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Records For Sale, List # 11

Posted (edited)

New list again, some odl, some new and some very rare + a few reductions!

some on behalf of a friend of mine, on these records I can accept

cash payment only, so that he can get his money within reasonable

time. On my own records I accept cash and paypal if you add 4% to

cover their fees. If you buy from both, I suggest cash for

simplicity. I will be away during this weekend but will have

occasional acces to a PC, so if you don't get an immediate reply,

don't panic, chances are I have just not had the opportunity to reply.

All records are US originals unless

stated. I try to grade accurately and with consistency, but if you

still feel that you have been done wrong, get in touch asap (within 7

days from receiving the records) and we will sort it out with a

refund, reduction, replacement or whatever.

PAYMENT. I accept CASH (in letter) and PAYPAL ONLY! NO checks, money

orders etc accepted. If paying with credit card through paypal please

add 4% on top of total price to cover their fees. I can accept cash

in USD and Euros, but then you have to add 3% in conversion and extra

hassle fees.

If you have friends who you feel should be getting this list, or you

see this somewhere and want to join up (lists go out earlier to list

members!), go to and join.

Or send an empty e-mail to

TO HEAR ANY RECORD, give me a call and I'll play it for you. Best

chance of reaching me between 1700 and 2000 CET, other times (not

after 2200 CET please) are also possible. +46 40 26 27 76, ask for

Christian. I can now also make sound files, but please do not abuse

this option, it is reserved for serious punters only.

If you for some reason decide you no longer want

a record after placing an order, would you PLEASE let me know? Dead

beat time wasters is becoming an ever growing problem, if you are not

serious about actually buying a record and about paying for it asap,

please do not order any records!

SHIPPING by regular airmail costs £3 for 1-3 45's within all of

Europe & UK. Registered mail covering value of around £35 costs £7

for 1-3 45's also within all of Europe & UK.



*Gino Washington - I'll Be Around/Like My Baby - Atac WDJ M- small

w.o.l. £100 (Two superb Detroit northern sides)

*Exits - You Got To Have Money/Under The Street Lamp - Gemini M- £40

(was £50)

*Esther Philips - Nobody But You - Roulette dh M- £40

*The Soul Machine - Hang On - Sudden Sound M- £200

(Up-tempo dancer. If you like The Tempests, the Embers and other such

sounds this is for you, very rare too. Flip might actually appeal to

some people as well, raw, fast and funky sound, slightly reminiscent

of The Crow. Old cover up for someone somewhere...)

*Tangeers - Let My Heart And Soul Be Free - Okeh DJ £400

(Visually both sides are M- but there is some light background noise

especially on the intros. This however does not sound like typical

styrene stylus burn to me, not the usual hissing and distortion of

the vocals, more like the kind of light occasional crackling noise

you'd get on a vinyl pressing made from low quality vinyl. This is a

styrene 45 though, of course. I am quite sure many would not have

bothered to even mention it. I give it a VG++ to EX- sound grade,

definitely servicable and enjoyable. I might be able to make MP3's of

the actual sides.)

*Barbara Lynn - I'm A Good Woman - Tribe DJ M £40 (was £50)

*Lilian Dupree - Hide & Seek/Shield Around My Heart - D-Town x.o.l. M-

£80(Two solid Detroit sides)

*Carlena Weaver - Jealousy - Audel M- £75

(Seen at £150 on makor UK dealers list recently. Good northern dancer

with soulful x-over flip)

*Citations - (To Win The Race) Keep The Faith - Ballad M- £30 (was


(Atmospheric northern dancer)

*Detroit Emeralds - Holding On/Things Are Looking Up - Westbound M-


(Two good sides, mid-tempo dancer and one faster x-overish side)

*Laura Greene - Moonlight Music In You - RCA WDJ M- £60 (was £100)

(overall visually M- to EX+ cond. BUT has two surface scratches that

cause two gentle pops, not bad at all)

*Linda Jones - I Just Can't Live My Life - WB WDJ M/M- £150

(Practically mint, a perfect copy, a real trophy piece! Vinyl

pressing that is much more durable than the styrene issue. What do

you think this would fetch on certain auctions?!)

