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bo diddley

J Manship Auction Results 20/09/2017

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Ronnie McNeir - Sitting In My Class / Isn't She A Pretty Girl - De To

Ronnie McNeir

Sitting In My Class / Isn't She A Pretty Girl

De To: DS 2878 (45s)

Whilst "Sitting In My Class" is of course a timeless Northern Soul classic of the highest standing...

but mine and many others preference to play is the magnificent "Isn't She A Pretty Girl" Northern Soul Detroit Crossover, that is again on the comeback trail.. 

Floyd Jones and Billy Kyle's inspired "School Bell" provoked a dance-floor feast at all the leading All Nite clubs circa 1977/78. With Ronnie's hopefully charged vocal dreaming of making love to the girl in the next row... whilst for me at school it was always gonna be the teacher.. This was a record we could all relate to, having not been too long before, when we sat there wishing, in that exact same situation..such was the attraction of this innovative song, the flipside somehow got overlooked.. 

So step forward the side which most now consider the "play" side today.. the gently jangling intro lasts but a few seconds, before big bold bold brass explodes onto the scene.. girls jostle for position, the horns blast even louder, the girls follow the hint to lift the arrangement another notch and brilliance unfolds.. whilst Ronnie keeps up the beseeching stance, as his vocal pleads even stronger.. just too much Soul!!

Two sides to die for, remembering the legal reissue that follow it's success in the UK was a remixed version. The song suffering, weakening the whole arrangement and it's overwhelming Soulful opulnce, lost! So the only way to play this spectacular tune, is in it's authentic original form.. unless spinning a bootleg doesn't concern you..

Here is a glorious rich Red first press offering up two sides of the original mix; and it matters not which side you drop the stylus on the result will be dancefloor devastation whichever you choose..

Condition Report

Check out that flawless rich red label, this 45 has hardly seen the light of day. A-side vinyl has full gloss and is spanking new except for three solitary hairlines across the vinyl, very soft, light, only visual plays perfect. Flipside vinyl is a perfect Mint .

  •  £902.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:06
Charles Farren - You've Changed My Whole Life Around - Hawk

Charles Farren

You've Changed My Whole Life Around / A Girl Like You

Hawk: 200 (45s)

Bob Lee's neighborhood label has provided the Northern Soul collector with some seriously rare teasers to chase over the years. His penchant for the strong production is underlined by this snarling statement from a reformed man, Charles Farren as had his life turned around, and although his growling delivery does sound very joyous, he has found a woman's love, so good, he's stopped "Playing Around"..

The signature Chicago male vocal presence, had the bar set high by Johnny Sayles, Syl Johnson etc. who's gnarled growls became part of the Northern Soul all niter fabric. Charles Farren on the street-level session matches any snarling vocal you care to mention, this propelled by honkin' horns make for a truly imposing dancer..that is slowly but surely making an impact on the scene, after snoozing as an occasionally played choice to pepper up a DJ set. 

Today this Chicago statement has disappeared from view a few years back and is now neatly perched for huge comeback. There is certainly no need to air inferior Northern Soul dancer whilst Chicago Soul-Salvos of this calibre wait in the wings.. 

Check out this potent onslaught of Northern Soul that would ignite such places as the trailblazing "Grumpy Soul" events in pandamonium.. 

REAL DEAL NORTHERN SOUL that lovers of the Johnny Sayles style may not be able to resist!

Condition Report

Two flawless yellow labels, no fade, writing, or tears. Vinyl is very close to Mint minus, strong light reveal a few sleeve contact blemishes that do not affect plays. Visually EX+ plays Mint minus

  •  £222.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:04
Four Tops - Ask The Lonely / Where Did You Go - Tamla Motown TMG 507

Four Tops

Ask The Lonely / Where Did You Go

Tamla Motown: TMG 507 (45s)

Arguably The Four Tops finest 45 Motown ever released, both sides encapsulating not only the more Soulful side of Motown but also capturing the very essence of the "Tops" sound with Levi Stubbs at his imperial best.

Top song is help dear in the hearts of Motown & Northern Soul fans a like. One of the greatest "last records" of all time, carrying a flipside that is every note as good..

Nuff said, this listing is about finding an elusive TMG in the finest condition possible.. the recording speak for themselves.

Nothing we could ever say would elevate this tune any higher than it already sits..

