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J Manship Auction Results 26/07/2017

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John Manship Records

Unrivalled access to distinctive vinyl


Had trouble copying from the website, so sorry for the delay and poss missing items. Also, no pic's appeared for some reason:huh:

Barbara Jean & The Lyrics

Any Two Can Play / Why Weren't You There

A DJ’s dream 45, no matter which side you play on this Detroit delicacy the result is exactly the same..

The writing partnership of Jake Hammond & Johnny Mae Matthews yet again craft a Northern Soul dancer of the highest quality. “Any Two Can Play” which I heard at Newark’s “Feed Your Soul” Sunday chill, resident DJand Detroit aficionado Richard Johnstone play recently, to an appreciative crowded dancefloor.

A with the lilting guitar intro, is caught by vocal harmony from the Lyrics. The perfect opening before, a shrill Soul Sister vocal takes to the air. Throughout the tune The Lyrics endow the recording with rich harmonies.. this is top-drawer Northern Soul rarity to drop..but wait!

Ernest Burt’s creation whichThelma Lindsey’s recorded for his Magic City outlet, is sitting on the flipside… with the Lyrics once again opening the way for a Soul temptress to follow with a beseeching vocal asking “Why Weren’t You There”

Two great sides immense sides back to back…

This 45 is totally flawless in every way..

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 508.00


Willie Tee

First Taste Of Hurt / Funky Funky Twist

A flawless copy, not a hard these days to acquire top-notch Northern Soul in “as good as it gets” condition.

Willie Turbinton’s legacy to Northern Soul is a rich vein of pure quality, regularly inflicting frustration, as some of his 45’s are painfully rare! A man ever since his first 45 release in 1962, had a instinctive feel for a fluid Soul flow within his own creations..

Hitting the big time in 1966 with the timeless “Walkin’ Up A One Way Street”, that success was sadly never eclipsed. But boy did he work hard to follow up that whiff of success with a string of Soul pearls to consider..

This is one of those highly coveted Gatur 45s and would be one of the easiest acquisitions from the Gatur catalog; expect rarity is stretched out, with all collectors unwilling to sell such an exquisite tune, that always inflames the dancefloor.

Only Allen Toussaint & Wardell Quezergue bettered Willie Tee’s Northern Soul output. Which he thankfully displayed, when he graced the stage at legendary Cleethorpes weekender all those years ago.

Much loved, greatly admire, sadly missed, a true standout Soul-man who lives on in the heart’s of all Rare-Soul collectors…

Click the soundfle and relive this guy’s wealth of wisdom, passion and poetry…

Avoid your “Taste Of Hurt”by not missing this near perfect copy… of brillance

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 351.00


Tommy Youngblood

Evil Eve

The Los Angeles ruler of R&B kicks ass yet again.. on this near impossible to find YELLOW VINYL neighborhood release.

We have only ever seen this rarity for sale ONCE, and this is the first time we have ever had a copy. Even with my deteriorating memory, this startling disc would be unforgettable..with it’s brilliant yellow vinyl and Gold label it’s a real eye-catcher.

But this 45 is so much more than just a “Pretty Face” it’s an enraged snarling slab of R&B!! A potential floor-destroyer in the correct hands, with the power to turn a Soul night completely on it’s head..

So unleash the wicked Mr. Youngblood and hear why that Eve… is so evil !

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 245.00


Celest Hardie

You're Gone

This 45 needs no words from me to elevate it’s reputation, beyond it’s already high-regard it has enjoyed for the last 4 decades..a record with depth of quality, that prevents you ever growing tired of hearing it.

In short …The Greatest female Northern Soul offering to ever emerge from the Bay Area.

But if you want to fully appreciate the vocal prowess of Miss Celeste Hardie make sure when the postie knocks on your door, you play the tortured Deep Soul flipside straight after you’ve dance around your kitchen. Soulful dance just don’t come much better than this, the tortured despair on the flip will bring you down to earth.

This copy has a couple of wispy surface blemishes, you have to search for on the vinyl… as clean as it gets, and that goes for the labels too. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 1,162.00


James Lately

Love Friends And Money / Tears Running And Falling From My Eyes

Chasing Northern Soul Holy-Grails is toughest test of endurance any seroius record collector could ever encounter..

Some are so seldom seem you have to apprehend the Rarest Of The Rare when the opportunity comes along, no matter what price and no matter what condition. In fact condition can in most cases be something to make you wince… but the overriding desire is the ownership..

