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bo diddley

J Manship Auction Results 06/09/2017

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Sunday - Where Did He Come From / Ain't Got No Problems - Alteen


Where Did He Come From / Ain't Got No Problems

Alteen: Al 9631 (45s)

We're not just listing this disc on these pages because it's on the first Chicago label, before Chess 2074 . We are also not listing this double-hitter because it is very challenging to acquire a flawless copy (this one is a super-clean Mint minus). We have listed this 45, because the shifting-sands of the Rare Soul scene has elevated the beautiful flipside to the play-side of choice for the DJ to spin. Rather like The Webs on Popside 4595 becoming Carib/Island/Low Rider preference, interest has rocketed in this sensual Sister stroller too..

"Ain't Got No Problems" has of course been a well respected Northern Soul tune for decades, without anyone really taking much notice of the flip... but as the Rare Soul scene spreads it's wings worldwide and different styles from dedicated DJ start to enjoy cult-followings at ground breaking clubs like Carib Soul, Diggin Deeper, Tuff Love etc.

This style of Soul is starting to blossom in the Sunday chill events.. but if the crowd start to feel a little sleepy, just drop on the other side.. electric Northern Soul dancer from the delicous voice of Sonday Williams.

Condition Report

Sublime unblemished vinyl - a record notorious for being vg or less. So important whilst playing the Soul slowies that the sound is free of snap, crackle and pop.. Labels has minor rub (see scans) and notice they are fee of any other flzaws. An array of bright "pinks" will be beaming back at you as you opening your parcel..

  •  £150.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  06/09/2017 18:02
Shout Soul Magazine

Shout Magazines

4 x Shout Magazine 1969 / 70

Shout: 259741 (Magazine)

Clive Richardson's well received Fanzine dedicated to informing the British Soul fan on what was going on that month.

Before you today is 4 x Shout magazine bundle to be auctioned as one item.

no. 44 June 14th. 1969:
Front cover is Watts 103rd. Street Rhythm Band. Classified ads inc: Soul Moibile Disco called SUE-per SOL-ful. I wonder where his collection end up at? R&B 45s reviews, Soul LP reviews,
no. 53 March 1970:
has a stunning front pose from the gorgeous Tammi Terrell, who had recently sadly passed away;Clive Richardson & Brian Hopkins write an extremely interesting obituary. 
Inside has a discography of New York's Old Town label. Plus a Van Dykes discography. Mail order sales auction, record reviews and a Palos discography compiled by the legendary Ray Topping and more
no. 57 July 1970:
Front page is the Johnny Moore & The Three Blazers. Back page is a "Shout" 45's sales listing. A Jerry Butler interview. Jive Five discography. The Dig label discography. Vontastics Discography. Record reviews etc etc.
no # no date: 
carries a Patti Austin discography. A 3 page article entitled "A Little Bit Of Something" that would rival Dave Godin's work. Record reviews. Billboard charts and much more

Utterly beautiful in their primitiveness, an essential look at Britain's Soul development which is underlined by the dedication that these guys had, producing these "bedroom" prints on regular basis.

nearly 50 year later, most all have been lost in that "black hole" of Mother's tidying up their departed son's bedroom... "Oh sorry Son.. did yo want to keep them?" "Silly Me" 
All my Blues & Soul Magazines met Melton Mowbray's rubbish tip with Mum cleaning up... 

SHOUT magazine is much, much rarer than any Blues And Soul mag.. reading then will catapult you back to the wondrous time as a teenager collecting the music you loved..

Essential, if you enjoy delving in the history of Soul collecting in Britain


Condition Report

These 4 mags are not glossy professional standard but enthusiastic fanzines from some highly regarded contributors of the time. Light age foxing but no writing, tears or missing pages. One back cover on has come lose..

  •  £28.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  06/09/2017 18:02
Stewart Ames - Angelina, Oh Angelina / KIng For a Day - J & W PROMO

Stewart Ames

Angelina, Oh Angelina / King For A Day

J & W: DJJW 1000 (45s)

A Detroit double-hitter with as huge reputation, as both sides serve up a quality Northern Soul dancefloor banquet. So fine it always a quandary of which side to lead with, as both are equally compelling in their originality.

The genius of Richard Popcorn Wylie gathers up a crammed room of squeals, chants, shouts, then peppers it with with a lead vocal that sweeps away all that studio excitement, to dominate the recording with a piecing voice, elevating the session with it's presence into a stimulating dance experience.

