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bo diddley

J Manship Auction Results 04/10/2017

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Tommy Bush - I Don't Like It ( But I Love You) / Ain't No Guessing Game - Rika

Tommy Bush

I Don't Like It ( But I Love You / Ain't No Guessing Game

Rika: 108 (45s)

The bright green Foxy lady beckons you...

Come join her on a journey on a stomping expedition into an uncompromising testament of desperation he don't like it but he loves her is his relentless mantra as his bombarded wit a barrage of brass...
Honkin' horns collide with Tommy Bush's tonsil shattering vocal, this is unstoppable Northern Soul, a floor destroyer taking none alive, no prisoners, no place for the cautious NS dancer.. this is a moment for the brave to express themselves as they get caught in a torrent of Los Angeles Northern Soul.. 

No respite for the dancer, they will need to be prepared, ready, qualified, foot-sure and fit...

This is no retirement-home play, it's a turntable-terrorist for the authentic NS All Nighters, like Rugby Ben Hall as this 45 encapsulates everything that draggerd us into a lifetime of All-Nite dance.. that still being played out most weekends today..

THIS IS AUTHORITATIVE NORTHERN SOUL for those who appreciate a dance-intensity very few 45's can delivery or the beauty of label that's been burned into your brain since the first time you laid your eyes on it... 

RARE, beautiful and flawless.. 

PS The flipside is worthy of your attention also.. 

Condition Report

That iconic Rika label is flawless on both sides, the bright green Foxy lady and her eye catching surroundings are totally unblemished. Likewise the Christmas of 1965 vinyl is also impeccably flawless M-/ M- throughout. You will not see a finer copy!

  •  £842.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  04/10/2017 18:12
Twisted Wheel 21st. of November 1969 Mail shot..

Twisted Wheel

Twisted Wheel 21st. of November 1969 Mail shot.. / Percy Sledge Live, Twisted Wheel Club member event card, the original envelope, the Twisted Wheel Event flyer for October, November, December 1969

Twisted Wheel: Twisted Wheel 21st. of November 1969 Mail shot.. (Magazine)

Twisted Wheel club member mailshot! 

Complete with the original franked envelope dated 21st. of November 1969 all in the exact condition it was when first opened, returned to the inside of the envelope and kept in a drawer for nearly 50 years.. 

This Twisted Wheel time-capsule includes the October, November & December Soul act lineup.. it reads like a tempting array of classic Soul artists. Noting back in 1969 the DJ names never got a mention.

A black & white Percy Sledge Live poster + the rarest item in this stunning package is the 1969 Club fold over card with the forthcoming attractions inside..

Northern Soul memorabilia does not get any more historic than this, an iconic club's mail shot still in the same condition it was mailed out in

I'd rate these as Museum pieces in the Northern Soul hall of fame building... yet to be built.


Condition Report

Flawless in every way, taken straight out of the very envelope it was mailed in, the larger posters obviously have light creases which we can iron smooth if you wish but we thought for authenticity it looks fantastic to see the folds of 48 years ago..

  •  £206.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  04/10/2017 18:06
Willie Hutch - Love Runs Out / The Duck - Dunhill

Willie Hutch

Love Runs Out / The Duck

Dunhill: 4012 (45s)

Look, then listen..simply the greatest Northern Soul double-hit you could ever experience...

Absolutely NOTHING I can say, will have you any more excited than you already are..

A Northern Soul bucket list disc in it's irresistible clothes..

Condition Report

Black Stock copy of the greatest Northern Soul double sider ever made..the West Coast styrene press with some light surface marks.. I've just enjoyed reliving one of my top five all time favorites, checking carefully any stylus pops or ticks. The intro is clean and clear. Then an occasional mild pop can be heard if you can stop dancing for a moment and listen carefully. But it's musical brilliance comes through like a hurricane, then that sax break will have you forgetting those few ticks in the first part. But do listen carefully you will hear not a trace a stylus fatigue, as I believe this disc was a relatively recent USA acquisition, so bypassing the rigors of the Northern Soul circuit.<br /> Strap yourself in before you listen to the flipside..as "The Duck" is about to take flight, vinyl surface is in similar condition occasional background tick..drowned out by the maelstrom soulful onslaught <br /> <br /> Then view those labels scans, we suggest the guys take the laptop to your man cave, have some private time with hardcore vinyl porn... don't be embarrassed we've all been guilty... at some time or other..<br />

  •  £2,011.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  04/10/2017 18:02
Inuz Moore - Trouble / If It Ain't One Thing It's Another  - Gardin

Inuz Moore

Trouble / If It Ain't One Thing It's Another

Gardin: 501 (45s)

A drop of the real-stuff for those of you seeking the really obscure 45's. Northern Soul fans will adore the "Trouble" side, whilst R&B devotees will be more drawn to flipside, for an excellent jumpin' R&B growler from Bluesman Inuz.

