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Aussie soul 45s

Mal C

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Hi all, had some good response last week, Waiting on those folk to come back, however still interested to see if anybody has good Aussie 45s ? Soul, Northern, Mod,  jazz...

always interested in Festival white test press,  any W&G, Red Bitd, polydor ex Bobby Paris, Astor / Pye related, I have allot already so just state what it is....

prefer demos always, but depends if it’s Rare, any good Lp’s or Eps.. also orig sleeves

if you have something get in touch



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On 2/8/2018 at 10:38, Henning v Herzen said:

Hi sent this guy a few Aussie 45s for free a couple of years ago and never even got a thank you for it. Funny world....

I'm perplexed, can you say who you are?  because I don't know you at all.  Are you sure you sent me some free 45's, because I don't remember that...

Personally I like to pm people in private rather than taking aim on line, but hey if you get off on making statements like that,  then if you did give me something for free, you can have it back..





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