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Volume 2-Lowrides,Flipsides,Smoochers,Low-Down Hoochie Coochers


The second volume of the "Lowrides,Flipsides,Smoochers and Low-Down Hoochie Coochers" Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure!

Click Here To Listen!

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fantastic     ten stars :thumbup:

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Wow...must be good!

I will post the track listing later.

Thanks for listening.


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1.       Charmels-As long as I’ve got you

2.       Realistics-Baby baby please

3.       Attractions-New girl in the neighbourhood

4.       Archie Bell-Just a little closer

5.       Calvin and Catamounts-I know my baby cares for me

6.       Belita Woods-That’s when I’ll stop loving you

7.       Peggy Gaines-Just to satisfy my baby

8.       Aretha Franklin-Don’t let me lose this dream

9.       Sonny Turner-Now that you’re gone

10.   Renaldo Domino-Not too cool to cry

11.   Al Christian-I’m a lonely man

12.   Eldrige Holmes-Worried over you

13.   Gloria Lynne-Kicking life like an old tin can

14.   Art-Forms LTD-I’m a bad man

15.   Johnny Truitt-I’m through with you

16.   Kenny Shepard-What difference does it make

17.   Maxine Weldon-I want Sunday back again

18.   Moments-So this is our goodbye

19.   Rollers-Knocking at the wrong door

20.   Rudy Ludaway-What’s wrong baby

21.   Steve Davis-Laugh a little cry a lot

22.   Steve Mancha-Still in my heart

23.   Will Hatcher-You haven’t seen nothing yet

24.   Jimmy Okera Hightower-I can’t have you

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  1. Rare Pleasure - Let me Down Easy
    Record Wants by Jimmy Disco D on Mon 17 Feb 2020
    • 1 / 100
    • Jimmy Disco D on 17 Feb 2020
  2. Fred Hughes Don’t let me down Vee Jay
    Record Wants by Paul Byford 1 on Tue 11 Feb 2020
    • 1 / 138
    • Paul Byford 1 on 11 Feb 2020
  3. Come Down Baby - Alston Demo
    Record Sales by Soulfly on Fri 07 Feb 2020
    • 1 / 149
    • Soulfly on 07 Feb 2020
  4. COME DOWN BABY - Alston promo
    Record Sales by Soulfly on Wed 15 Jan 2020
    • 1 / 165
    • Soulfly on 15 Jan 2020
  5. Come Down Baby - Alston promo
    Record Sales by Soulfly on Wed 01 Jan 2020
    • 1 / 233
    • Soulfly on 01 Jan 2020

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