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check these nasty buggers out!!!

the rays-love another girl-amy-m- £400

abstract reality-love burns like a fire inside-sport-ex £300

johnny newbag-sweet thing/little samson-port-mint £100 hear both sides

sunliners-all alone-golden world-m- £250

harold burrage-fifty fifty/baby im alright-mpac m- £150 hear both sides

bobby hebb-you want to change me-philips u.k-m- £80

rosey jones&superiors-half a chance-wickett-ex £300

debbie dean-stay my love/why am i lovin you-vip-mint £250 hear both sides

symphonics-no more-brunswick-m- £70

kell osbourne-small things-new bag-mint £600

betty turner-winds kept laughing-crescant-m- £600

if intrested in me offline...

all include p&p unless you require s/delivery...thanks for looking!!!!

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