*Gladys Knight & The Pips - Stop And Get A Hold Of Myself - Maxx M-

£50 (super nice copy)

*Vibrating Vibrations - Surprise Party For Baby - Neptune M-/EX+ £40

*H.B. Barnum - Heartbreaker - Capitol DJ EX+ # o.l. £60

*Little Carl Carlton - Competition Ain't Nothing - Back Beat M- £20

*Valentines - Breakaway - Sound Stage 7 EX £50 (£60)

*Big Joe Turner - Two Loves Have I - Bluestime EX+ £40

*Little Denise Stevenson - Would It Be Me - Voice EX £70

(Obscure x-over/northern dancer)

*Creations - Oh Baby - Globe M- £30

(Nice Chicago male group mid-tempo northern dancer)

*Frank Dell - Baby You've Got It - Valise EX+ small tear o.l. £20

(Up-tempo northern dancer)


*Georgous George - It's Not A Hurting Thing - Peachtree VG+/VG++

(classic monster rarity, awesome deep soul and raw up-tempo mover on

flip. Scans and sound files can be provided to serious punters)

**Serious and sensible cash offers and/or quality trades considered**

*Robert Sanders & The Entertainers - What I Don't See Can't Hurt Me -

V.L.V. WDJ M- small x.o.l.

(Ultra rare and very good northern soul. Awesome vocal.)

**Again, serious enquiries only please!**

*Tommy Soul - I'll Be Right Here - Gaslight EX- £300

(Awesome soul vocal, superb production, mid-tempo perfection. Very

rare too. Would be £500 mint, and cheap at that considering rarity

and quality.)

*Virgil Murray's Tomorrow's Yesterday - I Still Care - Airtown M- £60

(Old Wigan spin I think, up-tempo northern dancer.)

*Brooks O'Dell - Watch Your Step - Gold EX+/M- £45

(Classy beat ballad, good vocal.)

*Cal Brandon - I Kept On Smilin'/24 Hour Love Man - Bareback M- £50

(was £60)

(Superb southern 70's, reissued on Grapevine recently. Not sure to be

honest, but I think this label is possibly rarer than the Hitman

release, sounds like the same takes to me. Manship has the Hitman 45

at £200.)

*Ed Simpson - Pinch Hitter - Gold Future EX £350

(Has been getting some more spins now + up for review, so get it now.

Has sold for £500. Rare and obscure 1974 dancer from St Louis, Mo.

Very strong vocal and a pounding mid-tempo beat, a great dancer. Been

getting some spins at the new Lifeline allnighter and at the "Oslo

Soul Experience" in Norway. Light surface scratches and wear, clean

labels. Plays loud and clear with a few faint totally negligable

pops, probably due to it being a slightly bubbly pressing rather than

any wear. Has sold for a lot more, and still almost unknown.)

*Buddy Ace - It's Gonna Be Me - Duke DJ M- £25

*Mellow Fellows - My Baby Needs Me - Dot M- £40

(Top midtempo northern/x-over)

*Falcons - I'm A Fool I Must Love You - Big Wheel M £40

*Bill & Will - Goin' To The River - Checker M dh £25

(Very strong R&B dancer. Powerful mod club sound.)

*Dutch Robinson - Can't Get Along Without You UA DJ M/M- £70

(Classic 70's feelgood dancer and hard on a 45!!)

*Johnny Otis Show feat. Barbara Morrison - Hey Boy I Want Ya' - Jazz

World M- £25 (good 70's dancer, was selling for £100+ not that long

ago, still a great record.)

*Little Johnny Taylor - Somewhere Down The Line - Galaxy EX+ £25

(Classic R&B dancer)

*L.P.T's - Together That's The Only Way - La Beat 6701 M 20 (this is

really the Masuqeraders singing "Be Happy For Me", it seems.)

*Betty Lavette - I Feel Good (All Over) - Calla M- vinyl, faint

damp/mildew discolouration of label £30

*Billy Butler And The Chanters - Can't Live Without Her/My Heart Is

Hurting - Okeh WDJ EX+ £40 (My fave 45 on the label, hard 45 to find.

Two superb Classic Chicago 60's soul sides. The WDJ is vinyl!)

