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Fred Benson

A few wants.....Capitals, Volumes, Dynells, Fury's etc

CAPITALS                      OH WHAT YOU DOING TO ME        OMEN 5


JIMMY McFARLAND       LONELY LOVER                              RPR  108   SORTED THANKS

DYNELLS                        CALL ON ME                                    ATCO

FURY’S                           JUST A LITTLE MIXED UP              KEYMAN 104  SORTED THANKS

BABY EARL                     BACK SLOP                                    SPQR  3317

TONI AND THE SHOWMEN    TRY MY LOVE                          TEN STAR 103

CLASSICS                       ONE DANCE                                    YAN-G 4664

CONSTELLATIONS         I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU          GEMINI STAR 30 008  sorted now thanks

LEO PRICE                      HEY NOW BABY                             UP  -  DOWN  712   sorted now thanks

SHORTY BILLUPS          BLACK CATS                                   BLAST BL 220   sorted now thanks

JIMMY JONES                39 21 40 SHAPE                              STATESIDE SS 2041  SORTED THANKS

WALLY COCO                 MESSAGE TO SOCIETY                   FLO

BUDDY LAMP                  SAVE YOUR LOVE                          WHEELSVILLE

ANTHONY & DELSONICS     EVERYTIME                               EMERGE                                                                      


Sensible price paid, please PM with price and condition. Thanks





Edited by Fred Benson

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Hope you are well

May be able to help you with a Jimmy Mcfarland..issue copy and a Furys.

Let me know if you still need them.



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