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Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

Message added by Mike

A new year and a new audio topic gets going.

Get to here to hear/talk...



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6 minutes ago, bbrich said:

sunny here in reading as well but a few hours before i can go home, open a nice real ale and put this one on......


Sorry mate, piss poor version compared to Johnnie Taylor.


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On 10/20/2017 at 16:57, polyvelts said:

L U T H E R   !  !  !

TUNE! Brings back memories of mine and Nina's 'party house' (Life before kids).......It would be late Sunday evening after yet another fantastic All-nighter (100 Club, Winsford, or Wilton, etc) sitting in our kitchen talking absolute b*llox. We always ended up putting a certain tape on that had this record on it, and it 'looped' so many times. When this came on, we always laughed......."Crumbs, we've played it all again! We really should go to bed"......."Well let's just finish these 18 fags then we'll go to bed"......Happy days :)

Have a good weekend folkz!

Len :thumbsup:

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Guest Shufflin

well this one kept me sane at Birmingham New Street station a few hours ago waiting for my delayed over packed train North (on my newly created itunes "Rugby all nighter" playlist  no less)



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Early night for me as tomorrow I tackle our MP when he visits my shop for Small Business Day, so here's a quick one.  Not the rarest record in the world by a long chalk, but when I first heard it, it took me ages to nab a copy. It's a great cool yet upbeat production from Lou Ragland that never fails to make me smile :)

The Imperial Wonders - Just A Dream - Day-Wood




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