Flip it over to a sulking Northern Soul /Popcorn masterpiece that never fails to halt my tying for a uninterrupted listen. I adore the dark moodiness with it "far east" seasoning. Even for the immortal Mr. Wylie the arrangement and direction of what seems to be a full orchestra is quite magnificent. Haunting horns, a grumbling bassoon, shrill girls choruses paint a picture of Arabian nights as Stewart Ames's vocal again royal in it's delivery.. 

OK, I think I do prefer "King For A King" for it's classy ingenuity, but I'm quite sure it I flip it over, I'll change my mind and go for "Angelina, Oh Angelina" for it's riotous energy..

Top drawer Northerner Soul BOTH sides!

Condition Report

Two flawless PROMO labels, not a blemish. Vinyl seem hardly used, but on the a-side there is a fingernail-turntable-retrieve brush, blemishing it's otherwise Mint status. Flip side vinyl has a couple of mild surface stroke. NONE of these cosmetic vinyl-freckles affect play in any way what so ever. Plays perfectly on both sides, which are a glorious strong Ex + (listen to the squeaky clean soundfile)

  •  £686.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  06/09/2017 18:02
Carl Spencer - Cover Girl - Rust Promo

Carl Spencer

Cover Girl / Progress

Rust : R 51204 (45s)

Carl Spencer, an established as a New York author of the Big City Sound, collaborates with two other New York greats Bob Halley and Al Cleveland. Together the trio craft Carl's most popular Northern Soul 45 that's now considered a classic after it's first stumbling beginnings at Cleethorpes Pier, after Bay Area vinyl-hounds Rip Lay & Bob Catteneo discovered a copy on a mid-70s during a buying trip in Kansas City.

The story goes they were checking out the then legendary "Davison's" warehouse for rare 45's, they were thoroughly disappointed, as the record-locusts from all over the USA had already stripped it the building's bowels of worthwhile discs. Undeterred Bob & Rip kept digging, playing every 45 they didn't know, hoping for some gems of Doo-Wop, Soul, Garage etc. Rip was playing, Bob was digging when Rust 5104 blasted out just a few seconds to be instantly rejected by Rip. 

"What Was That?" Bob called.. "Let It Play Through" after 2.28 mins Bob told Rip he thought those Brits would like that... "It's A Stomper" . The pair of them loved that word "Stomper" - "Found Any Stompers?" became an amusing catchphrase for Rip Lay for many years, as British collectors ploughed through his 4 million 45's warehouse in Concord California during the 70's and 80's. 

Carl Spencer wasn't exactly and instant hit at Cleethorpes, just like "Arin Demain" it took time to capture the dancers imagination. But when it did, it was a hugely effective tune, it wasn't long before the Wigan Casino had themselves a copy and the rest is history. 

I admire all Carl Spencer's work within the East Coast music scene, Bob Halley is an unsung NS Hero who was involved with a plethora of standout productions; Al Cleveland of course went forward to be a "wheel" at Motown.. but most of all I adore the stories of the vinyl-hounds of old and their undocumented contribution to the building of the Northern Soul scene.

This NS classic was just one of many tunes Daly City Bob and the effervescent Rip Lay unearthed for the Brits who just loved their "Stompers"...

Condition Report

Vinyl is close to a Manship Mint, in fact I'm unable to find even the mildest feeble surface blemish, the labels are free of sticker, writing, tear or stains. But there is some very light age spotting to the glossy white fginish. Which disqualified it from our annual "Manship Mint" Christmas bonanza. But you nor I, will possibly never encounter a finer copy. Mint - Mint minus. is what we've graded this previously unplayed disc at.

  •  £486.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  06/09/2017 18:00
Betty Lloyd - I'm Catching On / You Say Things You Don't Mean - BSC

Betty Lloyd

I'm Catching On / You Say Things You Don't Mean

BSC: BSC 401 (45s)

Looking for a floorpacker? If you are, how about a copy that looks like it's never seen a Northern Soul DJ. We know it has but this 45 has been treasured by it's previous carer. No hasty throwing on the turntable, with one hand and a pint of beer in the other. It's not been laid on top of the DJ box without a sleeve, whilst you choose you next 45, which needs hardly any thought, as your dancefloor is shoulder to shoulder rammed as Betty's Motor City sultry vocal takes to the air.

A guaranteed set-solidifying, a platform for the rest your DJ set to leap from; a record that instantly wins the love of the crowd, applause guaranteed..

From the first blast of horns, that beseeching Sister vocal portrays a recovering from deep hurt. But the girl is getting stronger and you're falling for her, the strength in her voice beam through. A contradictory performance of pain, that actually makes the listener / Dancer feel good! But it's not only her vocal, the instrumental guitar break is in a class of it own, as it bridges the song so seamless as the second part of her despair is about to be poured on you. 