Condition Report

Condition is eye-popping, for such an essential turntable experience, this 45 looks like it maybe hasn't been played. Only years of fine storage dust lay on the surface, sliding it out of it's birth-sleeve, we dropped into onto the VPI cleaning machine. Dust removed for a clearer view, there is not a single blemish worth a mention. As near to Mint unplayed you could wish for, a strong Mint minus. Labels are also flawless no spindle trails to see, all silver text bright and clean. 52 years old and looking like it's been filed in a collection since then, a highly cherished copy is as good as you could ever hope to own.

  •  £182.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:04
Chuck Jackson - What's With This Loneliness - Kent 6 T8 DJ

Chuck Jackson

What's With This Loneliness / Surf and Soul

Kent : 6 T8 DJ (45s)

Who can believe it was nearly 18 years ago when this previously unissued, silky mid-tempo was given away on the door of the 100 club to those lucky enough to attend this iconic club's 13th. Anniversary.

No. 8 in this generous series of on the door give-away 45s, that triggered similar promotions across the country through the decades. But none captured the imgination of the collector quite like this, now highly coveted series. Each one handpicked by beloved promoter Ady Croasdale, each and every one a standout piece of Northern Soul.

Today this stands for me as THE BEST and is starting to be revived, as the dancers just adore our heroes rich vocal, woven in a gently delivered blend of softly blown horns and rhythmic guitar.. simplistic genius allowing the full force of Chuck's l luxorious growl...

One of the greatest Soul voices of all time, with an unissued Wand session, brought to the British Soul fraternity by the Ace/Kent family.. now rightly heralded as a classic, few people will ever part with.

Personally, today it sits right there in my ever changing top 10 of all time.. always a delight to hear, and it's firmly on the comeback trail, filling the Northern Soul floors again. A 100 Club anthem that'll still be going strong decades from today..


Condition Report

Two fine clean labels, vinyl to match. The important a-side has hardly a blemish, the flip side vinyl has a turntable "fingernail" retrieve mark NOT affecting play. overall grade is EX +

  •  £268.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:00
Colette Kelly - City Of Fools - Volt Promo

Colette Kelly

City Of Fools / Long And lonely World

Volt: VOA 4018 (45s)

Warning, an addictive, contagious temptress is about to incarcerate you with her charms...

Summer of 1969 saw this unusual production, released on Volt, that sunk without trace. Over the years on the back of at first tentative NS turntable action, it slowly but surely became a Northern Soul dancer floor favourite, with her beckoning voice fronting a perpetual chorus of poppin' backing vocals, laced into an uplifting dance production.. unforgettably distinct..

On another more intent listen, to a 45 we are all guilty of being dismissive about in the early days of more obvious Northern Soul. I'm being drawn into it's "siren" qualities, including a lengthy fabulous Saxophone break, followed by that choir insistently "Doo-woppin'" away in the background. Northern Soul clubs have always eventually warmed to "something different" but sadly for me, this became a NS biggie way after I'd long sold any copies I had for relatively paltry sums.. 

Today it's very sought-after and rightly so, I'm already on my fourth consecutive play, leaving me thinking what the hell was I looking for in a record back in the 80's. Because I adore this tune today.. made by two "unknowns" to this iconic label. Sam Unger & Mary Mullaney you sure made a magical dancer between you, an obcure collaboration I need to hear more about...

The power of the Northern Soul DJ, the Northern Soul circuit return another 45 to my desk I should have paid far more attention to, when I had the chance. Then again Volt and the producers were just as blind as me, as they stuck this enslaving tune on the flipside...


Condition Report

A-side vinyl is flawless Mint - as is the label. Flipside label has a release date on the label 18th of July. Flipside vinyl has a few very mild hairlines but plays clear.

  •  £98.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:00
100% Pure Poison - Coming Right At You - UK Emi

100% Pure Poison

Coming Right At You / You Keep Coming Back

EMI: 3001 (LP)

Original first press of Britain's most-wanted Soul album, insanely hard to acquire especially in this impeccable condition.

A legendary modern Soul LP, directed by Chicago's talented Danny Leake, fortunately this production happened one year before the USA Disco explosion, providing the Soul fan with a pure 70's SOUL experience..

