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Hello and welcome to the September 2017 list. Quite a nice one this time around with some seldom seen and rare titles, some classics and some just cheap and good ones in all categories. Some of the highlights below.

Modern Soul 45’s – Superior Movement issue only “Come fly with me”, Lé Gamby “Esmerelda”, Energettics “You make me nothing” (also holds a real nice group harmony flip), Executive Force’s rarest 45 “Wat’s your fantasy”, Mister “I wanna thank you”, Pretenders “I call it love”, Gil Scott-Heron UK only 45 “When you are who you are” plus a couple of major label issue only rarities from Bobby King and Ron Preyer.

Crossover Soul 45’s – mostly classics here. Such George Jackson “I don’t have the time to love you”, Virgil Henry “You ain’t sayin’ nothin’ new”, Phillip Mitchell “Little things” + “I’m gonna build California from all over the world” (US orig), Eldridge Holmes “Lovely woman” and the Ray Lewis D’ar double header.

Northern Soul & Funk 45’s – Deep funk from Johnny Morrisette (I’m hungry”), Kim Tamango and D.J. Band. NS classics from Butlers, Dells, Joann Garrett and Ann Sexton plus two major Detroit rarities in Luther Ingram on Hib (pristine with demo!) and Sharon McCann – Got to find another guy.

Sweet/Group Soul 45’s – A few real nice ones from Robert Evans, Jato Vondel, Uptown Syndicate, Freedom Machine, Delwands, Rated X, Vernon Steve Weakley, Don Hollinger “Let him go” and Soul Brothers Six “You’re my world”.

There’s also a short but sweet 2 step section and one for rarer/out of print/indemand re-issue and recently released 45’s + a small 12 inch section.

Then we have the albums, quite a strong lineup here! Carol Anderson on Coup (with “I’m a sad girl” + this LP only in “I found love”), California Playboys, Loveship (w/ “Absence” and “Love so new”). Clydene Jackson with “I need your love”, Bobby Hutton with “Lend a hand”. Karin Jones on Handshake, Jessie Butler with the killer LP only “Let my love being out the woman in you”. And more more more!

For paypal payments please make sure both currency fields are GBP, I don’t want to receive payments in SEK nor in USD. And for orders over £150 I need payment as gift or add 4% to cover fees.

Best Regards, Karl

Other links that might be of interest:

Discogs (10% off all listed stock if you order from me directly)

Instagram (not only records)




Modern Soul, Boogie & Disco 45’s


Mister – I wanna thank you / Lover’s holiday – Starville / EX / £350 (Heavy indemand for this heavy Chicago modern soul rarity. Flipside is nice grown up soul. Nice clean copy here)



Gil Scott-Heron – When you are who you are / Lady Day and John Coltrane – Philips / EX / £300 (UK only 45 for “When you are who you are”. Rare and highly sought after! LDAJC side has small label tear that’s been filled in with blue ink so it’s barely noticeable. Has sold for £351 on eBay and £395 on Discogs.)




Pretenders – I call it love / It’s everything about you (That I love) – Carnival / EX / £250 (Carnival 560 with the modern soul version, two killer feelgood modern soul dancers. Very clean copy! Had lots of interest on my last copy of this, and has sold for £300 in Discogs since so a bit higher price this time.)




Bobby King – If you don’t want my love – WB / EX / £175 (Major major label rarity here! Tucked away on the flipside of issue copies, thought to be an album only cut for long.Killer modern soul dancer.)



Energettics – You make me nothing / Rainy days and mondays – Cobra / EX / £175 (Quirky but great 1974 modern dancer, flip being a nice group harmony slowie. Original and not the recent Numero lookalike reissue.)




Lé Gamby – Esmerelda – Score / EX / £150 (Popular soulful Memphis boogie/modern dancer.)



Executive Force – What’s your fantasy – New Age / VG+/see description / £150 (Killer modern soul and the rarest out of their three 45’s and on 12”. Unfortunately this copy has a heat mark on the less good “Rock your body” side which creates a swooshing sound throughout. “What’s your fantasy” plays well.)



Superbs – Party together / In and out of love – DT / EX / £110 (Indemand Detroit modern 45 with two great sides. Very nice clean copy but “Party together” side has writing on label.)




Superior Movement – Come fly with me – CIM / EX / £100 (Killer modern soul dancer off their “The key to your heart” LP. Very rare issue only b-side, up there with Ocie III “My return on love” on the same label. Promo stamp on label.)