Dancing to Soul is a personal inner expression, that this 45 triggers so easily, you feel her torture, you sense her recovery and you feel elated. This is 60's girl Northern Soul sat it's most galvanizing..

For all the brilliance of the a-side, the flipside is so nearly as good.. another two for the price of one, winner that nobody ever grows tired of hearing... if they ever do .. just flip it over, you will have a few running to the turntables asking "What's this ?"

Condition Report

Two immaculate labels, both vinyls as we mention have been cherished, hardly a blemish anywhere, as you can hear they both play perfect

  •  £519.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  06/09/2017 18:00
Billy Wells & The Invaders  - This Heart These Hands / Ten To One - Sweet Soul

Billy Wells & The Invaders

This Heart These Hands / Ten To One

Sweet Soul: 004 (45s)

Buckle up, strap yourself in Billy Wells is about to steer you into a perilous foot-to-the floor high-octane Northern Soul journey. A record that has had a healthy cult status for many decades now, without ever being one of those readily available 45s at anytime during it's life. This has always been an extremely elusive disc to acquire especially at this tiptop condition level.

This 45 sits comfortably in that highly collectable category "Too Rare" for it's own good, for those who dig deeper for their quality Northern Soul rarity, this record has sidestepped to general NS dancefloor as sheer elusiveness has kept it away from everyone except the most complete DJ boxes.. 

So listen and be prepared to be left breathless as Billy Wells takes you for a spin, a backdrop, super intricate foot combination that these real-deal NS stompers demand of the accomplished dancer..

In contrast do not overlook the superior harmony Soul ballad hidden away on the flipside, featuring some heart-stopping falsetto moments cradled by celestial girl group support, a truly sublime recording . Today's burgeoning demand for truly rare Sweet-Soul this side alone demands ownership.

Condition Report

I just love the rich deep blue Miami pressed labels, both of which are flawless. Vinyl is a smidgen away from mint, determined angling under strong light reveals a sleeve brush or to. As good as it can possible be Condition, Condition, Condition!

  •  £211.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  06/09/2017 18:00
Jades - Hotter Than Fire / Movin' and Groovin' - Cherry Red


Hotter Than Fire / Movin' And Groovin'

Cherry Red: HCR 144 J (45s)

Rarely encountered real-deal stomping Philly Northern Soul.

A vocal-group eruption of everything the classic style dancefloor craves.. Which begs the question why was this jangling-juggernaut never elevated to top 500 classic status from the Wigan / Mecca / Pier days. I can only put it down to it's absence from all but the most complete DJ boxes over the years, that has stunted it's growth into wider-known dancefloor request popularity.

Take a listen, this rare piece has everything required to detonate the dancefloor and much, much rarer than some of the recent stomping 45's that have made recent resurgence. Limitations - I'm Lonely I'm Troubled - jumps to mind as a comparable 
for it's recent renaissance.

So listen to the ingredients poured into this cauldron of Northern Soul. A racing hand-clap intro whips up a storm of horns and squealing girls, whilst the lead singer hangs on tight as the rhythm tries to leave him standing.. but he's there at forefront of what evolves into a Northern Soul volcano, spitting out trumpet blasts, squealing choruses, rattling piano keys, piercing woo-woos... then comes one of the greatest instrumental inciters of all NOrthern XSoul creations, give just enough pause for the gang to explode fully active action..

This is a Vesuvius experience THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL at it's most potent... make sure your not in Pompeii, when the value erupts..! 

Condition Report

Fine clean vinyl, just a few fine hairlines, just cosmetic it plays as you can hear, loud, clean and true. A-side label has 2 X's and a promo "Chips" sticker. The flipside label is Mint - not a blemish.

  •  £186.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  06/09/2017 18:00
Jackie DeShannon - Find Me Love - UK Liberty DEMO

Jackie DeShannon

Find Me Love / Come On Down (From The Top Of That Hill)

UK Liberty DEMO: LIB 66224 (45s)

From a lady with a Soulful streak, the gifted Jackie DeShannon gives up Northern Soul hidden away on the flipside of a non-hit. Presented here is a fine flawless 1967 UK Liberty Green & White Demo... of a record that was so popular at Wigan Casino & Cleethorpes Pier it activated a horrid white USA Imperial bootleg promo (with poor sound quality) to meet demand. This UK press has magnificent fidelity.

Today it is an oldie that has escaped the over-exposure suffered by some of the "girl" dancer tunes that were played in the Golden Era of 1975 / 77 when Northern Soul was at it's 20th. Century peak. So refresh your memory and catapult you back to those times, click the soundfile and the "When You Walk In The Room" girl will whisk you back to when the "Girl-Sound" was "King"; Susan Coleman, Jeanette Harper, The Poppies etc ruled the all-night dancefloors.. 

