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Decent double siders - Ron Keith / Ray Lewis / Pat Lewis + more

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Half a dozen decent double-siders to go, mixed bag spares & things. Please PM if interested. Sound clips from actual records. Soul Source gradings. Paypal (F&F preferred). Please add postage (£2.50 Recorded / £7.50 Special).

Cheers, Steve:thumbsup:

Ron Keith - Gotta go by what you tell me / Party Music - (Jap A&M with sleeve & pic insert) - M- £125 

Rare Jap issue and bonus of cool pic sleeve insert here & brilliant feel good alt to Pat Lundy's Party Music on the other side!


Timothy Wilson - Loving You / Pigtails (Buddah) VG++ DH £40

Two late 60's feel good dancers, decent on both sides..George Kerr & Richard Tee!



Ray Lewis - Cool Love / Sugar toe (Atco) - VG++ £30

Two interesting early 70's sides here, don't see for sale too often. Worth a listen anyway.



SOLD THANKS Pat Lewis - Can't shake it loose / Let's go together (Golden World) - VG++ £20 SOLD





SOLD THANKS Debbie Taylor - Just don't pay / I don't wanna leave you (Arista) - VG+ £20 SOLD







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Would like to buy the pat  lewis if still available sails

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8 minutes ago, SOS1 said:

Would like to buy the pat  lewis if still available sails

Sure, still available. PM sent to you just now. Thanks:thumbsup:

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