Oakland Express – Puss Pt. 1 – Oaktown / EX / £100 (Very rare 1981 disco funk out of, you guessed it, the port city of Oakland California.)



Scacy and the Sound Service – Sunshine Part 1 – Scacy / VG+ / £90 (Tough Washington DC disco funk. Vinyl has a few light marks but it plays well.)



Ron Preyer – Love the feelin’ / Oh girl – Mca / EX / £60 (Two tough modern/boogie sides with “Love the feelin’” being only on the very rare issue copies.)




PJ Smith & Co – Hold on to it – Shane / EX / £50 (The superior to my ears version. Modern soul classic! Please note that this copy has small rather sharp warp that might need to have a little extra needle weight/a light coin placed on the cartridge to play. It plays fine on my Technics 1210 with Shure M44G set at 1,5 grams. Price reduced.)



Sil Austin – Disco music / Disco lady – Jerri / EX / £50 (Two disco instrumentals from Tommy Stewart.)




Sargeant Malone – Love message – Halfmoon / EX / £45 (Promo copy of this classic modern soul/disco rarely seen on 45. The average ballad on the flip is pressed off centre and plays a bit wobbly but “Love message” plays fine.)



Ira Wilkes – Since you’ve been gone / I’m so glad – Fifth Street / VG / £40 (Rare 1984 45 with one side modern and one side boogie. Vinyl has many light marks, plays ok but not perfect.)




Goody Goody – It looks like love – Atlantic / EX / £30 (Super soulful, deep and bumping disco dancer, here on the more down to business 3:16 version and what is a pretty scarce 45.)



Jackie Berns – I still love you – Tacular / EX / £30 (Lafayette modern soul dancer.)



Macho – Mucho macho – Event / EX / £25 (Atmospheric 1977 disco from Fatback members Bill Curtis and Richard Cromwell.)



Jeff Perry – Love don’t come no stronger / I’ve got to see you right away – Arista / EX / £25 (Classic that never goes old. Flip is one of the most beautiful things ever recorded. Crisp copy in company sleeve, far from most DJ beaten/well loved/hissing copies you see around.)




Northern Soul & Funk 45’s


Luther Ingram – If it’s all the same to you baby / Exus Trek – HIB / EX / £800 (Crispy clean copy of this classic NS dancer! 1966 white vinyl demo, Atco distribution with logo on the left side.)




Sharon McMann – Got to find another guy – Karen / EX / £750 (Major Detroit rarity! And such a beauty. Vinyl is clean but label has neat writing on both sides which says “P-262” written with black felt pen. There’s a little label tear on the inner circle similar to what you see on the youtube link below.)



Johnny Morisette – I’m hungry – J&J / EX / £200 (Clean original copy of this great, classic and gritty LA funk dancer.)



D.J. Band – Ridin’ high – Lake View / EX / £175 (Rare and great 1974 North Carolina funk instrumental. Hip hop drums galore. Flipside has writing which says “Local”.)



Preacher & the Saints – Jesus rhapsody Part 1 / The mailman cometh – King James / EX / £125 (Indemand 1974 gospel soul dancer that’s been compiled. With rare flip here instead of Part 2 on the flipside.)




Edward Hamilton & the Natural Looks – My darling baby / Willing mind – Mary Jane / EX / £100 (As new copy of this superb midtempo dancer. Here with the rarer and better flip, “Willing mind” which is an excellent slowie.)




Jo Ann Garrett – A whole new plan – Chess / G+ / £100 (Black/shield design first press of this classic NS midtempo dancer. Emotion and then some! Vinyl is absolutely covered with light marks and scuffs but surprisingly it plays pretty much clean.)



Debra Johnson – To get love you’ve got to bring love / Diplomats – I really love you – Kent / EX / £80 (The 2003/24th Anniversary Special 45 featuring two great midtempo dancers. Surprisingly sold for £175 on Discogs earlier this year.)




Nature Boys – Watch yourself – Uptown / EX / £70 (White demo of this lesser known NS dancer. Great one!)



Butlers – Laugh, laugh, laugh – Phila / EX / £70 (Nice clean copy of this amazing deep and dark NS stormer.)




Ann Sexton – You’ve been gone too long – Seventy-Seven / EX / £60 (Orange-tuned-to-yellow label copy of this perfect all-nighter sound.)



Dells – Run for cover – Cadet / EX / £60 (All-time all-nighter sound from the Dells. Label has BB hole and a tiny ball point pen scribbling obscuring the label number. Complete with company sleeve.)



