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Bo Diddley

J Manship Auction Results 01/11/2017

APOLOGIES !!! I didn't get home until 6.50pm and so have posted the results left on the JM Site. However, there are a couple of missing items due to the way his auction site now works.
So, if anyone can fill in the blanks, I would appreciate it:thumbsup:
p.s. If anyone can be sure they will be able to post them as they finish, please feel free to do so. I'm a bit "irregular" at the moment:huh:
Adorables - Ooh Boy / Devil In His Eyes - Golden Worlde


Ooh Boy / Devil In His Eyes

Golden World : GW 25 (45s)

Detroit gorgeousness from the pen of Richard Popcorn Wylie and the two pairs of Soul Sisters Pat & Dianne Lewis + Betty & Jackie Winston a foursome made in girk-group heaven guided by Northern Soul icons "Popcorn" "Ronnie Savoy" and Sonny Sanders.. no wonder then this meeting conjured up Motor City magic..

We think the soundfile and the two label images.. just say it all

Listen to that fanfare of horns...then swoon to this Detroit Divas Delicacy!

Girl group Northern Soul at it's most delicious

Condition Report

Fine clean labels - flipside carries the Columbia pressing plant "Promo Sticker" see image. Vinyl has a few hairlines reveal under strong, but plays, as you can hear beautifully clean.

  •  £483.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  01/11/2017 18:00
Joey Heatherton - 3 title 2 x acetates - Bell Sound

Joey Heatherton

Baby / Til There Was You / Live & Learn

Bell Sound: acetate (45s)

Before you today is a piece of Northern Soul history from 1966. 2 different acetates covering Joey Heatherton's New York recordings crafted by John Madara, David White & Len Barry.

On this session 24/03/1966 a stunningly beautiful lady with the scorching vocal recorded a Northern Soul classic "When You Call Me Baby", of course simultaneously a Wigan Casino & Cleethorpes Pier favourite.

On the acetate it is just known as "Baby". 

Leon Huff on piano opens the proceedings, of this slightly different take than the Decca release..(listen) as she pushes the vocal higher and stronger than the Decca finalisation.

On the flip of "Baby" is the unissued "Til There Was No You". Madara, White, Barry and Huff had a penchant for remixing the "standards" to great effect. Take time to seek out and listen to Len Barry transform "Somewhere", a sadly forgotten Brit Club, Nottingham play in 1970/71.

With this two disc package, the lone acetate is again a slightly different take to the flip side Decca eventually went with.

So this listing is two Bell Sound Acetates, offering up 3 strong songs showcasing this legendary Philly team in the Bell Sound Studios New York; where they cut some killer sides before Len Barry's split to RCA to team up with Jimmy Wisner very soon afterwards.

A really cool piece of Northern Soul history, from a talented gang of music makers and one decidedly gorgeous lady.

Condition Report

Typed credits on the labels, all the play surfaces are at least excellent (listen) labels are unblemished housed in their original audiodisc sleeves. A unique one of a kind archival opportunity.

  •  £421.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  01/11/2017 18:00
Isonics - Sugar - Kammy


Sugar / He Needs her

Kammy: 369 (45s)

An ensemble of exburant soulful voices, elevate this most-popular of Northern Soul dancers from a basic 1-2-3 intro up and away into a potent cocktail of harmony/chants and rattling piano; the keyboard offering up spectacular loan breaks driving the compulsion to dance.

THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL - with an addictive difference, a mood-lifting experience with the power to ignite any and all dancefloors...a DJ safety-net to get the evening up and in full swing...

Drop the Isonics and the crowd is yours...

Condition Report

Two flawless labels, play surface reveals some fine hairlines under direct line, plays beautifully clean. Strap yourself in before clicking that inspiring soundfile

  •  £378.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  01/11/2017 18:00
Patrice Holloway - Stolen Hours / Lucky, My Boy - Capitol

Patrice Holloway

Stolen Hours / Lucky, My Boy

Capitol: 5680 (45s)

The Page Boys craft two truly magical Soul Sister double-hitters with both sides underlining the sumptuous vocal powers of this regrettably unfulfilled talent.

Here's one of the top 500 plays that has and will never wear out it's welcome. As wife's, girlfriends and husband's glide off into a world of their own; dancing whilst secretly reminiscing their own treasured "stolen hours".

Top side Mr. "In Crowd" Billy Page lays down those searing social statements on fidelity. Lyrics that are so close to "home" for some. But brother Gene Page weaves such a haunting arrangement the stigma evaporates as the need to dance takes over..This is glaring writing and producing brilliance sung by a tortured Diva. Who delivers the most telling of all , lovelorn mistresses laments.