So what happens when a copy of any Holy-Grail surfaces in near HOLYCONDITION? Not virginal or untouched,or squeaky clean, but a much better example of a record we’ve only encountered before in vg or less?

Well before you today is the finest example of this monumental slab of Detroit Northern Soul I’ve seen in memory. Some mild surface blemishes but no scratches or marks that transfer to the stylus, nothing to destroy the sound of this piece of neighborhood magic!

Those sprightly strings zip with distilled clarity, the harmony boys in the background purr with silky purity and James Lately’s voice rises and falls with such lucidity, as he states his quest “looking for a woman” to complete his life..

The standout flipside is even cleaner…

AT LAST a copy of a NS masterpiece x 2nin cherished condition, allowing you to hear truly sumptuous 60’s Rare Soul from the streets exactly how it was recorded..

A rare chance to own a “Grail” in a condition to admire…compared to the few others I’ve seen.

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 1,414.00


Bobby Bland

Bobby Bland Sings

Everybody’s favourite R&B artist who’s purring gnarled vocal carried a Soulful elegance drenched in uniqueness. His portrayal of lyrics painted a picture in your head, of his pain, his joy, his defiance, his anger.. the full gamut of emotions he was consummately skilled in transferring to you..

A man at the top of his game, for literally 60 years, after learning trade in Memphis blues areas, well before I was born. Today he is rightly considered a demigod by both Blues & Soul fans alike..

Nobody did it quite like Bobby Blue, as this very elusive 1964 British EPdisplays.. 4 of his best Texas recordings for the year on one disc protected by a unique fully laminated flipback “art” cover.

  1. Ain’t Doing To Bad - part 1

  2. Ain’t Doing To Bad - part 2

  3. Black Night

  4. Blind Man

    A real collectors piece from a man who resides deep in our very being.. and always will do.

Flawless Labels, perfect cover, vinyl is a whisker off Mint - a couple of wispy hairlines, plays flawless.

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 133.00


Sweet Three

That's The Way It Is / Big Lovers Come In Small Packages

A double slab of girl-group Northern Soul born from that Philly team of John Madara, David White, Leon Huff, Len Barry & Jimmy “The Wiz” Wisner. Boy these guys in the mid-60’s could do no wrong, already enjoying unprecedented chart success with Len Barry’s string of hits..before he switched camp to RCA.

..whilst also missing chart entries, but creating future Northern Soul timeless classics with the likes of Johnny Caswell, Joey Heatherton, The Formations etc.

So enter The Swans who had been building a strong reputation within Philly having already worked with Joe Renzetti & Kenny Gamble. The team decided on a more up to date name christening them the Sweet Three. Their first record was a twee girly flop. This their 2nd. Decca release was a totally different animal. Both sides serving up Philly girl-group Northern Soul in the strongest possible terms.

We lead with the Big City Sound “That’s The Way It Is (A Girl’s In Love)” a beautiful sound with essences of the “Barry” sound. Leon Huff on piano, Bobby Gregg on drums, Joe Mack on Bass, Panama Francis banging out the rhythmic percussion at Bell Sound studios New York.

What a gathering of talent with Leon Huff taking total charge of the flipside, with the lyrics aimed directly at himself and his diminutive stature. Imagine him standing at the piano banging out the arrangement looking over his should at the Femme-trio with his girls testifying “Big Lovers Often Come In Small Packages” a statement some years later “Prince” validated.

Two great sides crafted by a dream-team that would by the end of the decade split to follow solo paths..

This attractive Pink PROMO is utterly flawless!

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 183.00



You Really Got A Hold On Me / Happy Landing

A beyond rare 1962 UK Demo copy.

Fabulous clean vinyls, label adorned with that highly coveted silver “A” all housed in the birth sleeve. What a fabulously beautiful thing, which for the UK Tamla Motown disciple this spectacular format is a “Grail” that seldom surfaces.

Glistening with 60’s sleeve and label art “Oriole” epitomizes the era, as being the vehicle for Motown’s USA product from 1962 to 1963, with EMItaking up the baton for Motown UK outlet to move to Stateside by 1965 EMIrewarded Motown’s unprecedented chart success with a label of their own.. the rest is history..

Out of all the UK labels Motown enlisted, surely Oriole completely catches the period with exquisite art.

The DEMO’s on any of the titles are excruciatingly frustrating to find. Rare in the extreme - act accordingly.

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 143.00



What More Can I Say / Leading Lady

As “Low-Rider” sweet Soul fever spreads across Europe and beyond, I’m concerned all these rare independent harmony 45s, may dry up under the demand.