Kim Tamango – Not by bread alone / (Can’t wait until) Tomorrow – Firebird / EX / £40 (Soulful funk 45 that got a widespread fame after being compiled on the taste making Soul Spectrum comps in the late 1990’s. Flip is a real nice ballad.)




Little Johnny Blair – Momma’s gone / Easier to say than to do – House of the Fox / EX / £25 (Gritty stomping NS classic, cheapie now pretty much dried up. Deep soul flip.)




Crossover Soul 45’s


George Jackson – I don’t have the time to love you – Mercury / EX / £225 (Perhaps his most indemand 45, a super nice midtempo dancer. Classy stuff! BB hole through label.)



Virgil Henry – You ain’t sayin’ nothin’ new / I can’t believe you’re really leaving – Tamla / VG+ / £125 (Killer classic that lifts any dancefloor. Record has some light marks but plays well with just a faint crackle or two, the far less interesting flipside a little worse than that.)



Ray Lewis – Too sweet to be lonely / Sitting at home with my baby – D’ar / EX / £100 (Two great crossover sides. “Too sweet to be lonely” being a superior version to the Internationals cut, and the flip a Willie Tee soundalike. Orange label copy.)




Eldridge Holmes – Lovely woman – Deesu / EX / £85 (Gold coin label promo copy of this superb feelgood dancer. One I used in my infrequent DJ sets over the years.)



Willie Mallory – You went back – Lanor / EX / £80 (Nice crossover midtempo dancer, original to the Huriah Boynton song on the same label.)



Phillip Mitchell – I’m gonna build California from all over the world / The world needs more people like you – Shout / EX / £80 (Two killer crossover sides, both written by the man himself. Usually seen on UK Jayboy this is the scarce US original.)




Phillip Mitchell – Little things / That’s what a man is for – Hi / VG+ / £45 (Original version to the Artistics/John Edwards song. Scarce issue copy complete with company sleeve. Record has a small bundle of marks not affecting play, it’s also pressed a little off centre but nothing affecting play either.)




Big Jim’s Border Crossing – Love built on a strong foundation / You’re good for me girl – Zanzee / EX / £75 (Killer crossover double header from dream duo JR Bailey/Ken Williams.)




Herman George – Mental high / What have you got – Bet It’s a Hit / EX / £75 (Immense double header! Crossover dancer backed with a beautiful ballad. Rarer label design here – white label with pastel pink, yellow and blue details.)




Curt Darin – Two on a cloud / Grown up fairy tale – Buddah / VG+ / £55 (Promo copy of one of the best Buddah 45’s, two amazing sides. One crossover dancer, one slower and slicker sound. Record has one scuff not affecting play.)




Jones Brothers – Good old days – Avi / VG / £50 (Superb crossover soul sharing the same backing as the ultra rare Nate Williams “What price”. Record has many light marks but plays well. Rarer black stock copy.)



David Martin & the Rare Essence – You’re mighty right – Rekord / EX / £50 (Classic Chicago crossover with a feelgood Philly sound.)



Sam Baker – It’s all over – Sound Stage 7 / EX / £50 (Killer feelgood crossover dancer. Nice clean copy complete with company sleeve.)



Sam Baker – It’s all over – Seventy-Seven / EX / £20 (Second label of the above, came before the Sound Plus one. Reversed labels.)



Mel Davis – Double or nothin – Rock Mill / EX / £50 (Blue/black/yellow first press of this killer Detroit collectible.)



C.M. Lord – Oh mama – Capitol / EX / £40 (White demo of this lovely atmospheric crossover dancer.)



Cal Brandon – I kept on smilin – Hit Man / EX / £40 (Classic Muscle Shoals 45, and what lyrics! Yellow label/red text first press.)



Moonglows – You’ve chosen me – Big P / EX / £25 (A hidden pearl here! Just a killer feelgood Harvey Fuqua production with fantastic harmonies. First release before Rca.)



Deon Jackson – I’ll always love you – Shout / EX / £25 (Chicago crossover classic penned, arranged and produced by Leroy Hutson.)



Ballad/Deep/Sweet/Group Harmony 45’s


Uptown Syndicate – You’re a woman / Uptown – Fat City / EX / £250 (Rare Oklahoma City sweet soul, just a killer ballad with a lowrider feel. Funky instro on the flip.)