Amazingly this record was a UK only release and failed miserable like many debut albums by unknown artists, even in the 70's you had to be very lucky to encounter a copy... it's reputation growing as it's rarity began fully apparent.

The seven man gathering that included Danny Leake, James Wells (both of whom Ian Levine worked with after this release) seamlessly deliver top-drawer Soulful dance, so check out the soundfile sample provided, underlining the exceptional Chicago influenced Soul set into those flawless grooves..inc: their "I Keep Coming Back" "My Little Someone" "(But You Say) You Want To Make It With Me" "Don't Let Your Pride, Overpower Your Love" "Puppet On a Chain" + 7 more

This is for Soul collectors the UK's most-sought 70's LP and in the level of condition we are unlikely to ever encounter again.. impossibly flawless 


Condition Report

From cover has the mildest signs of cazreful storage some minuscule, occasional age "spotting" to the light area towards the bottom front right-hand side (see scan). No other discernible flaws only a few very fine hairlines near the spine., top left corner. Back cover is free of any notable flaws. Cover is a strong EX +. Scrutinized the two scans. Both labels are Mint revealing not signs of spindle contact, all housed in orioginal poly-line inner sleeve. <br /> <br /> The vinyl is spectacular, combined with the spindle's state of virginity, I don't think this album has been on a turntable on more than a handful of occasions. As near Mint as yuou could ever hope to own.

  •  £270.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:00
Tony Drake - Suddenly - Brunswick Promo

Tony Drake

Suddenly / It Hurts Me More

Brunswick: 55437 (45s)

On the comeback trail, is this 1970 Chicago Crossover kill;er from the pen of Eugene Record and Barbara Acklin; aided by Chicago Soul masters Tom Washington & Willie Henderson the team craft a striking piece of end of a decade Soul.

New decade, new approach ? As this dancer carries a few characteristics that no other Brunswick 45 are blessed with. 

Rattling bongo intro, tin drum tickles, Tony Drake purring away in the background poise to strike with the lyrics...some "cool" intro then it's lift off on a wave of strings, subtle brass, and jazz breaks collide with vocal-group chants of "Ooh, Arrh, Arhh, Pa Da, Ooh Pa, Dah " with Mr. Drake searing vocal upfront and fully in charge, with provocative saxophone intrusions.. ad up to CLASS...

Currently in my personal favourite DJ set as it seamless links the Answers, Four Coins etc with that era between the 60s and 70's when producers pushed the envelope, creating more imaginative sounds.. This record is a unique in it's Chicago make=-up nothing sounds quite like it. AND IT FILLS THE FLOOR! 

We feel this rarity has a long way to go, recently hearing several others dropping the arm on, what has been in the past a forgotten jewel. In a packed room and a loud system nothing sounds like it...as proven last week at Grumpy Soul, it's affect on the dancefloor can be dramatic.. 

Some tune this is.. and not easy to find, especially in this fine, play perfect condition. 

PS do not overlooked Tony's silky delivery of a fabulous Van McCoy song on the flipside, a stunning mid-tempo that should feature in on of the Chill out Sundays..

Condition Report

Both label are clean except for the rubber-stamped May 16 1970 release date, see scan housed in birth-sleeve. The vinyl plays perfect both sides. Under strong light inspection there are a few mild blemishes none of which transfer to the stylus.. Listen enjoy what it a wonderful example of Chicago Soul in transition

  •  £187.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:00
Fearns Brass Foundry - Don't Change It - UK Decca

Fearns Brass Foundry

Don't Change It / John White

Decca: F 12721 (45s)

1968 Brit Soul with a huge local reputation, Leicestershire Soulful band renowned for their authoritative stage presence with their bludgeoning brass pumping out loud at the back of lead singer Steve Fearn's rich vocal.
The residents of Blaby, Leicestershire must have dreaded Thursday evenings as this band plied their trade in Soul Sounds live, at Blaby Working Mens Club where they amassed a serious fan-base. 

Both sides written by their founder Steve Fearn who's taste for Soul is evident on both sides, with the A-side ticking all the boxes for Northern Soul play.
Blasting brass kicks it off, insistent percussion smacks out the dance rhythm, horn breaks add to it's dance pedigree; with the rest of 6 man team chanting shrill "Hey, Hey, Hey" you have a awesome tune that is so very British. Shimmering with the late 60's era with groups like Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band, Jimmy James & The Vagabonds, The Senate, The Action etc. already laying down the guidelines for standout Brit-Soul a few years earlier.