This disc is as obscure as they come, I'm suspecting a Los Angeles area, early 60's session but have certain no certain idea; as the only two 45's I've ever encountered on the Gardin label were both by Inuz Moore and neither has any label or deadwax info to investigate. This is how we all like our offerings, interesting, mystifying, dark and curious. But this 45 is so much more than just rare! Both sides offer the DJ muscular 60's dancefloor ammunition, both differing in styles but both sodden in what it takes to keep 'em on the floor..and get the collector peering over the decks...

Trouble is an insistent hunk of proper Northern Soul, Inuz Moore never for a moment easing off the peddle, as it's momentum gathers even more power as he snarls out his troubled thoughts into the relentless arrangement..

Flip it over and Inuz again is full up with resentment, despair and anger..the R&B production is perfect for him let it all go.. in a tirade of "If It Ain't One Thing It's Another" fabulous R&B juggernaut that not only compliments the A-side it also equals it for dancefloor destruction.

Two bulldozers waiting for the right gig to just rip it up... p[potential for either side is HUGE!

Condition Report

Not a blemish on either of these two fine clean and utterly obscure labels. Vinyl is equally clean M- / M - throughout.

  •  £223.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  04/10/2017 18:02
Darrell Banks - Open The Door OF Your Heart / Our Love ( Is In The Pocket ) Stateside SS 536 Demo

Darrell Banks

Open The Door OF Your Heart / Our Love ( Is In The Pocket )

Stateside : SS 526 DJ (45s)

Eye Candy for the British collector ..A pulse quickening vision of vinyl beauty.

Nothing I can say about this Northern Soul anthem could elevate it any higher that it already placed in the hearts & minds of the Northern Soul community...

What I can reiterate is we doubt we'll ever be able to offer a more perfect copy than the one that staring back at you today..

If your vinyl collecting priorities are Condition, Condition, Condition, do not miss an very rare opportunity to own near perfection of what is perhaps the single greatest contribution to the Northern Soul ear.. 2 x over.

Or miss the chance of the miss spelled a-side title "Open The Door OF Your Heart" after EMI went to such great lengths to secure UK right after Decca thought it was all the theirs to run with.. Decca's failure to dot the "I's" and cross the "T's" let slip one of EMI's contasted seller from 1966 to 1972 EMI constantly repressed and reissued to meet the demand this Twisted Wheel anthem had sparked..

But before you today is the FIRST BORN, very, very rare and such a flawless baby..

Condition Report

A truly stunning copy, two unblemished labels, immaculate vinyl, easily the finest copy we've ever encountered in memory. FLAWLESS condition, nobody will ever require an upgrade if they can secure ownership on this Northern Soul anthem.

  •  £411.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  04/10/2017 18:00
Bernie Moore - Which Way To Turn / I'm Still A Lonely Soldier - Lark

Bernie Moore

Which Way To Turn / I'm Still A Lonely Soldier

Lark: 103 (45s)

Let's get serious..

Rarest Of The Rare Detroit Northern Soul one side and one of the greatest Carib Soul Ballads ever created on the flipside

Two sides to die for, and only a handful people on Planet Earth own a copy of this 45 that gives-up pure undiluted Soul quality on both sides..

Let's visit the A-side first. An emotional vocal with that slight crack at the back of his throat that transforms his diction, from a plea to on-your-knees-beseeching, perspiring palpable Soul on every note. But being Detroit, it had to have those gliding girl group voices cradling his every word.. then comes the compelling break of rattling drums and hand-claps, then enters the saxophonist and an inventive Harp pluck or two.. this is a recording that contradicts it's humble street level beginnings.. local indie Detroit again proving the wealth of talent on the streets of the Motor City.. one helluva slab of proper Northern Soul with a rarity pedigree second to none..

If you thought that side was good.. just listen to the flip..and weep

A soaring group harmony, gives way to an imploring man, anchored by anguish as the celestial girl and vibes try to inject a uplifting flow, that may take your mind of his tortured heart..
Beat Ballad Paradise as he convincing us war has robbed his chance of love..

Was he a soldier on leave, when he recorded this masterpiece, did he go back to Vietnam? Bernie makes it all so very real, with a passionate delivery of his emotions. 
Only truly awesome records motivate you to say I don't really think I'm worthy of reviewing such sincere misery..

THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST SOUL RECORDS I've ever heard, it has swallowed me whole, I'm now engulfed in this "soldiers" hopeless situation...

Condition Report

STOCK COPY no DJ stamping on either label. very light h2o splash on the a-side label (text unaffected) a couple of light spots on b-side label (see scans). Press in highly quality vinyl and supremely mastered, there are a few mild hairlines to see, but both sides play PERFECT check out the two sound-files. I know like me you'll will be blown away.. both sides play Mint visually Ex. All the correct matrix markings to validate it's Detroit origins.