*United Image - Love's Creeping Up On Me - Volt WDJ EX slight warp

n.a.p. £12 (Really good, slightly funky northern/x-over mover of the

kind that seems to be quite fashionable at the moment)

*Darrow Fletcher - What Good Am I Without You - Jacklyn M- £40

(Mike Terry arr. Don Mancha prod. on this great northern dancer)

*Marva Whitney - Saving My Love For My Baby - Federal M- £25

*Frankie Saunders - Take Another Look - Juana M- £25

(superb early 80's dancer, very soulful. Stafford spin)

*Nate Adams - I'm Gonna Be Good - Atlantic red/white DJ M- £40

(Johnny Brantley produced powerful northern mover. Nice mid-tempo

soul flip. Rare for an Atlantic 45)

*Lenny Williams - I Couldn't Find Nobody - Fantasy M- DJ £50

(Superb northern dancer. Forgotten Wigan spin. Similar feel as Larry

Williams "You Ask For One Good Reason" or John Wesley on Melic)

*Fabulous Peps - With These Eyes - Wee 3 VG+ £15

(Looks quite ugly but plays fine, blasts out of the speakers.

Thunderous and hard as nails Detroit, in case you don't know it.)

*True Tones - He's Got The Nerve - Josie M- £25

(Good group northern. Ron Henderson on lead vocal, apparently)

*Rochelle Rabouin - This Is My Year - Cygnet M- £75

(up-tempo late 70's dancer, written and produced by Earl White Jr.)

*Royal Premiers - I Can Make It If I Try - M.B.S. M- £40

(Good male group mid-tempo northern, Manship has it at £100)

*Noqula and the Fabulous Spiders - You Know I'm Gonna Make It -

Soulin' VG+ £100(overall I'd say this is about VG+ topside plays

clean except for a few very light pops. Fine for djing. Up-tempo girl

group R&B/northern dancer)

*Junior Wells - I'm Gonna Cramp Your Style - Bright Star WDJ M- £25

(Two R&B dancers)

*Winstons - Ain't Nothing Like A Little Lovin' - Curtom M £75

(Good dancer, getting some spins in recent times. Flip is also nice)


*Spidells - Pushed Out Of The Picture - Coral DJ w.o.l. VG+/EX- £60

(Good northern mid-tempo, some slight noises mainly on intro but

still plays OK overall, would be £150 mint)

*Pic & Bill - Talk About Love - Soul Record + pic sleeve, M- £80(The

much rarer french "SR" release with good sound, the more common

Belter euro issue has very poor and muffled sound. The US Charay is

super rare. Manship has this for sale at £200)

*Magictones - Me & My Baby - Wheelsville VG+ plays well. £30(Nice

Detroit northern dancer)

*Deon Jackson - I'll Always Love You - Shout M £45

(Very nice x-over tune, prod & arr. by Leroy Hutson. Pretty hard to


*Masqueraders - I Ain't Gonna Stop - AGP M £25

(Very good x-over/northern dancer. Roger Banks spin.)

*Barabara Lynn - This Is The Thanks I get - Atlantic red/white DJ

VG+ £15

* Robert Neal - I'm So Glad - Port M £30 (superb feelgood up-tempo

northern dancer, Manship £75)

* Na Allen - Thanks For Nothing - Atco WDJ M £140

(Perfect demo copy of this popular tune)

* Four Puzzles - Especially For You Baby - Fat Back M £25

(Powerful male group mid-tempo northern, great stuff.)

* Santio's Premiers - She's Still My Baby - Candi WDJ M- £60

(Mid 60's male group norhern. Very "group" with a nice small time

feel to the production. Same label as the Empires.)

* Dee Dee Sharp - What Kind Of Lady - Gamble EX £60

(All time classic northern soul, multi coloured design)

* Inverts - Look Out Love/Lonely Lover - Tower EX+ £35

(Two superb northern sides, one dancer and one atmospheric beat


* Marjorie Black - One More Hurt - Sue M £60

(Gritty & powerful northern dancer that is currently popular)

* Lewis Clark - I Need You, Baby - Brent EX- £35

(Storming northern dancer, only available on issue, lists at £100+)

* Art Benton - Sweet Loving - Chris M- £25

(Storming northern dancer with a slight R&B flavour)

* Percy Wiggins - That's Loving You - Abet M £50

(All time classic northern soul)

* Ray Fleming - Another Like You/For Better Or For Worse - Purdy

VG+/EX- £50 plays just fine, sounds much better than it looks, and

it looks pretty OK. Seen at £100 recently.

(Early 60's NY beat ballads/ popcorn dancers. Arr. by Horace Ott)

* Original Cadillacs - I'll Never Let You Go - Josie WDJ M- £40

(Early 60's NY male group northern. Very good record. 90's spins,

covered up as the Wanderers, also got a M- issue at £30)

* Larks - Come Back Baby - Money M- £25

(Superb male group mid-tempo dancer.)