In recent time a recording that the Northern Soul has rediscovered through it's equally rare USA London release, credited as Fearns Foundary, and charmingly appearing in record guides as single artist Foundary, Fearns. So it seems not too much knowledge on the scene was acredited to thuis Leicestershire gathering.

Here is their UK Decca release that only sold locally to the "Blaby" Thursday night trippers, consequently this is a hard disc to find in collectable condition..

Take a listen to that strapping lead vocal, the mountain of brass and backing vocals, you can easily imagine a Working Mens Club in 1968 absolutely jumping to this inspiring sound.. 


Condition Report

Both labels are clean, original 4 prong die-cut center firmly in place, housed in UK Decca sleeve. Vinyl under strong light reveal some fine sleeve contact hairline but it is visually scratch free, no marks that could possible react with the stylus.

  •  £79.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:00
Herbert Hunter - I Was Born To Love You - Spar 9009

Herbert Hunter

I Was Born To Love You / Push Away From The Table

Spar: 9009 DJ (45s)

There a few Northern Soul 45's that timelessly stand raised, above the timeless classics, records you would find it hard to grow weary of; and there a few Northern Soul 45's in their rare Promo form, have the presence to turn heads, fire discussion, painting your rival's frontal lobe a deep shade of green..

This premier slab of Nashville Northern Soul as a white promo is a special 45 indeed. 

I first heard this fabulous dancer, played by "Poke" at Cleethorpes Pier, amazingly it did take a few weeks to catch. Poke was persistent in his believe he had a special tune, we were all then on the trail to find a copy to play. That Golden era of 75/76 turned up some mighty, mighty tunes. But I can never remember a White Promo copy ever passing through my hands until many years later.

Refresh your ears, on what "Poke" was so determined to play every set. Conversation stopping drum thwacks lift this dancefloor missile off, then that profound vocal gets to work on those memorable lyrics. Ted Jarrett then injects a masterstroke of vibes, followed by a "Over-The-Border" burst of trumpets, a long held note and Herbert is back...

All these decades later it still gives goosebumps! 

The label & the music....


Condition Report

Both labels are flaw free (see scans) vinyls have hardly a blemish, but do show light signs of play. You will like the clear depth of the fidelity, with no pops or clicks to spoil Herbet's booming performance.

  •  £461.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:00
Rebecca Lea - The Devil Hates You / Willie - Groove

Rebecca Lea

The Devil Hates You / Willie

Groove: 4G-0157 (45s)

Northern Soul R&B aficionados here's a 45 that very seldom surfaces, and certainly never in this condition.

The is a snarling slab of Sister sarcasm, an relentless R&B shaker that will have the room going as Rebecca Lea struts the house. A blistering vocal rides a foot-tappin', finger-poppin' rhythm, embellished with some of the most inspired saxphone manipulation you could ever wish to be dropped upon you. A wild-sax to match this untamed vocalist.. the result being intimidating mid-50's R&B you just can't help but dance too...

On the flipside Rebecca drops the pace a notch, dropping in smoke filled, darkened cellar Night Club mode, evoking visions of a sassy lady in a star-spangled tight dress whipping up a storm as she struts the stage..no outrageous production this time just a voice that will stay with you a very long time once you've met it, and that saxophonist again stirs the senses

A R&B winner just waiting for the right DJ to lift it off the ground, then we're p[predicting BIG THINGS.. for this memorable in breathtaking condition.

Condition Report

Flawless in every way, condition is like new, and that's utterly astonishing for such a rare disc, from 1956. High quality RCA press vinyl, rich fidelity, perfect sound. Unblemished labels, as good as it gets.

  •  £100.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:00
Margaret Mandolph - Something Beautiful / I Wanna Make You Happy - Planetary

Margaret Mandolph

Something Beautiful / I Wanna Make You Happy

Planetary: P 106 (45s)

a 1965 creation from one of Los Angeles's producing prodigies, at the tender age of 25 years David Gates was already displaying sign of studio genius. 

