In" Mann and John "I Feel An Urge Coming On" Pearson playing happy jolly party ling-a-longa Modern Soul & Crossover for your festive enjoyment. See any of us at the venue this Saturday or contact Niki on 07960 953008, Gareth on 01708 724349 or Mole on 07792 400032. Cheques can made payable to N. Golding and posted to 8 Agnes Street, London E14 7DG. Remember - the bar prices will be staying the same for New Year's Eve! Hooray!!

For New Year's Eve and for this coming Saturday all other details are the same. As always your resident MENTAL DJs are Gareth "Girth Devon" Donovan, Mole and me, Niki Golding. We will be spinning a selection of funky floor-fillers, modern soul anthems, lesser known 60s & 70s, ultra rare crossover and a mattering of new SOUL releases.... something for EVERYONE! The very best in QUALITY SOUL old and new. A night of great soul music and great company at a great venue, with a wooden floor made for dancing and our legendary pub priced beer and draught bitter.

Lastly, please pop by our new website www.monumentalsoul.co.uk. It is all coming together now. There are a few full pages up and running and more is being added on a daily basis. This is our labour of love, so please come by and register on our Forum and drop us a line.

See you on Saturday!

Niki, Girth & Mole


Monumental Soul

@ The Britannia

20 Monument Street

London EC3R 8AJ

Doors: 8.30pm to 2am

Tax: seven quid

MonuMENTAL Dates for 2007:

December 31st 2006 - the MonuMENTAL New Year's Eve do. Ticket £15 in advance only.

February 24th 2007 - MonuMENTAL 3rd Anniversary

March 31st 2007

May 26th 2007

Jun 30th 2007

August 25th 2007

September 29th 2007

October 27th 2007

November 24th 2007

December 31st 2007


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Hi Niki posts like that you can always add into the news artical sections too

heres a link


just select event news and it will show up on the front page news/articals section allways worthwhile when you've got bit of news like you've posted above, or give one of us a shout we can do it for ya! :D

Cheers for the heads up Baz :lol: very much appreciated.

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I'm looking forward to this MonuMental even more than usual. Arthur is one of my favourite DJs, plus he's a very nice chap, even more important. I hope Maria is with him, good friend too.

I normally see Arthur DJ at Northern nights, only time I've seen him do a Modern set was at Cleethorpes back in June. So it will be interesting to hear his set, hope he plays the Saints' I'll Let You Slide, great imo.

As the odd bit of Northern is played at MonuMental, hope he can include Feminine Ingenuity or My Life, you never know your luck, but obviously he will know what is required for MonuMental.

Anyway whatever his set, I am sure it will be a good night for everyone.

Roll on Saturday night!!!!

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Latest travel info for those travelling by car to MENTAL tomorrow (will they ever stop doing roadworks in Monument Street? It's only 300 yards long...)


EC3R Monument Street (City, South East) Works

On Monument Street between Lower Thames Street/A3211 and A3

Closure of Monument Street 24 hours a day to facilitate the creation of a raised pedestrian area. Diversions for eastbound traffic via London Bridge, Southwark Street to Southwark Bridge or Tower Bridge. Diversions for eastbound traffic via Lower Thames Street, Minories, Mansell Street, Aldgate, Fenchurch Street and Gracechurch Street.

19:57 - Monument Street is closed at the junction with King William Street.

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you should be in for a treat tonight...... :lol:

We were!

I know people are always saying this kind of thing & I know I'm biased, 'cos I love Monumental, but-

what a brilliant night!

I just wish I had gotten there a bit earlier, but timekeeping's never been my forte.

(Anyone like to suggest what exactly my forte is? :P )

Congratulations all :lol:

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What a splendid night at MonuMental!!!

I drove up from north London, not a bad drive, and parked easily. I'd been looking forward all week to Saturday night and some soul music, so walked to the Britannia full of anticipation, glad to say I wasn't disappointed.

I arrived just before 9pm, a few in already, obviously Arthur Fenn being the guest is a big draw in London. It got pretty full.

Mole was playing when I arrived, and soon got me on the dance floor for Marvin's Come Get To This, a record I love as much as when I got it on the Let's Get It On LP, all those years ago. He also played Marvin's I Want You, a remix, MonuMental is the only place I hear this one, probably my number 2 soul record of all time.

Niki took over and played another good set, including Ruby Andrews' Got A Bone To Pick With You and JP Robinson's Our Day Is Here.

While Mole was on, Arthur arrived with Maria, Audra Thomson, and Ady and Leona, their first visit to MonuMental, they seemed to enjoy it, they commented on the pleasant atmosphere there. Also a nice surprise to see Nige and Carmen.

Then it was time for Arthur to take over the decks. The moment we had been waiting for, with due respect to the other DJs. And he didn't let the crowd down, a superb set that kept the dance floor busy throughout his set. I admit that I didn't know the majority of tracks played, but would certainly like them in my collection. Ones that I knew include the Saints' I'll Let You Slide, my request to him, one of my favourites at the moment; Seville's Show Me The Way; Bobby Reed's The Time Is Right For Love; Hamilton Movement's She's Gone; Bobby Rich's There's A Girl For Me Somewhere; and Ruby's Feminine Ingenuity. My mates know that is one of my top Northern tracks, but didn't want to make another request, seemed a bit cheeky, so I got Dave Swift to do it for me, when it came on just had to get out there, fabulous record imo.

Arthur finished his set at about 1am with Can't Get Over These Memories by John & The Wierdest, and then Gareth took over, he'd had an engagement elsewhere earlier on in the evening.

The last hour flew by, I remember Kellee Patterson's Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby, but as I write this my memory has deserted me, as it usually does the day after a soul do.

2am came around and it was time to say au revoir to my friends.

I can honestly say I had a great time, superb music and my friends there, what more could anyone ask for? All the DJs did an excellent job, thank you.

Sorry this goes on a bit, but wanted to do it while my memory, such as it is, was fresh.

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Girf - do you have any details of guests for 2007 yet...a few of us from st Neots will eventually end up at Monumental one day

We will be sorting guests (for all next year) very soon....hopefully all confirmed by the NYE event......

Would be fab to see ya there.....

Chars Girth

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Geoff - thank you once again! You have not only become one of our most regular MENTAL Soul persons, but also one of the most enthusiastic. Not bad for a Northern Soul boy eh? :D:unsure: Seriously, the reviews are fabulous. That's another million we owe ya!

I have made a concerted effort to get the remainder of www.monumentalsoul.co.uk up and running. I hope you can all find something there of interest.

Hi Marion, it will be great to see the St Neots crew at MENTAL?

What guest DJs would everyone like to see/hear? Who would entice you along?

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I have never been into buying records, i have always preferred to go out and be educated on the dance floor. I'll listen to anybody ~ there is nothing better to be in a room where the DJ is thoroughly enjoying themselves, being adventurous and not playing safe. A choon will always blow people away no matter who is playing it! :thumbsup:

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It looks like we missed out on a monumental Monumental!

How annoying that we were too late to get there.....it's a long story that nobody would be remotely interested in! :thumbsup:

Roll on the next one! :thumbsup:

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It looks like we missed out on a monumental Monumental!

How annoying that we were too late to get there.....it's a long story that nobody would be remotely interested in! :wicked:

Roll on the next one! :shades:

why, what happened? :yes:

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