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Sunday 8

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P. and P. extra.

Soul Exotics - Baby it's true / Darlin' - Terri   M-  100 pounds.

Jerome Powell - It's alright - 3-Wa  M-   30 pounds.

Smoke sugar company - The girl I can't forget - Teri De  Ex  125 pounds.

Jerry Ganey - Just a fool - Verve demo - Ex  70 pounds.

Vala-quons - I wanna woman / Window shopping - T.R.C. Ex(smol +X)  45 pounds.

Johnson Brothers - All of my life / Waiting for a call - York Town  Ex  100 pounds.

Relatives - She's got soul / Three kinds of love - Wow (2 fingernail marks on She side otherwise would be M-)  50 pounds.

Voices - Baby you're messin' up my mind - Victoria Ex 220 pounds.


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