* Aretha Franklin - Integrity - Arista M- (currently popular 80's

dancer.) £15

* Joe Murphy - So Blue/It's A Weakness - Vivid M £15

(Two superb northern soul sides, one up-tempo dancer and one superb

mid-tempo finger snapper. Backing vocals by the Dells. This 45 is

sheer class.)

*Rose Hargrove - Why Am I Losing You - Afco M £50 (Gritty R&B

flavoured northern mover, Stafford spin I think. A bit

like Etta James. Seen for £150)

*Norfolk - Giftwrap My Love/Don't Ask Me - Trenton Intl. M- £20

(One up-tempo mid-70's dancer and a very nice male group sweet ballad

side. Slight stereo defect on dancer side due to pressing flaw, all

copies are like this. Quite rare and lists at £40)

*Ronnie Savoy - Loving You - Wingate WDJ M- £15

(great Detroit northern soul!)

*Tony La Mar & Band of Bachelors - Don't Ever Leave Me - Five Four M

£40(Slightly funky northern dancer with good horns and bongos.

Obscure early 60's West Coast)

*Marvin L Sims - Now I'm In Love With You - Mellow M £40

(Classic northern dancer)

*Deon Jackson - I can't go on / I need a love like yours - Carla WDJ

M- £35(st.m./small tear on flip) (One of his best, if not the best,

of his 45's. Super mid-tempo late 60's dancer with beautiful x-over

floater on flip)

*Vicki Anderson-Wide awake in a dream-Deluxe M- £25 (superb classic

beat ballad. Atmospheric and then some, sold for $100 recently)

*Harry Caldwell - Please Come Back - Carnival M £30 (superb mid-tempo

group northern sound, highly recommended, seen at £75, Stafford spin


*Jeff Dale-Don't forget about me baby/Language of love- Atco WDJ VG+

£30 (two atmospheric beat ballads, LOL is particularly good, both

sides play well, and £30 is less than half the usual price.)

*Calvin Williams - Lonely you'll be - Atco WDJ M- £30 (male version

of Johnnie Mae Mathews song, same backing, stronger vocals!)

*Roy Hamilton - Earthquake - Epic M- (+ nice picture sleeve with Roy

on it in EX cond.) £100 (early 60's classic northern dancer)


*Johnny Dixon - Where are you - Boss M- £55 (Detroit classic, same

tune and backing track as Four Sonics)


*Jimmy Love - Two Sides To Every Story - Josie M £40 (good northern

soul with a driving dance beat. 90's spin I think)

*Charms - If You Got The Notion - Emblem M £30

(catchy northern soul dancer. "Beach" type sound.)

*Googie Ren - There I was - Class DJ M- £75 (good northern dancer

seen at £250! Made £100+ on ebay in lesser condition.)

*Na Allen - Everytime it rains/ Lay it on me right now - Ronn M- £25

(another strong x-over disc from the man, seen at £75)

*Jimmy Preacher Robins - So confused - Convoy M- £35 (rare and great

deep soul. Lists at £100)

*Rozetta Johnson-Mine was real-Clintone M-/Ex+ price st.o.l. £15

(superb female soul dancer, Sam Dees prod)

*Masters of Soul - Do you really love me - Ovide M £15 (their best

and quite hard to find. Top male group x-over sound, great harmonies)

*Bobby Freeman - Everythings love - Touch M- £20 (very nice early

70's dancer, seen at £50)

*Holly Maxwell-Never love again/Winter go away-Smit Whit M £15 (2

nice x-over floaters)

*Victor Johnson - When You Say You're Mine - Love M £15 (Big voiced

big production x-over/northern dancer with swirling strings and

things. "easy" feel to the vocals. Late 60's Chicago I think.


*Tony And Tandy - Two Can Make It Together/Bitter With The Sweet -

Cotillion M £15 (one driving up-tempo dancer and one mid-tempo

dancer. Ancient northern/youth club spin I think. Lists at £30 - £40)

*New World Soul Chorus feat.John De Berry - You better be going - UNI

DJ M- £15 (nice dancer, seen at £50)

*Sylvia Thomas - At last - Bamboo VG+ £15 (good dancer, more

northern than x-over, looks VG+ plays just fine)

*Ray Charles - Something Inside Me - ABC M £15 (Currently popular R&B

flavoured northern spin, lists at £40)

*Kip Anderson-If That Don't Make You Cry-Checker M- dh £20 (great and

gritty, pounding northern/R&B mover, seen at £40+ recently)