It was a flipside that simultaneously took Cleethorpes Pier & Wigan Casino by a storm, right at the zenith of the Girl Sound being a dance-floor force in the mid-seventies English All-Niters; Judy Street's "What" had rocketed to to top of the popularity stakes, with Margaret Mandolf not too far behind. With it's instantly recognizable piano intro, within seconds the dancefloor-dash was ignited.

Intros as discussed before, were so important, so much so, this was one of the choices to start your set with. Just like Holly St. James the start-up to this classic, has the clarity and power to start your next hour with a full floor. BUt the start is only part of the story as David Gates adds ear-ringing tubular chimes in all the right places, punctuating an already instrument-saturated arrangement. Piano, Chimes, heavy percussion, shrill girl group choruses, then comes an inspirational break which elevates the tune into another Northern Soul level of hand-clapping, circle skirt spin, club-euphoria. Just classic stuff..

Having reminisced 1976, let's talk about the value in 2017 that's sits on the flipside, a recording that was passed by 40 years ago, but today sits at the top of wants lists around the world as being an essential Beat Ballad for the Carib Sound, The Sunday chill-out tune dripping with the same big-production qualities as the Northern Soul as David Gates utilizes a bank of strings, vibes, celestrial girl group back to cradle Margaret's standout voice, this time Mr. Gates uses a divine guitar break to bridge the song.. 

A mood-changing Beat Ballad Heaven of the highest calibre, climbing in importance and value as it starts to break through in those discerning Soul events where only top quality tunes are on the table..

Brilliant in every way, a recording that underlines David Gates as one of the most notable producers of all time.

Condition Report

An immaculate copy, those two spectacular labels are like new, vinyl reveals only the most minuscule signs of scrupulous play. A flawless copy housed in distributors sleeve. Complete whole-condition does not get much better than this.

  •  £333.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:00
Soul Collectors # 2 & # 3

Collectors Soul # 2 and # 3

Collectors Soul # 2 and # 3

Collectors Soul : Collectors Soul (Magazine)

Out of all the "bedroom publishing" fanzine surrounding Soul Music this short lived 1970 project priced at a meager 2 shillings, is self publication at it's rarest. I've never seen # 1 but am most please to witness for the first time # 2 & # 3.

Gloucestershire based this "Brockworth" enterprise was a mix of Soul vinyl & artists information and a platform to sell records from. Editor A. R. Berry would charged 1 shilling and 6 pence for you list your records for sale. This listing mae very interesting reading. As does a story on The Invitations, The Bandwagon, Billy Preston, Marvin Gaye etc. Letters to the editor capture the mood of 1970 completely.

A discography on Major Lance already establish a Soul hero, two years before his legendary "Torch" appearance..

# 3 had expanded it's contributions base, addinng Jim Wilson, T. Capper, Fred Benson etc to their team. Bios on The Capitols, Marvelettes, Msarvin Gaye (again) 

Condition Report

Excellent condition throughout, no tears, rips or writing

  •  £27.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  20/09/2017 18:00


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Edited by bo diddley

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Chuck Jackson..... a year or so ago I tried selling mine on here. Put it on for £100, dropped it to £90 and I think as low as £75. Only John could get over £250 for it. Bugger

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Maybe somebody was hoping to get a rare mispress. Because Chuck wasn't released 18 years ago for the 13th anniversary. It was 25 years ago for the 8th anniversary.

Fair price for the Herbert Hunter w/d, isn't it? I understand this is still sh*t rare.

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43 minutes ago, Benji said:


Fair price for the Herbert Hunter w/d, isn't it? I understand this is still sh*t rare.

I thought this would have been quite a bit higher

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6 hours ago, Bruv said:

Agree with the Herbert Hunter price,  I thought that would have gone a lot higher, top sound. 

If an issue or demo commands a premium for being rarer than the other i'd be buying the cheaper variant personally.

Only reason I would pay more is if it's an issue with a different flip you don't get on the demo

Edited by dylan

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2 hours ago, geeselad said:

sad to see probably the rarest items on the list, the mags, go for so little, a real piece of British soul history.  

We have quite a number of these - and some very early Blues & Souls that Les Cockell left us.


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1 hour ago, Andy Reynard said:

Perplexed, by Colette Kelly as it regularly sells for £150 + andJohns write up seemed like pure poetry to me.

A bit of a marmite record back in the day I bought one at the Torch for a fiver and my mate bought one at the next nighter. 

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