  •  £2,761.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  04/10/2017 18:00
Gwen McCrae - 90% Of Me Is You  - President DEMO

Gwen McCrae

90% Of Me Is You

President : PT 416 DJ (45s)

A listing for those of you who demand perfection whilst building you collection of stand-out Soul dance tunes.

1974 UK press as the rarely seen PROMO copy of Gwen's most wanted 45. Take a listen to her softly purring feline vocal glide through a string saturated string arrangement whilst a solid mid-tempo dance beat stimulates the feet and mind. Sleek girl chorus decorates the proceeds, with Gwen's vocal has just enough conviction to convince you of her concern of the love-gambit her man as sprung upon her.

An exquisite tune, an enticing dancer, that again was one of the last of it's kind, as T.K. too joined the disco bandwagon..

A killer tune in the exceptional state of vinyl-virginity, sporting that coveted big Red "A" on the other side, as the T.K. executives failed to recognize a masterpiece unfolding on the flip... 

Condition Report

A flawless previously unplayed DEMO still housed in it's wavy-top birth-sleeve, near perfection awaits the new owner.. as this 45 has lay in storage for the last 43 years after it President promo mail shot dropped through a British DJ's door. Just a merest of sleeve contact hairlines can be detected under light..plays perfect, looks immaculate.

  •  £73.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  04/10/2017 18:00
Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady - United Aritsts

Isley Brothers

Who's That Lady / My Little Girl

United Artists: 714 (45s)

In 1973 Ronald, O'Kelly & Rudolph Isley enjoyed their biggest worldwide success since the 60's, when they decided to revamp their little known 1964 writing "Who's That Lady" ignored at the time by New York's record buying public. Near ten years later, in the California summer of 1973 they were reunited with original New York producer Bert Berns to reconstructed what they knew was a truly great song, tweaking the title to "That Lady" the Isleys & Bert achieve monster success which is now consider a Soul classic and Rolling Stones Magazine as worthy of entry into the top 500 greatest songs of all time. 

So what about this frustratingly rare 1964 first take, that been received lots of Northern Soul action for near two decades, with never quite enough copies to go round to spark nationwide monster status but repeatedly filling the dancefloors and always generating questions of who, what, why every time I play it out..it has been a regular choice of play in my sets for a number of years as I always known, it's a mood changer, a conversation starter.. and familiar enough to bring people to the dancefloor..

Infectious New York Latin rhythms, a gently whirling Hammond intro, bongos and additive guitar picks.. the typically slick Isley harmonies, with the inquisitive lead vocal painting a picture of "one sexy lady" they need to meet; Then the two horm breaks elevate the song yet again into very special Bert Berns collaboration that was an unanticipated flop back in 1964..

No wonder they decided to revamp for the pre-disco market in 1973... I still much prefer this rare take it has style and the power to command a full dancefloor.

Condition Report

Both labels have very light storage rub, the the black background; but free of stains, tears, stickers or writing. The vinyl surfaces only reveal some light hairlines to the eye when angled in the light. Full gloss finish, mild surface hairline, play back is bright, clean & clear (check out the impression soundfile)

  •  £211.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  04/10/2017 18:00
Various Artists - Singing The Blues - London REP 1403

Various Artists

Singing The Blues / 1961 UK EP

London: REP 1493 (EP)

A fabulous copy of this seldom send 1961 British EP complete with the stunning art-cover depicting a New Orleans French Quarter balcony.

All tracks come from the Minit catalog and are New Orleans born.

1. the huge hit for Ernie K-Doe - Mother In Law
2. the MOD anthem by The Showmen - It Will Stand
3. an R&B classic covered by Ike & Tina Turner, here's the original Jessie Hill - Ooh Poo Pah Doo
4. another fine example of New Orleans R&B with Chris Kenner - I Like It Like That

Four carefully selected tracks, representing Louisiana Soul artists in the early 60's. Lovers of British EP's and there are so many of you; will be pleased to know. The front cover is unblemished, brilliantly shiny laminate with no creases to spoil the view. Two clean labels, vinyl reveals only a few very light hairlines. It is rarity, combined with the standout track listing that leads it to these pages. The condition is a pleasing bonus.

Condition Report

The front cover, as you can see, is beautifully unblemished, brilliantly shiny laminate with no creases to spoil the view. Two neat clean labels, no writing, no stickers no stains. The vinyl reveals only a few very light hairlines, amgled in te ;light. As you can hear it plays super-clean and true. back cover is flaw--free except for a tiny E.R. 30 written just under the release number (see scan)

  •  £69.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  04/10/2017 18:00


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