Robert Evans – You can’t stop me from loving you – Trevia / EX / £150 (Nice clean copy of this lowrider scene fave.)



Rated X – What you gonna do about it / Rated X – Vanco / EX / £125 (Big indemand for this epic sweet soul which is very rare in clean condition like this. Funky flip.)




Delwands – This time (I’m gonna win) / No hope, no faith – Zudan / EX / £120 (Amazing double header! Group soul backed with crossover, and again both sides are winners.)




Freedom Machine – Stop doubting my love – Alarm / EX / £100 (Perfect copy of this perfect 1977 ballad.)



Frankie Gearing – Say you love me – Top Ranking International / EX / £80 (Superb 80s slowie, her best IMO. Label has a signed dedication by Frankie.)



Vernon Steve Weakley – Is it love or is it lust – VSW Productions / VG+ / £60 (Sublime 1977 slowie with an almost 2 step feel. Vinyl looks clean but there’s a small hairline mark causing a few light ticks.)



Ego Unindentified Funck – Need a lot of woman – Soul Sounds Unlimited / EX / £60 (Amazing 70s sweet soul ballad out of Ohio. Flipside label has radio station stamp. Vinyl is clean but please not the pressing on this isn’t the best.)



Don Hollinger – Let him go – Mercede / EX / £50 (Amazing 1972 Florida deep soul ballad. Small warp, plays well.)



Jato Vondel – Small token of my love / We’ll join together – Gregory / VG / £50 (Sweet soul classic with a truly epic sound. Vinyl has light marks but it plays more or less clean. Flipside a little worse but still ok.)




Mike & the Censations – There is nothing I can do about it – Highland / EX / £50 (Their best! Super soulful ballad with some real quirky lyrics.)



Bull & The El Capalara’s – No sign of sadness – Bell / VG+ / £50 (Indemand group harmony slowie and a good example of the lowrider sound. Red/white promo copy. Record has a few light marks but it plays fine.)



Soul Brothers Six – You’re my world – Phil La of Soul / EX / £40 (Group soul slowie with hip hop drums.)



Fabulistic’s – Abscence – Scorpion / EX / £35 (Incredible group soul with a unique feel.)



Day-Tons – A broken heart – Dayton / VG / £35 (Killer sweet/group ballad. Vinyl has lots of marks, plays with occasional background crackle. Obvious at places but never near to overpowering the music. Adds a little charm as they say…price reduced accordingly.)



Masqueraders – Now that I’ve found you – Hi / EX / £35 (Masqueraders meets the Hi sound with a great result. Rarer stock copy complete with company.)



New Trends – My summer love – Brooks / VG+ / £30 (Rarer version of the Fifth Page group harmony cut. Vinyl is visually the weaker end of VG+ with quite a few light marks but plays ok.)



Benny Latimore – I’m just an ordinary man – Dade / EX / £25 (Florida deep soul ballad. Here on the rare local label release before Atlantic.)



Main Events – Girl, I want you to remember / Don’t leave – Miracle Mile / EX / £25 (Amazing sweet soul, what harmonies! Flipside is an inferior but still good version of the Bobby Samson song.)




Gentlemen from New York City – You’re my lady / Don’t rush me now – Br-Roma / EX / £25 (Aka Ultimates, two superb sweet soul sides.)




Freddie Waters – Love is a strange thing – Ref-O-Ree / EX / £25 (Superb group soul cheapie.)



Ray Gant & Arabian Knights – Don’t leave me baby – Jay-Walking / EX / £20 (Super soulful, and to my ears superior version to the Maxine Brown track released on the Epic label.)



Lost Souls – It won’t work out baby – Glasco / EX / £20 (Classic group harmony! Vinyl copy with the cool looking orange label design.)




Benny Gordon – Gonna give her all the love I got – Wand / EX / £15 (The best version of the Jimmy Ruffin song. Nice copy complete with company sleeve, small bb hole through label.)




Two Step 45’s


Ashanti – Longin’ for you / Dance – Jabner / EX / £200 (Two killer sides – two step backed with modern/boogie dancer. Sadly no picture sleeve for this copy.)




Bad News Band – Diamond feather / Rockin’ on down – NMI / VG / £100 (Killer! The falsettos and the break are out of this world. Highly sought after 1981 Kansas City release with a boogie party flip that some like too. Vinyl has many light marks, plays well but not perfect with some occasional light crackling.)




