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Eddie Holland Sad News

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I've kept in touch with Gwen Owens over the last 10 years or so ... for some while, she'd worked in the LA office of the Holland brothers ... and they had been working on a musical play (a la Broadway type show featuring their music) for a good while ... In the past, they'd got back together with Lamont Dozier to compose the score for the musical production of 'The First Wives Club', based on the novel and the later film. That was supposed to make it to Broadway a couple of years ago but I don't think it did.

Anyway, Eddie's in big trouble with the US tax man. They're gonna take all his remaining possessions to settle an outstanding $20 million tax bill. 

It seems that when he was short (in the past) he'd sold the rights to his songwriting royalties and so has little money coming in these days.



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The tax man got Al Caopone got Lester Piggot got thousands more including me only Ken Dodd escaped he made the jury laugh that much they found him not guilty so join the club Eddie



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Not nice to see this type of thing happening. I would never transfer my song writing copyrights to anybody. The unscrupulous in the business even at song writing level can hear a good completed song and try and manipulate the author into believing it needs changing, then claim a percentage of it. That's why I tend to write, produce, release the way I do. 

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You can run, but you cannot hide, as the saying goes...

Twenty million of tax and penalties would be based in about Sixty million of earnings.

Not many folks see that kind of cash in a lifetime.

I doubt the artists did.

I hope the musical comes off to dig him out of the mire.


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