The flip side is almost as enthralling but for this moment Patrice, Billy and Gene have drained of superlatives...

Condition Report

A beautiful copy, two squeaky clean labels, vinyl forensics reveal some light hairline but that unparalleled high density Capitol vinyl shrugs off any blemishes without a murmur, like it always does. Playing Mouth-wateringly pristine ...

  •  £462.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  01/11/2017 18:00
Soul Patrol - Peter Pan / Don't Knock The Cop - Zuma

Soul Patrol

Peter Pan / Don't Knock The Cop

Zuma: 100 (45s)

A double Hunk Of Texas FUNK!

Classy intro swells into a mountain of horns! Insistent bass guitar rhythms are bolsters by determined percussion, those horns hang and charging the air with irresistible Funky flavors. Hauntingly infectious instrumental that creeps right under your skin.You find it addictive and be force to listen over and over again. The flipside doesn't help your vinyl-fetish either.."Peter Pan" does live forever... in your head.

Flip is over for even more energized Funk! The edge vocal spits out the lyrics, with posse a male vocal injecting the chorus.. Potent guitar rhythms are again propelled by positive drum-whacks driving the dance arrangement whilst those glorios horns get to work adding some serious depth to the session...

Superior Deep Funk not once but twice over, supplied in super-rare dream-condition


Condition Report

A perfect copy in birth-sleeve. A Manship Mint previously unplayed, both label are equally virginal.

  •  £299.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  01/11/2017 18:00
Irma Thomas - What Are You Trying To Do / Take a Look - UK Liberty DEMO

Irma Thomas

What Are You Trying To Do / Take A Look

Liberty: LIB 66137 DJ (45s)

The Queen of New Orleans with her most-wanted Northern Soul recording, presented here as an irresistible March 1966 Red & White DEMO

Condition Report

Fine clean vinyl, full gloss, a few very faint hairlines revealed under strong light. Both of those eye-candy labels are free of any defects, all housed in it's birth-sleeve. A great combination for the mighty slab of Sister Northern Soul.

  •  £144.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  01/11/2017 18:00
Morrocco Muzik Makers - Pig Knuckles / Back To School Again - Motown 1047

Morrocco Muzik Makers

Pig Knuckles / Back To School Again

Motown: 1047 (45s)

You are viewing one of the very rarest Motown 45's in archival condition - just immaculate in every sense.

A 1963 release with the horrid "Back To School Again" as the lead side, a listen to that side you'll fully understand why this disc is RARE! Recorded in 1962, release at the end of the summer school break of 1963. Quite rightly received no airplay and sunk without trace. Apparently the a-side was a vocal session from a band from Dayton, Ohio who cut a few recording for Motown but this is the only one that got to press..

So lets talk about the 1963 FLIPSIDE which is obviously NOT the Morrocco Muzik Makers but a Mickey Stevenson & Earl McDaniels conjured fill in jam-session to give this 45 a flipside.. 

Any Motown student must will instantly recognize those magic tentacles of Earl Van Dyke fingering the keys of that forceful organ; who the crazy trumpeter is, I'm not sure. Brass backup is signature Choker Campbell's Big Band bringing in the heavies and then from nowhere in comes the welcome intrusion of Mike Terry, burping baritone sax, adding class to this driving Motown Jamming session.

Not credited to the Funk Brothers but all the signature notes are there...this may need more investigation but to my ears it could not be another other gathering than the "Snake Pit Soldiers" something of as mystery Motown release, as the committee totally misread that "Back To School" market with a super-awful song.. 

but saved the day for future Motown collectors by filling the flipside in with an informal "Let It Loose" end of day "Blast Off" that endorses what a superior band of backing musicians Mr. Gordy had employed.

Unicorn Rare especially in this impeccable condition. 


Condition Report

Flawless labels (see scan) housed in authentic Motown sleeve. Both vinyls carry full gloss and hardly a hairline ever under strong light. This is only the second time we have ever had the opportunity to auction this seriously rare disc on this auction.

  •  £186.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  01/11/2017 18:00


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Ok when did the Adorables get to that kind of price? I am so looking through my boxes to see if my copies arestill there!!! 

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36 minutes ago, TheBigO said:

Ok when did the Adorables get to that kind of price? I am so looking through my boxes to see if my copies arestill there!!! 

Probally about the same sime sam dee made £1600 +

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Irma Thomas.  Fantastic record.  Worth every penny 

 Such a underrated tune


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7 minutes ago, Mixedangased said:

Probally about the same sime sam dee made £1600 +

These are strange times indeed lol.


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On ‎01‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 18:53, bo diddley said:


Hey no apologies needed great that you take the time to post the results and much appreciated.

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