Barbara Carr – Reaching out to you – Bar-Car / EX / £60 (Different version to the LP, killer! And actually a very rare 45 once tipped to me by the thieving c*nt Mike James from St Albans. If you come across him let me know, he owes me ££££.)



CWCP – You blew my mind – Dan John / EX / £35 (Killer version of the Joe Martin track.)



Sunfire – Young, free and single / Shake your body – WB / EX / £30 (What a USA 45 of this? Didn’t think it ever had one and no sign of one online. Then came across two minters which I’m keeping one of. Crisp copy complete with company sleeve.)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k48_Olws6rg (bonus footage)


Morris Jefferson – One more time / It’s the last time around for me – Good Luck / EX / £10 (Insanely good 1980 release from Jerline Shelton and her team. Not a rare one but the last stock was burned up in producer Lucky Cordells home. RIP and thanks for all the great music.)




Eddie Kendricks – Looking for love / (Oh I) Need your lovin’ – Atlantic / EX / £8 (Absolutely sublime piece of two step. Only on the rare issue copies, flip is not 2 step but also a good version of the Ali Wali demo.)




Dramatics – A marriage on paper only – Mca / EX / £8 (Tough hard and aggressive 1979 stepper, killer!)



Recent Release 45’s (Reissues, bootlegs, previously unreleased tracks.)


James Mason – Slick city / I’ve got my eyes on you – Chiaroscuro / EX / £100 (Japanese give away 45 to the 2012 CD reissue that was pressed in very limited numbers. Two great tracks off the LP which is exclusive to 45 on this release.)




James Mason – Sweet power, your embrace / Free – Chiaroscuro / EX / £75 (Japanese 2012 press which came as very limited bonus to a reissue album. Features the LP version rather than the 45 ones. Some with a picture sheet, some without. This is without.)




Topics – God and you – Noodle / EX / £60 (Limited japanese reissue of this rare and indemand 45. Best version!)



True Image – I’m not over you yet – White label / EX / £40 (White label boot of this great and mega expensive feelgood modern soul rarity.)



Paul Tillman Smith – Newsroom – 7 Bridges / EX / £40 (Demo version to the Vitamin U track that remained unreleased until this 2002 limited Japan release. Small round sticker on label.)



Mr. Wonderful Production Band – We ain’t got (No Money $$) / There’s no deeper love for a woman than another woman’s love – Mr. Wonderful Productions / EX / £40 (Very rare 2012 release which not much info found online other than a popsike hit @ $49. Two nice sides of retro soul, the b-side is especially good with hints of Joe Bataan.)



William Cummings – Make my love a hurting thing – Bang Bang / EX / £30 (Stomping NS! 2015 reissue with lookalike label, indemand and out of print.)



Patterson Twins – I need your love / Gonna find a true love – Expansion / EX / £30 (2000 reissue with their two most rare and indemand modern soul 45’s.)




Copeland Davis Group – Morning spring / Jet – PDA / NM/NM / £25 (Very nice little reissue bringing us the fantastic Marvin Gaye-ish “Morning spring” on 45 for the first time. Very limited press which sold out in no time. New copy, comes with picture sleeve plus picture inlay. Please note this version has “Jet” on the flip and not “No arms can never hold you”.)



Annette Poindexter – Wayward dream – Twinight / EX / £15 (2007 Numero group reissue of this fantastic crossover dancer. Buy this and sell me your original copy please.)




J.B. Bingham – She’s on strike – Soul Junction / VG+ / £10 (Ridiculously good previously unissued track. One of I think 8 sides he recorded for UA of only half did come out at the time. Vinyl has some shade like marks which not affecting play.)



Boco – Running the Mardi Gras – Big Crown / EX/EX / £10 (Nice pic sleeve reissue of this popular 45.)



Disco & Soul 12”


Sekwence – Destiny – Budweiser / EX/EX / £50 (Rare and good 1988 Bud release. Think this is a South Carolina group judging from the radio station logo off the label. Flip is a ballad by Clifford Brown, we have to assume it’s not the jazz musician, called “Living without you”.)



Lynn White – I don’t know why – SOH / EX/EX / £40 (Killer version of the Ollie Nightingale song, essential! Duet with William Brown. Promo copy.)



Michael Wycoff – Looking up to you – Rca / EX / £35 (White demo original of this classic 80’s soul dancer.)



Cassanova & the Khan – You make the difference – Budweiser / EX/EX / £20 (One of my fave releases on this prolific setup. Killer two step! Flip is Lipstik “Summer”.)



