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Saturday 8

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P. and P. extra.

The Dynamics - You can make it if you try - Columbia  vg+  85 pounds.

Jeanette Williams - All of a sudden/ Mr soft touch - Backbeat demo  M- 85 pounds.

Charles Carlson - She's not to blame - Bold   M-  225 pounds.

Florida Spiritualaires - I remember when - Ernies demo(wdj) M-  100 pounds.

Betty LaVette - You made a believer out of me - Epic  Ex-  50 pounds.

Quinn Golden - Habit breaker - Ecko - m- 20 pounds.

Barbara Lee - Show me some love/ My,my sweet love - Edco demo(wdj)  Ex  100 pounds.

Innocent Bystanders - Frantic escape - Atlantic M-  20 pounds.

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