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SOUL GIANT alldayer, London 29th October 2017 – Nick and Dawn Br


SOUL GIANT alldayer, London 29th October 2017 – Nick and Dawn Brown (double-decking).


Massive thanks to the Soul Giant peeps for inviting Dawn and me down to spin some discs at their October get-together.


Before I get to the records can I just say I cannot recommend this club enough.  It’s the perfect set-up for a cool Sunday do: a neat little package of just-right dancefloor, separate bar area for chatting and relaxing, old-style wood-panelled décor and completely open minded DJ team and punters.  Dawn and I had a great day listening and dancing to all the other tunes, chatting and catching up with the other punters and playing a few of our own bits.   We were lucky enough to have a roomful of dancers who took to the music with a genuinely positive and welcoming attitude, so many thanks to all who turned up and made it a top day.  Totally loved it and urge you all to get down there as soon as you get a chance.


Anyway, this is what we played:




N: TURBINES - Cold Hearted Lover (Studio disc)

N:  KENNY SMITH – One More Day (Floe Roe)

D:  WILLIE COOPER /WEBS – You Don’t Love Nobody (Whiz)

D:  TEMPESTS – I Don’t Want To Lose Her (Smash LP)

N:  NOBLE /UPTIGHTS – Don’t Worry About It (Action)

N:  BARBARA ACKLIN – I’m Not Mad Any More (Special Agent)

D:  PHONETICS – Don’t Let Love Get You Down (Trudel)

D:  YVONNE CARROLL – Please Don’t Go (VJ)

N:  SPANDELLS – Say No Girl (Dimension)

N:  CANDY/KISSES – Let Love Win (Scepter)

D:  SONNY ACE – Little Girl (Cobra)

D:  BETTY TURNER – The Winds Kept Laughing (Crescent)

N:  HARRIET LAVERNE/LOVENOTES – Can’t Get Along Any More (Brenne)


D:  SPARKELS – Try Love (Old Town)

D:  EDDIE HILL – Nothing Sweeter (MS)

N:  COLE/GRANDURES – I Need You (Chi Sound)

N:  BARRETT STRONG – Misery (Tamla)

D:  TEARDROPS – Every Step I Take (MAX)

D:  MATTHEW BARNETT – If Your Love Is Real (PUFF)

N:  LES WATSON/PANTHERS - Occasionally I Cry (Pompeii)

N:  PIC & BILL – What Does It Take (Charay)

D:  SINCERES – Girl I Love You (Pzazz)

D:  CAROL & GERRI – On You Heartache Looks Good (MGM)

N:  ED BRUCE I’m Gonna Have A Party (Wand)

N:  AL McARTHER – His True Love For You (Two Guitars)

D:  JOHNNY GILLIAM – Room Full Of Tears (Cancer)




D: TIMI YURO – It’ll Never Be Over For Me (UK LIBERTY)

D:  BUNNY SIGLER - Follow Your Heart (Parkway)

N:  JACKIE EDWARDS w/Joyce Bond – I Feel So Bad (French Vogue EP)

N:  APOCRYPHALS – (I Know) I’m Losing You (Mad)

N:  MARGARET MANDOLPH – Something Beautiful (Planetary)

D: TOMMY RIDGLEY – My Love Grows Stronger (International City)

D: CAROL & GERRI – How Can I Ever Find The Way (MGM)

N:  JESSIE JAMES – Are You Gonna Leave Me (Shirley)

N:  KAE WILLIAMS – Our Love Is Dying (Uniissued)

D:  DOLLS – The Reason Why (Toy)

D:  HB BARNUM – It Hurts Too Much To Cry (RCA Victor)

N:  UTOPIAS – Girls Are Against Me (La Salle)

N:  AL SCOTT – What Happened To Yesterday (Genuine)

D:  TEMPESTS – Someday (Smash LP)

D:  RAY POLLARD – This Time (Shrine)

N:  ASCOTS – Another Day (Mir A Don)

N:  BOBBY KLINE – Say Something Nice To Me (MB)

D:  LEWIS CLARK/EXPLORERS – I Need Your Loving So Bad (Tigertown)

D:  KENNY SHEPARD – What Difference Does It Make (MAXX)

N:  SAM DEES – Lonely For You Baby (SSS Intl)

N:  LEE McKINNEY/MAGNETICS – I’ll Keep On Holding On (Sable)

D:  JERRY WILLIAMS – If You Ask Me (Calla)

D:  COMMANDS – No Time For You (Backbeat)


Many thanks,


Nick & Dawn

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