Lately the raft of collectors seeking these rarities to play, hear & own this genre has witnessed unprecedented demand outside the USA. Here’s a Chicago sweetener to quench your thirst with.

Clifford Curry influenced Soulful stroller benefiting from a mellow lead voice, cradle by seamless vocal-group replies. Giving up a rare level of quality, as all the vocal & the string distill into a whirlpool of Soulful clarity.

Flip it over and there’s no escaping the piercing Sweet Soul sound as Te Notation stay in the groove as another “Stepper” hits the air… leaving me unable to chose which side is the best..

A two for the price of one 45, offering exactly harmonies, cradle by strong backing arrangement using real instruments, real emotion to deliver their messages of love..

Validated RARE Sweet Soul at it’s finest

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 139.00


Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

I Care About Detroit / Blank

The really rare Motown 45s are a constant concern to the Hitsville devotee trying to complete the near impossible full run of Motown vinyl. Not matter how difficult it is, this has not deterred 1000’s from trying.

But even why the task nears a possible full set (dream on) there are those horrid condition rarities that need upgrading, the rarities that just never surface in anything better than vg - / writing on label or that dismissive line “warp does not affect play)

Here is an astonishing copy of just one such rarity… A 1968 especially commissioned recording words by Jimmy Clark & Jack Combs , sung by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, produced by Al Cleveland & Smokey himself… It’s aim was to put pride back in the City after the devastating spring 1968 riots. This was intended for Radio play, not for commercial sales.

This copy I don’t believe had been played until we lifted the beautiful harmonious social statement for you to hear. Whilst your waiting for an Andantes, Nick & The Jaguars or a “Money” 78rpm to surface in your dreams. Capuring pure condition rarities is essential in your collection.

Check out the “as new” labels and be assured the vinyl matches that startling label completely.

You will not locate a finer copy.. 

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 53.00


Elmore James

It Hurts Me Too / Bleeding Heart

To keep our regular UK SUE collectors happy, here is one of the elusive numbers in stunning condition. Very close to a Mint minus, a couple of feeble sleeve contact hairlines just taking i off that tip-top grade. Both labels a super-clean with no evidence of center-hole spindle intrusions.

Besides it’s standout purity the 45 a mood-changing slab of the Blues from one of it’s greatest exponents. Elmore’s trademark groaning vocal decorates this slow-drag of despair. Complimentary piano, exuberant Elmore guitar fusing all three elements into a whirlpool of The Blues!

Flip it over and “Bleeding Heart” is every note as good.. Sue 383 from 1965 is one mighty testament to this Hall Of Famer’s work.

In the kind of condition that doesn’t present itself very often..

The Sue sleeve is only a replica by the way…

Sorry, this item has already been won!The winning bid was £ 35.00







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Notations jeez £40 tops

  • Up vote 1

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Celeste Hardie - at least double what is normally goes for, if not treble - jeez!

  • Up vote 2

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15 hours ago, NCFC said:

Notations jeez £40 tops

Not the way sweets stuffs getting hoovered up

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Thought Willie Tee would have gone for more than that - great record!

£1,162 :ohmy: for Celeste Hardie is ridiculous - again, a great record but seem to recall 4-5 years ago going rate was £300 - £350?

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James Lately less than 2K. And Celeste Hardie only a few hundred less than James Lately. Speechless.

  • Up vote 3

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10 hours ago, Flanny said:

Not the way sweets stuffs getting hoovered up

Think it getting hoovered up by people jumping on the Sweet soul bandwagon with no real interest. People who have collected this stuff a long while will say the same £40 tops. 

Think I sold you a copy for £30 a few years ago. 

Not the Notations best effort either Imo.

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Guest Spain pete profile photo

It's gone !   Thank god 😿🎶🎶🎶

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Anyone know how much Marvin Gaye "Love Starved Heart" went for ??

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8 minutes ago, linda4me said:

Anyone know how much Marvin Gaye "Love Starved Heart" went for ??

Hi, it finishes on 9th August 2017. Currently £344 :thumbsup:

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27 minutes ago, bo diddley said:

Hi, it finishes on 9th August 2017. Currently £344 :thumbsup:

Thanks,did look but couldn't find it

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Over a Grand for Celest :g: and it's not even a Flawless copy, I bloody give up.... :(  

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Really is odd what's going with records. Why Celeste suddenly? And what will be next?! Wish i'd had a go at James Lately - assumed it would go for something in the region of 2.5!

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On 26/07/2017 at 20:30, NCFC said:

Notations jeez £40 tops

Notations regularly sells for £100+ nowadays.

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