This is it's rarest anmd most wanted format for a record that's long-overdue for an oldies reactivation.


Condition Report

Two promo labels, the white "A" side is totally clean. The "Find Me Love" side has a FEB 1967 date stamp left hand side (see scan). Both vinyl are unblemished Mint -, we've conservatively graded visually at Ex+ plays Mint. Afew mild hairline can be detected under he scrutiny of a bright light. Both sides play perfect, even the lead ins are both totally silent. A fabulously copy!

  •  £75.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  06/09/2017 18:00
Donald Height - Talk Of The Grapevine / There'll Be No Tomorrow - UK London DEMO

Donald Height

Talk Of The Grapevine / There'll Be No Tomorrow

UK London Demo: HLZ 10062 (45s)

Not only a timeless Twisted Wheel anthem, but also undoubtedly one of the greatest 60's Soul dance recordings ever issued in the United Kingdom! No wonder in more recent times, this classic it has made a strong NS turntable resurgence as DJ's rightly dig back into our beginnings for "proper" dance tunes.

I can't help imagining what it must have been like, in the summer of 1966 to be a MOD standing on the Twisted Wheel dancefloor and to have this relentless outbreak of Soul dropped on you. Wow! it would have blown my mind, as it forces "dance" on every note, with every squawking girl chorus the session builds into tsunami of sound, and then as if those New Yorker's somehow knew what the young mid-sixties Brit would crave next, an intrusive Sax Break mounts an attack on the senses.


Does Northern Soul get any more motivational than this, a perfect dancer in every way.. so impressive I've even forgot to mention that imposing Yellow DEMO label and the play perfectness of the vinyl

Click the soundfile, you will like me, will be beamed back to that fabled dancefloor, where we can only imagine what effect this style had upon a teenager fed on a weekday radio diet of The Beatles - Yellow Submarine, Jim Reeves - Distant Drums, Tom Jones - Green Green Grass of Home..... the effect was of course was the springboard to ignite, what is today one of the most powerful underground music scenes in the world - NORTHERN SOUL!

PS Beat Ballad Heaven fans check out the overlooked flipside - Brill building influenced Soul-March of quality

Condition Report

Two glorious Yellow labels, flawless, sporting the rubber-stamp Decca running time on each side. Vinyl plays crystal clean, Mint - not a murmur. A-side has a light "turntable retrieve" surface scuff NOT affecting play. Flipside vinyl has some light hairlines, listen you may detect an occasional mild tick, but the muscular horns & Donald Height snarling vocal overwhelms it all.

  •  £198.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  06/09/2017 18:00
Calif. Malibus - Love In My Life / I Stand Alone - M&M

Calif. Malibus

Love In My Life / I Stand Alone

M&M: 633 (45s)

California 1976 release that came to this country via Bob Cattaneo's Soul Odyssey mail order. It was a highly prized new release at the time, as Bob's initial order soon evaporated and he was unable to locate more copies, I was disappointed at the time as the Mecca had given it a few spins, as had Cleethorpes DJ's and I expected it to go big.. but that launch fizzled away and the 45's, liker so many, submerged into collections, to become no easy acquisition as the decades rolled by.

Sooner or later, really good tunes, always surface in DJ sets after dormancy, as the need for an underplayed gem to be aired again increases as the Sunday gatherings become commonplace in the UK. I do see this uplifting brass-driven dancer has started to appear on play lists again. About time too, this is pure 70s Soulful dance, featuring an unforgettable falsetto the raises you head the moment he comes in. Ignoring all the disco temptations of the synthesizer, electric drum and banal lyrics, this tune is distilled joyous Soul driven by the instruments the sound was built around in the 60's.

Now enjoying validated elusiveness and on the comeback trail, bringing you inspirational Soulful dance... that many have still yet to hear out. The 2nd. time around potential for bigger things is glaring.. especially as the flip is a gorgeous harmony soul floater, led by that scything falsetto, cradled by a rich tight echoing group-vocal support. Lilting guitar picks bridge the choruses, intricate arrangement and a lead vocal that hits throat-tearing notes without cracking..currently being appreciated by growing worldwide following for "Low-Rider" style grooves.

A 45 that again offers much more than the obviously standout a-side dancer, it has a killer ballad flipside too

Condition Report

Fine clean copy, hardly a blemish on the vinyl. Two totally clean label

  •  £566.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  06/09/2017 18:00

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1 minute ago, Mal C said:

Don't tell the winner, he might choke on his tea! 

Ill av that for 50 


Sorry mate if you had called me yesterday i would have sold it.

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