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60's Bangers: Sensations, Jeff Dale, Fantaisions, Womack...

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60’s Northern Bangers: Proper, Fast Dancing Tackle, plus The Odd Mid Tempo Baw Tickler. Exactly as it says on the tin, and all quality - nae pish!

All are in Excellent condition unless otherwise stated. The YouTube clips are not my records, I've included them to remind you how good these sound, or to treat your ears for the first time. The records I'm selling here are in the pics. Do please read the T’s&C’s at the bottom if you want to buy something:

Our Ladies of Soul – Let’s Groove Together – Kelton vg++ £30 joyous, uptempo celebratory soul! 

Liz Lands – Don’t Shut Me Out / One Man’s Poison – OneDerful £20 a definitive mid-tempo baw tickler, with a sassy r&b swinger on the flip

OV Wright – Love The Way You Love – Backbeat £30 WOOAHH! Here’s one, badass, hard-as-nails stomper. So mean that proper Badass Gangsta mofo’s hear this and say “damn, dat some badass, hard-as-nails stompin’ shit right theyah”, honest!

*** SOLD *** Jeff Dale – Where Do I Go / Come To me – Atco demo 75 Gary Rushbrooke’s tuff, gritty old thingy c/u; slip is a quirky, morbid oddity, nothing at all like the oomph of the top side

Bobby Womack – Find Me Somebody / How Does It Feel – Atlantic demo £55 m’main man Bobby, with one of his lesser known Northern sounds; a powerful, brassy soulful pounder with that wonderful voice. There’s a thoroughly decent wee dancer on the flip, too:

Sam & Bill – I’ll Try – Decca 55 Oi oi! Sturdy, swaggering tackle, proper Northern, Youth! Passable Sam & Dave impersonation on flip. Relisted after sale fell through last time round

Irma Thomas – What Are You Trying To Do – Imperial £65 whey hey, more proper Northern! Love this to bits, a real uplifting groover that’s priced to sell, as they say…

Ray & Dave – Wrong Wrong Wrong – Mica £75 oh man, one of those heartfelt, harmony laden mid-tempos that just gets you. Awesome, and loved as much now as ever

The Webs – Tomorrow / This Thing Called Love – Popside £20 quality, quality double sider I’d long forgot about. Some credentials here: The Webs with Willie Cooper of Whiz/Dynamic fame, Bob Bateman and Lou Courtney twiddling the knobs. Both sides are midtempo groovers with a hard, gritty edge

*** SOLD *** Pat Thompson & Archie Powell – Darling Darling – Mir A Don £70 what the hell happened to this? Time was Youths would bite yer hand off if you had one in the sales box, my copy is now down to Lidl price yet it’s still the same joyous, horns ‘n vibes laden Northern Soul sound it always was. Modern life is rubbish – somebody come on and get this bought, and restore my faith… 2639.png

Bobby Bell – Don’t Come Back To Me / Drop Me A Line RCA demo £75 look, I told you it was a list of proper, 60’s Northern Soul bangers,: if it’s too rough for you wee lambs, too fast, then check my 70’s list of Big Girl’s Blouse Soul (which are all brilliant, of course). I’ve been trying to sell Bobby Bell, on and off for 2 years: I’ve withdrawn it from sale twice in sheer disgust at the lack of taste out there; I shouldn’t have to convince you to buy this if you don’t already have it - listen to the bloody thing! And it’s a feckin bargain price!

The Fantaisions – Unecessary Tears/ That’s Where The Action Is - Satellite £35 ok, I’ll calm it down with this lovely, sweet girly mid-tempo. ‘Action’ on the flip is one of those great Chicago party records I imagine would have went down a treat with Mods at The Wheel

The Entertainers – Love In My Heart – Symbol £80 vg++ back to the uptempos with this perfect, uplifting Northern dancer that’s got the lot – good singers, good song, great melody, punchy brass. This was the first record I paid ‘serious’ money for (£10!) as a raw youth when I decided I wanted to collect. £80 today is a bargain in anybody’s jargon, but I’ve struggled to sell it in the past, so needs must…

The Sensations – Got To Find Myself Another Girl / Lonely World – Way Out £35 yet another two killer sides from this marvellously consistent group (and label). Two similar sounds: urgent, dramatic, late 60’s dancers, awash with lush orchestration and fantastic singing. 

Usual jive applies: 
• PM your interest, but please add a comment that the PM’s on the way
• P&P is £8 for Special Delivery on Orders over £50; £3 for orders under, via 1st Class Signed For. You can opt out of Special Delivery at your own risk, ie if a record is lost or knackered in the post, you’ll only get £50 compensation from me
• PayPal only, and as a gift. Add 4% to the total (inc P&P) if paying as a business transaction
• Wanna haggle on price? GTF, they’re cheap enough! Go ahead, does no harm to ask, but tread with caution: I'm selling my collection with a heavy heart, the only bargains you'll get will be by mistake!
• Honest Al’s money back guarantee on safe return of a purchase where you disagree with my grading

Ok, dats’ dat. Happy hunting and let’s be ‘avin yer!

1 Our Ladies.jpg

2 Liz Lands.jpg

3 OV Wright.jpg

4 Jeff dale.jpg

5 Jeff dale.jpg

6 Bobby Womack Find.jpg

7 Bobby Womack.jpg

8 Sam & Bill.jpg

9 Irma Thomas.jpg

9 Ray & Dave.jpg

10 Webs tomorrow.jpg

11 Webs Thing.jpg

12 Pat & Archie.jpg

13 Bobby Bell Don't.jpg

14 Bobby Bell Drop.jpg

15 Fantaisions.JPG

16 Fantasions.JPG

17 Entertainers Love In.jpg

18 Sesnsations Another girl.jpg

19 Sensations.jpg


Edited by Alan Walls
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