*Ray Charles-I Chose To Sing The Blues-ABC M- £10

(great northern/mod dancer)

*Prophets-Talk Don't Bother Me-Jubilee M £20

(very nice group northern sound)

*Johnny Williams - You've Got It - Kent M- £15

(Uptempo northern/R&B dancer, Manship £40)

*Abraham & His Sons - Your mother understood - Revue dh M- £20

(superb x-over, very good vocals)

*Delacardos-She's The One I Love-Atlantic M- dh(at edge of label) £15

(Great driving northern dancer)

*Jean Wells - With my love and what you got - Calla Ex+ £20 (superb

northern soul)

*Pearlean Gray-I Don't Want To Cry-Green Sea M £20

(Original of this great northern classic)

*Soul Twins-It's not what you do it's the way that you do it-Karen M

£20 (storming Detroit northern, nice flip too.)

*Big Dee Irwin - You really are together - Fairmount DJ M- £20

(good powerful northern mid-tempo dancer)

*Odd Squad - Just to see your face - Minit M- £15 (nice x-over tune)

*Dells - Make sure - Cadet M- £10 (good northern classic)

*Steve Mancha-Still in my heart-Groovesville M £15

(good midtempo Detroit soul)

*Ovations - They say - Goldwax M- £12

*Rocky Roberts-Just Because Of You-Durium M- £10 (The italian original

release with cool picture sleeve in M- condition. Northern!)

*Volcanos - Storm Warning - Arctic M £15

(very nice Philly northern classic)

*Whispers-Flying high-Soul Clock M- £15 (great northern/x-over dancer

with swirling strings and great vocal harmonies)

*TSU Toronadoes-Got to get through to you-Atlantic M £20

(one of their very best, top x-over dancer!)

*Masters of Soul - I count the times/I need you - Ovide M- £5

*Worlds Funkiest Band - When you're alone - California Gold M- £15

(Actually same recording as Buddy Connor on Breakthrough, superb)

*JJ Jackson-It seems like I've been here before-Calla M- dh £15

(awesome vocals on this great and powerful beat ballad)

*Oscar Weathers-Just to prove I love you-Top&Bottom M £10

(superb x-over flavoured uptempo northern dancer)

*Brother Jack McDuff - Can't Get Satisfied - Atlantic M £15 (driving

hammond "club" instr. dancer)

*Barbara Lewis - Someday we're gonna love again - Atlantic M- £15

(original copy of this great northern classic)

*Jamo Thomas-Must I holler-Chess M £10 (R&B/soul dancer)

*Occasions - There's no you - Big Jim M- £15 (gold label, great

bouncy northern group dancer, Stafford spin reportedly)

*BB King-The Hurt-ABC Paramount M £15

(nice version of the Freddie North/Jimmy Church classic)

*Artistics - The chase is on / One more chance - Brunswick M- £15

(two good sides, good version of the currently popular Johnny Howard)


*Tyrone Davis - What goes up must come down - Dakar M- £5

(Good early 70's dancer)

*Tiny Watkins - Soldiers sad story / love flows like a river -

Excello M £10 (fab deep soul with R&B style dancer on flip)

*Benny Latimore - I'll be good to you - Dade M- £12 (nice x-over,

seen at £40+)

*Frank Polk - crack up laughing - Capitol VG+ t.o.l. £15 (very nice

early group soul, listed at £150 in M and £100 in VG+. Plays OK)

*Bobby Foster -Where do you go - Select-O-Hits M- £15 (Very nice and

soulful x-over dancer. Good raw vocal. Stafford spin I think.)

*Eddie Parker - Crying Clown - Triple B M- £15 (Very good

ballad/midtempo + raw slightly funky flip)

*Bobby Cutchins - I Did It Again - Lasso M- £15 (superb classic 70's


*Otis Clay - I testify / I'm satisfied - One-Derful M- £10 (see

above comment, one dancer, one ballad)

*Norman Connors - Once I've been there - Buddah M- £10

(classic 70's dancer)

*Nancy Ames - I don't want to talk about it - Epic EX+ £15

(classic northern oldie)

*Sam Waymon-Hey Love/Lonely For My Baby-RCA M £12 (nice x-over, lists

at £30)

*Bobby Womack - Daylight - UA M- £10 (good 70's floater)


*Fred Hughes - Baby boy - Brunswick M- £15 (classic northern)

*Bobby Harris-Password is love-Turntable M £20 (nice northern dancer)

*Manhattans - I betcha couldn't love me - Carnival M- £15

(superb midtempo 60's group dancer, comes highly recommended)

*COD's - Pretty Baby / I'm a good guy - Kellmac £5

(Nice midtempo group side with uptempo flip)


*Neal Kimble - I've made a reservation / Ain't it the truth - Venture

M-, rarer issue. £8 (two good soul sides, one x-over that has had

some spins in the past reportedly and one ballad. Seen for more than

5 times more! Great soul singer.)

