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* Soulfusion Returns ! Saturday 18th November

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Saturday 18th November

Dowty Sports & Social Club


Northern Room

Mark Bicknell

Neil Self


Steve Ray

Modern Room

Ady Pountain

Steve Lloyd

Kev Healy

Connoisseurs lounge

Brian Goucher

Mike Ashley

Rob Hurcombe

Mike Shawe

Kev Baynham (Bobby Womack set)

3 fantastic rooms of Soul music including a newly appointed Connoisseurs lounge

plus a superb line up of DJ's...

All this for only a fiver :D !!!

This is a cracking Soul night and is highly recommended... :D

If you have yet to attend you are really missing something very special...

We would very much welcome your company...

For full details/directions etc. check the website...or email me...

See you on the dancefloor... :D


Dowty Sports & Social Club

Down Hatherley Lane

Down Hatherley



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Soulfusion website:


Mike Shawe


Mobile 07789744062

Previous Soulfusion Conoisseurs room playlist

Saturday 19th August

Kev Baynham 8.30-9 p.m. (plus Goodnight Songs)

Ebonys Youre the reason why (LP)

O.V. Wright Thats the way I feel about cha (LP)

Larry Saunders Three strikes on me (LP)

Maurice Long One stands here (LP)

Sam Dees Pure love (LP)

Ebo Id rather be by myself (12)

Ray Charles Now that weve found each other (7)

Tommy Tate I cant do enough for you baby (LP)

? ?

David Porter I cant see you when I want (7)

John Farrell 9-10 p.m.

Sharon Ridley Stay awhile with me (7)

Johnnie Taylor Youre the best in the World (7)

Charles Hodges Loving you is beautiful (7)

Emotions Flowers (12)

Younghearts Ive got love for my baby (7)

Diane Cunningham Certain kind of lover (7)

J Blackfoot I dont remember loving you (7)

Paulette Parker Should I let him go

Harold Melvin & Bluenotes This time will be different

Art Wilson I know that we can make it (7)

Lee Williams & Cymbals Its everything about you I love (7)

Richard Caiton I see love girl in your eyes (7)

John Edwards Messing up a good thing (LP)

L.R. Superstars I just cant say it (12)

F.O.B. (feat Tanita Gaines) Forgetting aint easy (CD)

Sharon Ridley Where did you learn to make love (7)

Jimmy Hughes My loving time (7)

Marcelle Strong Mumble in my ear (7)

Mike Shawe 10-11 p.m.

Al Johnson Ive got my second wind (LP)

Marvin Gaye Soon Ill be leaving you again (LP)

Marvin Gaye Where are we going (LP)

Esther Phillips Native New Yorker (LP)

Maxine Weldon I want Sunday back again

Loleatta Holloway I cant help myself (LP)

Al Hudson & Soul Partners Im about loving you (7)

Universal Love Its you girl (7)

Dee Dee Sharp Touch my life (LP)

Flowers For real (7)

J.R. Bailey Love, love, love (LP)

George Benson My womans good to me

Love Thats the way it is

The Newday Wait a minute (7)

Choice Four If I dont love you (LP)

Persuaders Its love (LP)

Bobby McClure You bring out the love in me (7)

Pete Thorpe 11-12 p.m

Arthur Adams Cant wait to see you (7)

Sarah Vaughan I need you (more than ever) (7)

Syl Johnson Main squeeze (7)

Ella Woods I need your love (7)

Flowers We could make it happen (7)

Contributors of Soul You cant help but fall in love (7)

Sylvia Smith Shape your arms like a cradle (LP)

Curt Darin Two on a cloud (7)

Maze Somebody elses arms (LP)

Sunshine Going home to an empty house (7)

Arthur Alexander I need you baby (7)

Otis Clay You hurt me for the last time (7)

Smoke City Dreams (LP)

Black Nasty I have no choice (LP)

US (feat Funkadelic) I miss my baby (7)

Freddie Hughes I just found out (7)

Tommy Hunt Ill make you happy (7)

Bessie Banks Go now (7)

Mike Ashley 12-1 a.m.

Dramatics And I panicked (7")

Lonnie Satin Somebody help me (7")

Dennis Edwards (You're my) Aphrodisiac (7")

Na Allen I was telling her about you (7")

Lenny Williams Trust me (LP)

Julius Thomas I gotta change my ways (7")

Oscar Perry I was right (7")

Floaters (feat Suga) Back home (LP)

Jackie Montre-el What do you want from my life (7")

One Way My lady (LP)

Angelo Bond A man can't serve two masters (LP)

Futures Breaking up (7")

Ollie Nightingale I don't know why (7")

Inner Space Make it hard on him (7")

Remy Shand Rock Steady (CD)

Valencia Robinson Black Sol Sista (CD)

Bobo Mr Soul She's my woman (7")

Autumn It's not very hard (7")

Lenny Welch I thank you love (7")

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