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hipshaker 05

Hipshaker - Portsmouth Christmas Eve

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Hipshaker is back @ The Wedgewood Rooms, Albert Road in Portsmouth for our annual Christmas Eve party.

Our Special Guest DJ's for the night will be Bionic (Six Million Dollar Man Club) & Secondhand Dan (Funkt-If-Ino).

Doors open at 9pm, closing at the rather sensible time of 2am.

Admission is £7.

Tickets: 023 9286 3911 (inc credit cards)

Info: 07788 967656 /

For directions and online bookings look here:

For general Portsmouth info and B&B look here:

To receive regular Hipshaker updates send an e-mail to

Forthcoming dates & DJ's in Portsmouth:

14th Januuary - Hipshaker & Right Track SC present "Ready Steady Go!"

11th February - Dundeedavie

11th March - Eneida Fever

Forthcoming dates in Southampton:

21st January - Soul Cellar

18th March - Soul Cellar

20th May - Soul Cellar

Forthcoming dates in Basingstoke:

19th February - Bang Bar

16th April - Bang Bar

Forthcoming dates in Ryde:

New Year's Eve - Ryde Theatre (The Venue)

5th February - Ryde Theatre (The Venue)

5th March - Ryde Theatre (The Venue)

23rd April - Ryde Theatre (The Venue)

29th May - Ryde Theatre (The Venue) - Part of annual "Lambretta Day".


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why ............... thank you pikey's dog ......... i always like to use the events sections .... to plug my events  whistling.gif


Would you consider using any other sections whilst you are about?

For instance I'd like to see a full and frank description as to what is 'Giffer Soul', preferably including a comprehensive list of offending tracks.


Edited by pikeys dog

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pikey's dog ........... oh, i use the other sections when i feel i can contribute. I'm on the site almost everyday but obviously don't contribute every day. I like to add a little reminder just before the events though as it might be relevant to one or two people here. Also, I don't go over the top when advertising .... no grand declarations about how good hipshaker is and all that ... and no band of arse lickers to do that for us either.

As for the giffer soul ............. well, I could post up a definition I posted on another site (not my own definition though). It might offend a few people on here though, so I'd rather not. Basically, mid-tempo stuff is seen as giffer down here. We don't play it because our crowd wouldn't dance to it. But the phrase is only a joke.

Dave ... how you doing? Merry Christmas mate.

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