*Kell Osborne-That's alright baby-Trey looks VG+ plays fine, w.o.l.

£12 (Oddball record. Early 60's Phil Spector production)

*Leon Hayward - She's with her other love - Imperial M- £8

(midtempo 60's soul, nice)

*Forest Hairston - We go to pieces - Viney M- £12

(storming Detroit northern)


*Archie Bell & Drells - Ain't nothing for a man in love - Glades dh


£10 (nice 70's dancer)

*Jimmy Beaumont - There's no other love - Gallant M- £10

(60's jazzy soul dancer, lists at £20+, mod sound?)

*Jive Five - I'm a happy man - UA M- £12 (60's group dancer)

*Al TNT Braggs - Out of the pan into the fire - Peacock M £15

(storming R&B/northern dancer)

*Odds & Ends - Yesterday my love -Today M- £10

(northern/x-over dancer)


*Superiors - Let me make you happy / Can't make it without you - MGM

DJ M- £15 (Northern oldies)

*Darrow Fletcher - Changing by the minute - UNI EX+ £15

(good northern dancer from Darrow)

*Martha Reeves-Love guess who-Gordy M-/EX+ £20 (1 or 2 faint

background pops due to pressing flaw, doesn't really distract, and

definitely 'fine for djing', massive floorpacker in recent years)

*Young Holt Trio - Ain't there something money can't buy - Brunswick

M £15 (good mod type club jazz record)

*Truman Thomas - 25 miles - Veep M- £25 (Frantic organ instrumental

version, quite hard to get, featured on Hip Shaker comp CD)


*Joe Simon - Long hot summer - Sound Stage 7 M- £10 (Storming R&B

flavoured northern)


*James Carr - She's better than you / Talk Talk - Goldwax m- £7

(Classic deep with R&B style flip)

*Miracles-Whole Lot Of Shaking In My Heart-Tamla M- £10 (floorpacking

northern classic, great)

*Bobby Taylor-Oh I've Been Blessed-VIP M- £30 (superb classic)

*Jimmy Ruffin-Everybody Needs Love-Soul M- dh £10 (great mid-tempo

motown northern classic)

*Chuck Jackson - What Am I Gonna Do Without You - Motown M- dh £12

(classic motown dancer, best version IMO)

*Isley Brothers-That's The Way Love Is-Tamla M- dh £10 (classic up-

tempo dancer)

*Temptations-The Girl's Alright With Me-Gordy M- w.o.l. £12 (superb

mid-tempo classic motown dancer)

*Lee Lamont-I'll Take Love-Back Beat M- £12 (nice northern, Stafford


*Bobby Harris-More of the jerk-Atlantic M £10 (northern dancer, good

deep on flip, a Sam Cooke lament)

*Eddie Floyd - Set my heart on fire - Lupine M- £10 (nice early

midtempo, seen at £50 and £100)

*Eddie Floyd - I never found a girl - Stax M- dh £5 (classic soul


*N.F. Porter - Keep On Keeping On - Lizard M £10 (Original of this

great northern classic)


*Esquires - And get away - Bunky M- £3 (classic)


*Harold Melvin - Satisfaction guaranteed - PIR M- £3 (classic)

*Diane Lewis - My darlin - Love M- £5 (heavy Detroit northern


*Intruders - Turn back the hands of time / Cowboys to girls - Gamble

WDJ M- £5

*Dan Greer - My baby's got a new way - Big Beat M- £12 (Nice Sam

Cookeish dancer, Popcorn? Recently sold for $300+ on ebay!)

*Mamie Galore - Special agent 32 -24 -36 (or whatever)/ I wanna be

your radio -St Lawrence M- £5 (Two raw 60's Chicago dance sides)


A few WANTS of mine: Mandells(Moneytown), Joseph Webster(Crow),

Clarence Townsend(Clara), William Cummings(Bang Bang), Richard

Marks "Never Satisfied" (Tuska), Johnny

Copeland (Boogaloo). Any help appreciated.

Thanks for looking.

Edited by nordic soul

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