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Vel-Vets - I Got To Find Me Somebody

Goliath Northern Soul Anthem For Sale

The Vel-Vets - I Got To Find Me Somebody - 20th Century Demo - EX+

I have always really loved this 100%, storming, LA, femme Northern anthem. Ever since I started DJing I loved dropping this monster in a set. 

There is no better feeling than as you stand at the decks and you look out over a rammed dancefloor and witness a sea of dancers simultaneously throw both arms in the air with “WOO!” at the end of the much loved chorus, I know I always tingled like mad. 

I don't think as a DJ you will ever see a more vibrant and energetic dance floor experience.

This dance-floor-detonator has had the most careful of DJ owner, it has two perfect label, the original birth sleeve and near clean and tidy vinyl!

£625 ONO + P&P

Drop me a message if you are interested 😊


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