William C. Brown III – Shining – HCRC / EX/EX / £12 (Stunning two step and one I used on my most recent two step mix. Complete with picture sleeve.)



Jaime Lynn & Gene Chandler – You’re the one – NY International / EX / £6 (Excellent two step duet.)



Soul Albums


California Playboys – Trying to become a millionaire – Loadstone / EX/EX / £450 (Legendary 1976 release. With the title track, “Just say a four letter word” and “She’s a real sweet woman” – all killers! LP weaker end of EX with a couple of very light sleeve marks not affecting play.)





Loveship – s/t – Cash Ear / EX/EX / £225 (Minty fresh copy of the best, rarest and most indemand release on this tiny Chicago label. With the awesome spacey stepper “Absence” and the bubbly bass dancer “Love so new”.)



http://recordmaniasthlm.blogspot.se/2012/08/recordmania-mix-8-even-more-two-step.html (a mix where I used “Absence”.)


Clydene Jackson – Fresh – Crossover / EX/EX / £200 (Super clean copy this indemand album including the jazzy NS, LP only dancer “I need your love”. B-side label has neat tiny writing, saying “25” written with thin ball point pen.)



Carol Anderson – Ain’t givin’ up – Coup / EX/EX / £120 (Nice modern soul LP with standouts being the superb dancers “I found love” and “Sad girl”.)




Karin Jones – Under the influence of love – Handshake / EX/EX / £120 (Superb album that was recorded for the T-Electric label and luckily released by Handshake after that label closed down. “Ready, ready love”, “Here I go again”, “Last night in my dreams”, “Under the influence of love”, “You know me, I know you” are all great. Cover has gold promo stamp on back and vintage price sticker on front.)







Smoke – Risin’ – J. Bridge / EX/EX / £120 (Great. classic rare soul album. Including the dancers “Now you’re gone” and “Have I really lost you” and killer ballads like “Rainy night”. Cover in real nice condition but has a little wear on he title spine.)







Bobby Hutton – Piece of the action – Abc / EX/VG+ / £110 (Promo copy of this rare soul LP including the iconic dancer “Lend a hand”. Cover just shy of EX grading with a hint of ringwear. Back of cover has small Not For Sale-sticker.)



Garnet Mimms – As long as I have you – United Artists / EX/EX / £90 (Great early soul LP. The whole album is nice listening throughout with dancer standouts being the title track, “There goes my baby” and “Tell me baby”.)





Jessie Butler – Free to be me – Bound Sound / EX/EX / £90 (Rare 1984 Florida release featuring a couple of great modern soul dancers in “Let my love bring out the woman in you”, “Best part of a man” plus a version of ZZ & Company’s “Getting ready for the get down”.)




Tommie Young – Do you still feel the same way – Soul Power / EX/EX / £75 (Rare original! With “Hit & run lover”, “Do we have a future”, “That’s all a part of loving him” and more. Cover in nice shape but has cut corner.)





Ripple Blast Singers – Funny girl – Power / VG+/VG+ / £70 (Including the fast version of “Sadie, sadie”. Proper allnighter sound! And much rarer than the version with the slow inferior version. Vinyl plays well but has some stains, cover still in shrink but has a small damage on back opening.)



Phillip & Lloyd – You’ve got to keep moving – Konduko / EX/EX / £60 (With the driving title track dancer, killer! There’s another bunch of nice dancers too, check the links below. Nice clean copy.)







Clem Easterling ‎– Just in time – Hep’ Me / EX/EX / £60 (Rare 1978 album on the well known Senator Jones label. The dancer “Half the way” is my personal standout.)



Michigan Avenue – s/t – Cello / EX/EX / £50 (Rare Chicago album with the singer from Starvue, Anthony Hicks. There’s a great modern dancer version of “That’s how heartaches are made” plus the epic two stepper “All that matters”. As new copy still in shrink.)




Live Band – A chance for hope – TSOB / EX/EX / £25 (With the amazing Maze like title song, such an atmospheric dancer! Cover in lovely condition but has a small crease so not perfect.)



Sandra Feva – Fever all through the night – Grandstand / EX/NM / £12 (With the better remake of the killer stepper “Leaving this time”. Cover as new, still in shrink.)



Exportations – Meet the Exportations – United Artists / EX/VG+ / £12 (With the killer LP only track “Fell in love too late”. A dancer for grown ups. Cover is just shy of EX with a cut corner and very light general wear. Label has writing which says “10¢”.)


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