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biggest collection in the world

3 hours ago, geeselad said:

Sorry if posted before, thought this might be of light relief, what with Jims passing and all

Looks like the bloke is about to relieve himself on his collection... Not sure if walking over boxes of records is advisable but mega-rich people generally do what they want. Doubt there are many good Northern records in the stack and would not fancy digging through them even if the chance was there. A warehouse in Tampa had stock boxed like this about 10 years ago - there was next to nothing there worth having, just common pop records. Not sure why anyone would want to commit all songs to a digital library - job best left to Apple or Spotify... 

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Thanks for the link...interesting read

"In the same stack was another single — “Heartache Souvenirs"/"Chicken Shack,” by William Powell — that has fetched as much as $5,000 on eBay. Nearby sat a Cuban album by Ivette Hernandez, a pianist who left Cuba after Fidel Castro took power"

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If there's a bill Powell in there who knows how many future treasures there could be? , what was parsay could       be hip one day.   tomorrow's music  from the yesteryear's  🎶🎶🎶😉

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